Dr. Mark McKenna Achievements in the Medical Field

S. Check McKenna, MBA, MD, is a certified Medical Doctor authorized in Medicine and Surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board for Medical Examiners. Mark McKenna is an enthusiastic patient backer and a devoted group worker. Dr. McKenna, initially from New Orleans, Los Angeles , is an alumna of Tulane University School of medicine.

Immediately after he finished his graduate degree from the University of Wyoming, he enrolled for another medical degree from University of Washington located in Seattle. After that, Dr. McKenna practiced his residency in orthopedic operations at the Geisinger Medical Center located in, Pennsylvania, and Danville. He at that point finished his instruction and training with elbow and shoulder association from the University of Washington.

After finishing his restorative training in the medical field, he started to hone pharmaceutical with his dad while all the while propelling McKenna Venture Company, a boutique land advancement firm. Throughout the years McKenna moved ahead to procure/dispatch Universal Mortgage Lending company. This arrangement of organizations would develop to more than 50 workers being hired directly or indirectly. He has been attached to several hospitals where he has practiced his profession.

Many patients have come forward with testimonies of how McKenna has helped them to heal and recover from serious illnesses. McKenna has practiced medicine for a period of between ten to twenty years. he has done several successful surgery operation with most patients recovering immediately. Hurricane Katrina on August 29th, 2005 wrecked the city and neighboring areas of New Orleans and the greater part of McKenna’s business advantages.

In consequence of the tempest, he effectively took an interest in the modifying of New Orleans by the redevelopment of affordable-direct pay lodging Notwithstanding his training duties, Dr. McKenna fills in a group doctor for the University of Wyoming games. In his spare time, he remains dynamic through football, b-ball, golf, angling, climbing, and wine gathering. Mr. McKenna is husband to Gianine McKenna; both are the glad parents of little girl Milana Elle and another four-year-old Pomeranian. Mr. McKenna is presently an individual from Entrepreneurs Organization and also engages in other fun activities.

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Sentient AI Improves Customer Service Delivery

Sentient Artificial Intelligence is a company that uses e-commerce and technology to enhance the operations of various businesses. Various companies have adopted this kind of technology to improve their business activities.

The services provided by the company improve departments such as customer service delivery among others. This has been possible due to the invention of chatbots that has improved interactions between the companies and their clients. Increased customer relation has maximized marketing of the companies’ products.

The chatbots have built lifelong relationships with clients and companies hence maximizing the sales of various companies. As a result, entrepreneurs and investors who operate online businesses have greatly benefited from Artificial Intelligence e-commerce. The technological advancements such as software have been exploited to the maximum to improve the services offered to customers. These include the provision of data on products availed to customers.

The technology helps customers to make wise decisions before buying products offered by the traders. The simplicity of the procedures has granted the customers with excellent experiences. The advancements provide searches using images of products that the buyers intend to purchase.

The use of images in searching products has relieved customers of the stresses involved in description and identification of products. This has majorly benefited companies in the fashion and design industries. The sales and marketing agents of these companies use Artificial Intelligence to expand markets for their companies’ products.

In addition, the agents take pictures of their products and upload them to the websites of the retail traders to gain access to products with similar designs. Interestingly, the customers have hence centered customers’ interests on products. In consequence, this has massively impacted on the customer service delivery provided by these companies.

Artificial Intelligence has also improved online shopping as well as making it more interesting. The online traders have also been able to recommend their best products to their reliable customers as a way of enhancing customer service. The invention of e-commerce has contributed efficient ways of data analysis and storage for clients’ shopping experiences. This helps customers to keep tracks of their purchases hence helping in managing their finances.

Interestingly, Artificial Intelligence has also provided platforms for customers’ feedback. This has been effectively addressed by chatbots that provide immediate feedback compared when the services were provided by human agents.

Altogether, the invention of advanced technology has improved the operations of various companies through various services such as effective customer delivery. This attracts more customers hence increasing the companies’ profit margins.

