James Dondero Donates to The Family Place

During the year of 2016, Highland Capital Management co founder James Dondero made yet another charitable contribution to the local community. He recently issued a $1 million grant to challenge members of the community to donate money to The Family Place. This particular organization helps provide support to a number of people who are currently suffering from family related violence.

The $1 million grant that Dondero has issued will help provide the $2.8 million The Family Place needs in order to finance its operations and continue serving the public. James Dondero and The Family Place made the announcement when the two parties met at an annual luncheon. As a philanthropist, James is set to continue providing a lot of support to various organizations in the Dallas metro area.

James Dondero currently runs an international finance firm known as Highland Capital Management. The firm has established a presence worldwide as it has a number of offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Korea and the United States.

According to NexBank, James Dondero intended to have a firm that provided more efficient investment management for a number of large institutional investors. With his firm, Dondero has been able to help a number of investors though hedge funds, private equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. James co founded the company in 1993 after having a long and successful career as a professional in the finance industry. Learn more about James Dandero: http://dallaslinks.com/highland-capital-powerhouse-president-james-dondero/

Before James began his career in finance, he attended college at the University of Virginia.

After finishing college, James would begin working as a credit analyst/investor at a finance firm. He would steadily attain higher ranking positions over the years and eventually become the chief investment officer. While holding this particular position, he managed billions of dollars in capital for large corporations.

As well as being a professional in the finance field, Dondero spends a lot of his time contributing to charitable causes. He regularly donates to a number of causes such as veteran’s affairs, education, healthcare and public policy.

Goettl’s Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Given To Needy Families

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that believes in helping people when they can, even if it means sacrificing some of their own funds to do so. They are one of Arizona and Nevada’s most well-known HVAC service companies that moved from simply servicing the Phoenix and Tucson areas, to now servicing Las Vegas and several other Nevada cities. Some Las Vegas residents have been the beneficiaries of free air conditioning and heating repairs when they couldn’t pay for the repairs themselves. Goettl repaired one elderly man’s air conditioner and plumbing when he couldn’t do so this summer, and they gave a needy family heat for their home this last Christmas.


It quickly became a major residential service company in Arizona and they also teamed up with The Sunny Plumber so they could provide plumbing services to their customers. Goettl helps customers find heating and cooling solutions tailored to their needs and hires the most qualified individuals to install and repair their units. They’ve even sponsored scholarship and training programs at local community colleges in the HVAC program.


Goettl Air Conditioning is all about installing energy-efficient units that aren’t just simply big powerful central air systems, but properly constructed systems with the right duct work and Energy Star rated. Goettl gives customers quotes on both installations and repairs and makes sure they are given fair prices. They also provide ongoing maintenance and technical support to make sure the units are running at top notch speed throughout the year. Goettl also is on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where customers can get updates and tips from them.

George Soros And His Take On The US Elections

George Soros was named as the leading funder of the recent Democratic Politics according to Politico. He has also been termed as the top “boogeyman of conservatives.” George Soros committed over 25 million dollars to boost Hillary Clinton. This is according to the records of the Federal Election Commission. George Soros has been a big force behind the US elections for many years. He is a huge investor and is very much involved in the US economy. He believes that Donald Trump is not fit for the US presidency. George Soros is an international investor and an activist. He believes that the President to be elected should consider issues that affect Americans the most.

It is said that he has a 25-year relationship with the presidential candidate on project-syndicate.org. Soros later canceled the trip since he needed to monitor Europe’s economic situation. The multi-billionaire investor is known to be a big supporter of the US elections. He offers his contributions to support his candidate of choice. George Soros believed that Hillary Clinton was the most suitable candidate for the US Presidency. He felt that Donald Trump lacked the qualities of a president and that his policies were not appropriate for America. He states that Trump was stoking fears to the Americans by doing the work of ISIS. See: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2014/11/20/wake-up-europe/

Michael Vachon is the political advisor of George Soros. Michael said that Soros’ political stakes for this year were exceptionally high although he had been a consistent donor when it came to Democratic causes on time.com. He stated that this is because George Soros cared about many issues like criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance. George Soros has been determined to ensure that Trump does not win the US elections among other wealthy activists. Other liberal donors who contributed to Democratic politics include Don Sussman who is a New York Hedge funder, Tom Stever who is an environmentalist from San Francisco, Saban Haim, and Fred Eychaner.

