Sergey Petrossov Starts another Exquisite IT Company

With a desire to succeed and to make an impact in the community, Sergey Petrossov founded JetSmarter. Prior to JetSmarter, he has co-founded other companies. His emphases are on information technology projects. He founded online systems for a distance learning platform for Russian institutions and a website chat system for customer service.

Besides co-founding viable companies, he has served at Gulfstream Charter Fleet as a board advisor. Gulfstream charter fleet is a jet operator company based in Florida. Sergey Petrossov was inspired to start JetSmarter after a frustrating experience while traveling in a private jet. He identified challenges in the booking system. The process was long and tiresome.

Sergey Petrossov has vast experience in the realm of information technology. Since mobile marketplaces had tremendous growth in other sectors, he thought of incorporating it in the booking of flights. He gathered information concerning the industry and prepared his team for this substantial investment. He brainstormed to design an application that could connect flyers with jet operators. In 2012, he launched a prototype, which did exemplary well. This event gave him the confidence to press on. He went forth to gather more funding by collaborating with vendors. In 2013, he officially launched the JetSmarter application to the public.

Applying skills of transformation leadership Sergey Petrossov leads a skillful team and advisory personnel. Most of his team members are credited and identified with successful projects such as Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Uber, NASA, and Nokia.

The young businessman was born in Moscow. When he was 4 years his family moved to the US between California and Colorado and South Florida. He attended the University of Florida where he graduated with a degree in finance. At the age of 18 years, Petrossov was thrilled to start his own venture. He raised capital to start his business from sources such as the royal family in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, music moguls, and a league executive.

Louis Chênevert’s Entrepreneurship Habits

Louis Chênevert is a Canadian based businessman. Formerly, he served as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation until 2014. Apart from the stated positions, he served administrative positions at Pratt & Whitney, General Motors among others. He also worked as Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking until 2017. Currently, he is a Business council member, a director at Cargill and leads Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board. He holds a Bachelor of commerce from HEC and a Doctorate from the University of Montreal. Additionally, he heads HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board as well as the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC.

In the recent interview conducted, Louis Chênevert says that the idea of United Technologies was as a result of many ideas brought to him by subordinate staffs. He says that junior teams are aware of the customers’ needs due to their frequent interaction. Moreover, he also says that his passion for delivering different products brought the concept of associated technologies. Louis brings ideas to life as a result of staff support which mainly focuses on coming up with game-changing goods. Besides support, he also reviews the approaches to see if they will help in achieving the key objectives. Chênevert stated that he is excited by the drastic changes in technology as it presents opportunities to venture in future.

As an entrepreneur, Louis adopts several habits that make him productive in the industry. Some of the practices include being optimistic, persistent follow-up, paying no attention to internal politics among others. He stated that the worst job he has ever done is being a supervisor in general motors. Louis stated if he had a chance to start his profession again, he would neither entertain energy drainers in the company nor internal politics to disrupt his final results. Finally, Chênevert recommends entrepreneurs to find the right team and associates themselves with winners. In addition to the stated, he advises entrepreneurs to adopt strategies that eliminate roadblocks and have persistent focus.