Read: http://technewsspy.com/2017/07/21/sentient-ascend-offers-powerful-ai-tools-for-faster-and-improved-ab-testing/

Why Preston Smith Is A Good Admin At Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a leading United States elementary school for bringing together technology and personalized education plans. Before Rocketship Education came around, individualized lessons weren’t required for any students but those with special needs. Founder and current President Preston Smith joined hands with John Danner to place all his ideas for making an effective school in low-income neighborhoods throughout Latino-majority regions in California.

Preston Smith got his passion for teaching prior to his enrollment in a bachelor’s program at the University of North Carolina, one of the best colleges in the entirety of the United States. It was here he learned things about Latin American and Hispanic culture, things he needed to propel him throughout his career at the top network of charter public schools in the nation.

Rocketship Education, often made short into RSED, was formed as a response to areas not having good enough instruction at troubled schools.

He feels that parents should demand outstanding performance from local schools. If not, it’s always possible to join forces with community members and create a charter school. This is what Smith helped due in 2004, where he served as the Founding Principal for three years as one of the most skilled instructors in California.

Preston Smith created many learning opportunities throughout his first ten years with Rocketship Education. He shared some of them with the Internet, in thinking others might benefit from his shared thoughts.

Instructors need to visit their students in their homes prior to personalizing their education plans. Smith realized this could help parents get involved at a more intrinsic level, something that increases when they are motiviated to do so at the starting of school years.

Smith is supposed to be the President and CEO for a number of years to come, as he’s demonstrated excellence as an elementary school administrator.

Client’s review on freedom debt relief: Matt W

Before Freedom Debt Relief. I was broke, I was stressed and I was really worried. I found myself laid off and I found myself spending more and more on credit cards. I got it really overwhelming and eventually collection calls were turning into a daily thing for me. When I finally got to the point of having to look at my options and realized I am not getting out of my debt on my own and I am not going to be able to pay these cards off on my own. So I started looking at what is out there that could help me and that is how I started looking at freedom debt relief. I think my biggest regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Freedom Debt Relief is very different than bankruptcy.

Starting the Freedom Debt Relief program was relatively easy. I had probably four or five different phone calls with the representatives from Freedom Debt Relief. They made sure that I really was educated on what I was going into. They made it clear about exactly what I should expect. I got my first call saying that one of my cards have been completely handled. I was really relieved. Not only was I getting things paid off, I was getting them paid off so much faster. There is no way that I could have done that on my own.

I will wholeheartedly recommend anyone that is struggling to make ends meet, to anyone who feels like they are drowning in debt to take a look at this Freedom Debt Relief program and see if it right for you.

After Freedom Debt Relief, I feel that I am knowledgeable, I am excited and I am hopeful. After a very long time, I have got the chance to reward myself a modification. My first vacation in nine years, coming up this summer.

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Meet Drew Madden, The Guru of EMR Projects

Drew Madden is one man who loves to smile. But don’t get it twisted because the kind of work that this amazingly humble man has put in as far as electronic medical records are concerned is nothing short of mind-boggling.

That said, he always takes his precious time to work with different companies as well as working with other professionals to make the EMR projects run smoothly. He also helps to troubleshoot all kinds of problems that the EMR projects face and hence making it a tad more comfortable for the companies to optimize their profits as well as management.

Before he was the distinguished managing partner at evergreen healthcare partners, Mr. Madden also held quite many positions in different organizations. He was also the executive vice president at Nordic consulting partners before being promoted to president seven months later.

He was previously working Ingenix Consulting in the capacity of a Regional Sales Director. Mr. Madden can boast of having almost a decade worth of IT professional experience, which put him in a better position to lead and guide a company as big as Nordic Consulting Partners. And thanks to that, he managed to gain all of the relevant experience that in turn ensured that he was getting better at his job.

He also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to planning as well as the optimization of electronic records. And it is such kind of experience that allows for any organization to run as smoothly as possible. He also knows a thing or two about the implementation which is what turns brilliant ideas into the kind of success that is deemed incomparable.

Before achieving all the above and finally landing at Nordic consulting partners, Mr. Madden went to school and had a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering from The University of Iowa, of which he is a staunch and very proud alumnus.