George Soros donated 2 million dollars to American Bridge 21st Century. This is a super PAC opposition research that targets Donald Trump among other Republican candidates. He also donated 700,000 dollars to Democratic Party committees and other contributions to the election campaigns. The results of the elections came out, and Hillary was defeated by Trump. George Soros and other supporters of Hillary were shocked. The tens of millions that Soros and other wealthy liberals spent on Hillary’s campaign did not bear fruit. They immediately convened a gathering in Washington to fight back against Trump. The meeting was scheduled for three days. It started on a Sunday night and was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. The attendees of the conference include Nancy Pelosi-the House Democratic leader, Keith Ellison-co-chairman of Congressional Progressive Caucus, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren according to Politico. The meeting was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club. It aimed at retooling the money that was left to contest Trump’s presidency.

Success of the UK Vintners Societies

The Vintners Society has 25 members in Britain. Most of the companies are family-owned Enterprises. The managers have banded together entrepreneurs working companies broadly. Their main aim is to bring competitive and promising wines which are sold through the network. In UK Vintners a member accepts to negotiate with suppliers of a certain wine producing area and gives the committee different types of options. After discussions of issues concerning price, services and quality measures are taken for the stock to be sold through members network. UK Vintners do shipping from France, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Italy, Argentina, and California

The Capital Vintners help one buy and sell wine through a global custom base. Since storing of wine in good conditions is very important Capital Vintners also offers storage in their Government bonded warehouses, ensuring they mature fully and not affected by customs duty and taxes. The UK Vintners were started in 1363. Is in the twelve positions of great companies in the city of London. The company celebrated its 650th anniversary in the year 2013. It has over 500 members. With the companies History and origins come from London, the regulations and sale of wine go on to be well and links with UK wine trade. Having its social and educational interest also plays a lovely role in the 21 century.

Education and charity have been the key roles of the lively companies since the beginning and most factor through vintners foundation. The Vintner’s Company ownership of swans shared with the crown and dyers company and the historic ceremony of` swan upping’ the yearly census of swan populations which is always done in July. The nice facilities of Vintners Hall give a lovely venue for events in the City of London.

Fine wine vintners limited was part of shady wine firm investment company. The firm advertised itself among the leading UK’s leading firm wine traders. It voiced out `We have started a network of wine merchants and traders all over in UK and Europe. The UK Vintners requested investors to give out $50,000 and $250,000 in `collective investment portfolio. The Merchant Vintners company started in 1956 its owned in equal shares by 20 members; the companies objective is to give family owned wine merchants to grow and expand and from that’s starts leads to the success now. Members get many financial benefits to attain competitive regulations .members get rid of experts in the management body.

Members encourage one another. Members get around $2m of stock purchase around the near shipping prices with goods available in the team. These helps members deduct stock holding and access to the portfolio wines and spirit in the team. The Capital Vintners are celebrating ten years anniversary in the field of the fine wine market and are happy for what they have built up to date. They are now focusing on building bigger and better company in the next decade. The firm is an accredited member of London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) the market for buyers and sellers.

Covers.com Analyzes the Miami Beach Bowl

Central Michigan pulled out a surprise win over Oklahoma State so there is a lot of buzz about the team’s chances in the upcoming Miami Beach Bowl. The current NCAAF odds, however, list Central Michigan as a definitive underdog. The always top-notch Covers.com shows the team is facing Tulsa with Tulsa at -12.5. Covers.com is a great resource for news and information about college football odds and more. Detailed articles and video features go into great depth on the subject of odds and gambling. The analysis about the Central Michigan vs. Oklahoma State bowl game features some of Covers.com’s finest work. Learn more here: http://www.covers.com/odds/football/college-football-odds.aspx

An interesting part of the analysis here is the reference to Tulsa as a “high scoring team”. Even though Tulsa might be known for scoring very high, the over-and-under is low by college football standards. 69.5 is not high at all, for that matter, for college basketball. With the -12.5 line, this would assume either Tulsa could score a lot over Central Michigan, but neither team is going to score high. Coming up with college football odds is not easy. A lot of serious thought and reflection has to be performed by the oddsmakers. They have to watch a lot of college football with a careful eye and research must be done on the teams in question.

Central Michigan’s recent history is not all that impressive though. The team had a host of losses before coming up with an unexpected victory. Central Michigan clearly wants to build on all that momentum and walk away a bowl winner. The desire to win could be very strong. Not strong enough though as the oddsmakers has not made the team a preferred favorite in the point spread line.

Tulsa is an inspired team for a host of reasons. The team only suffered three loses and finished second in its conference. The team played strong all throughout the season. Big favorites with college football odds usually do perform well and Tulsa is no exception.