While at the University of Iowa, Drew Madden also had the opportunity of getting a subtract in Medical Systems which also added to his fantastic pile of experience as far as his line of work is concerned.


A Brief Look at Todd Lubar’s Impressive Career Profile

Todd Lubar serves as the current President of TDL Global Ventures as well as Senior Vice President of Legendary Investment. He previously worked at Legacy Financial and Crester Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar was instrumental in growing the Maryland Legacy Financial office to a production unit producing several 100 million dollars in loan volume per year. After joining Charter Funding as the Senior Vice President, Todd Lubar continued his focus in helping people in need. He went to the Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication.

Todd Lubar is an accomplished entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry helping people fulfill their dreams of owning their homes. He featured in the list of top 25 mortgage originators for several consecutive years. Besides real estate, Todd Lubar has worked in several other industries such as construction, entertainment, and mortgage banking. Mr. Todd Lubar is passionate about serving the community and leverages his business acumen to help others get their business ideas off the ground.

Entrepreneurs refer Baltimore as the Charm City as far as young professionals are concerned. While Baltimore’s total population seems to be on the decline, its younger demographic continues to perform amazingly. The rate at which Baltimore’s economy is growing will be significant in the growth of the real estate industry. Given the strong presence of young professionals in Baltimore, there will be high demand for houses. Apparently, real estate developers are turning the older building into refurbished living options for Baltimore residents. Again, the city seems focused on improving its communication and transport system. That will make the City even friendlier to the younger demographic.

The growth of the city is expected to increase the growth rate of the metropolitan areas because more suburbs dwellers will access the city without paying the parking fee. Entrepreneurship is starting to blossom in the city. Over time, Baltimore has gained a favorable reputation in the business community. The City attracts top talent and supports new businesses from the surrounding areas. Cost of living in Baltimore is not expected to rise significantly in the future. Check out his website toddlubar.com

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Eric Paul Lefkofsky’s Cancer Data Startup Tempus Among Chicago’s Top Ten

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential entrepreneur based in Chicago. For more than 20 years of serial entrepreneurship experience, Eric Lefkofsky has founded over five startup companies into the multi-million corporations that have assimilated better solutions in business through his company. Because Eric Lefkofsky is committed to the highest levels of excellence, no one can achieve the best association with his assimilated experiences. Perhaps this is the reason why he is working towards adopting better business reviews in the industry. Few people can compare their levels of excellence with Eric Paul Lefkofsky in the business world.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Groupon Company based in Chicago. Groupon Company is a high-end firm that is committed to the highest forms of integrity when it comes to saving people’s money in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why he is looking forward to developing a wide range of assisted entities that can achieve the most sophisticated business capability in the business world. Groupon Company helps people save money from finding the cheapest way of eating meals at restaurants and seeking cheaper flights. For over 20years of excellence and experience in the business world, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has assisted his clients to save money on these important occasions in their lives. However, his direction of assimilation is taking a different direction. These past few years of Eric Paul Lefkofsky’s life is committed towards better business integrity that cannot be compared to the industry. This is the reason why he is considered as one of the best serial entrepreneurs in the world.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Tempus Company that is committed to the highest levels of business solutions in the industry. While he works towards solving the problems the people facing in the business world, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has decided to develop Tempus Company to achieve a life-saving capability in the industry. Few people have achieved the level of solution Eric Paul Lefkofsky has achieved in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why he is regarded one of the few people with the biggest heart in the country.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Start-Up Secures $70 Million Boost

Tempus, a Chicago-based technology company that has built an operating system to battle cancer, made public it closed a $70 million round of venture funding.

Investors Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) co-led the funding which is part of a total of $130 million raised by co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. According to a Forbes story source, the most recent fundraising puts the valuation of Tempus at just about $700 million.

Founded in 2015, Tempus collects and analyzes large amounts of data allowing doctors to cultivate an improved care plan and remedy for their patients.

NEA Managing General Partner Peter Barris commented in a statement the company is excited about the investment and the ability to assist doctors customize care through the work done by Tempus.

Revolution Growth has funded companies such as salad chain Sweetgreen, Insikt, Zipcar and others while NEA has funded companies that include Robinhood, The Learning Company, 23andMe, among others.

Both Lefkofsky and Keywell have individually provided capital for all the company’s fundraising stages. What’s more, both Lefkofsky and Keywell have worked together on several companies such as their own venture capital fund Lightbank, Mediaocean and Echo Global Logistics.

According to Lefkofsky, in the past datasets were small and undisciplined but by making the most of technology, it is now possible to gather together substantial sums of molecular and clinical data and utilize that information to do good for patients.

Some of Tempus’ collaborations include the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, the University of Chicago Medicine as well as community hospitals nationwide.

Lefkofsky, who has donated millions of dollars toward cancer research through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which he operates with his wife, made contributions to Stanford University to support immunotherapy, to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and more.

Lefkofsky, who is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and author of Accelerated Disruption, operates as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.


How Eric Pulier Is Innovating In The Entrepreneurial World

Eric Pulier is the entrepreneur behind the legendary XPrize Foundation. Pulier has been working in the tech field since 1992 when he arrived right after graduating from Harvard University. Since then Eric Pulier has weathered the ups and downs of the industry in order to consistently put out high quality work. Pulier has founded 15 different companies throughout his career and he has had a ton of high water mark success over the years. Let’s take a look at Pulier’s path to this level of success and see if he has any pointers for new entrepreneurs.

As a technologist, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist Eric Pulier knows that he has to stay ahead of the pack by working harder than everyone else in the industry. This means that Pulier has to stick to a regimented schedule that keeps him ahead of the pack. Being the father of four children means that Pulier has to start each of his days at dawn. He gets up in order to find some quiet time to read and set up his schedule for the day before taking care of his kids, prepping them for school. After that is accomplished Pulier settles in for a long day of attacking different ideas and concepts.

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Right now Pulier is focused on his work with vAtomic Systems. This company is focused on bringing transactions out of the digital arena and into the real world. Pulier points to disruptive technology like Uber and Lyft as some of his prime inspiration for the development of this company. Pulier says, “It became clear that macro elements were in place to fundamentally impact the economy by bringing digital goods out of games.” Pulier has focused on vAtomic systems intensely for the past year but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working on other projects.

As an epic philanthropist Pulier is always looking to improve the quality of life in people that he can help. This mindset brought him to help start the Starbright World social media platform as well as the Painted Turtle summer camp. Both of these foundations focuses on bringing aid and relief to kids who suffer from illness.

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Financial Independence Through Market America Unfranchise

Market America offers standardization, systemization, conventional management systems, retailing and marketing materials, developing visibility and also the chance to own several business locations. But unlike a franchise business, there are no monthly royalties, franchise fees, and territorial restrictions. It has minimum startup costs and little to no risks involved. Moreover, Market America Unfranchise business owners can start with flexible hours on a part-time basis.

As an Unfranchise owner, you can earn your income in two ways. First, you can provide your products via your Web Portal. You will get 30 to 50 percent of the total profit by serving 10 to 15 selected consumers. Second, control your available time and replicate your energy by developing a sales group with other individuals running the same business. Therefore, the system offers a pathway to financial freedom by giving you an opportunity to acquire a flow of constant income.

To start developing your Unfranchise business and also earning a steady income, you should follow a given detailed plan and customized management tools for your Web Portal to help you run your business. The company offers the products and develops the marketing tools, and manages the shipping and delivery of the products. Market America handles most of the operational and administrative tasks of any Unfranchise Business, letting the distributors concentrate on servicing the needs of their clients and developing a profitable business to attain financial independence. This is an established strategy to give you economic freedom and success.

The company specializes in four areas: nutraMetrix custom health solutions, TLS weight loss solution, Motives by Loren Ridinger dealing with award-winning cosmetics and maWebCenters providing businesses with internet solutions. nutraMetrix is committed to offering resolutions for health professionals in particular. With its complete focus on healthcare specialists, nutrMetrix allows any health professional to employ customized weight management, wellness and nutritional solutions for their patients. Healthcare specialists in all fields in the United States are integrating nutraMetrix services, products, and systems provided by the company.

Market America info: www.marketamerica.com/site/product-brokerage/