Tulsa debuted at -11.5 and was always the favorite in this particular bowl matchup. The movement of public money and sentiment did lead to the minor change to -12.5. The change was not radical or dramatic. Consider the added point to be a prudent changing of the point spread.

The Miami Beach Bowl is not shaping up to be a game with an unexpected outcome. Still, the game could be a thrilling one for sports wagering fans.

Mike Baur Lends Expertise to Start Ups

Mike Baur is a co-founder and managing partner for the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF), along with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He is also a speaker at the World Web Forum on the Investor Panel, co-founder and Director of the Swiss Start up Association, and also became the Deputy Managing Director of CTI when they partnered with SSUF. With an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne, Mike takes his passion of helping young entrepreneurs to a whole new level with his role in the company.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is a Zurich based company that launched in 2014. It offers a three month acceleration program for new start ups with the intention of helping to get them on their feet and offering support in a lot of different areas. It is the number one independent and privately financed early stage start up company in Switzerland, and offers everything from pitch training and coaching to access to their market research team, marketing/IT/accounting support, and product development assistance. The company takes on two batches per year, one in February and another in September for their three month acceleration program that offers another six months of support post-program. The program offers three main areas, covering finance, which includes assistance gaining financial support from investors, business development, their model being “Build, Measure, Learn”, and leadership and management, which offers their expertise in getting, and keeping, the best people possible for your company.


Before leaving to help found SSUF, Mike spent 20 years working in the Swiss banking industry, for both UBS and Clariden Leu. He has used his vast amount of knowledge in this area to help out start ups with fund raising and financing rounds for the company. He also invests a lot of his time to the Young Swiss Entrepreneurs and supports various different start ups, both financially and as a mentor. He has also served as a jury member for the START Summiteer, which is a start up pitching contest for the University of St. Gallen. For more information on SSUF, you can visit their homepage here.


IAP Worldwide Leads In Logistics

Stepping Up To The Challenge
Distribution is a tricky thing. To deliver goods across states, countries, and continents you need a carefully crafted system and capable hands. IAP Worldwide provides just that for the clientele it serves. From militaries in need of battle supplies to nonprofits delivering vital supplies IAP Worldwide has its work cut out. Fortunately IAP Worldwide has some of the best engineers and logistics experts in the world on its team. They take their understanding to give each project IAP takes on the most precise measurements and optimized designs. Without these minds the world as we know it is impossible.

Working For An Entire Country
The best exemplar of IAP Worldwide is the air traffic system the firm built for Afghanistan recently. After years of war and other forms of devastation Afghanistan needed some means of regulating the aircraft traffic flow between its various airports. Understanding the strength of IAP the national Afghan government trusted IAP to create it. After building the air traffic system IAP created a company with the task of regulating the air traffic system. This task, building a complex system and a company to regulate it, is exactly the sort of thing IAP specializes in.

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Finding The Right People
The work IAP Worldwide does requires a vast workforce of people with a diverse array of talents. Naturally IAP Worldwide is one of the America’s top hirers. Taking a look at the IAP Careers page found on their website you can find jobs for everyone from engineers to construction workers. Logistics is a fairly lengthy process. Engineers design the infrastructure needed for deliveries, accountants examine the costs, and once everything is in place construction teams set development into motion. There is never a lack of opportunity at IAP Worldwide.

The Government’s Helping Hand
Much of the work IAP Worldwide does revolves around the government. Although this usually means performing some task for the military it can also involve assisting civilians. When Hurricane Matthew struck the Atlantic Coast IAP Worldwide was responsible for delivering clean water and other supplies to affected individuals. In fact in just about every step in the disaster relief the logistics of IAP played a role. IAP had to create supply routes, find the victims of the hurricane, and ensure their safety. Fortunately IAP had the world’s most capable hands working for them to sort out this tragedy.

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A Statement Regarding the Contaminated Water Systems at the Upper Mountain of Squaw Valley

On 8th November news emerged that some bacteria, E. coli, and coliform were detected in the drinking water in the upper mountain of Squaw Valley. The report initially got reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. The public Relation Director of Squaw Valley came on board to issue a complete statement based the news.

In response the potential health problem, the water was continuously treated and slowly there were some improvements. The upper mountain usually gets served by four wells. Wesley Nicks who is the director of Placer County Environmental Health was speaking to Sierra Sun Tuesday, and he confirmed that three wells are safe from E. coli, and only low levels of coliform were remaining.

Restaurants at or near the upper mountain were not in operational as the water treatment exercise was still underway. The skiers got banned from drinking the water as well to avoid health issues and fortunately no incident has been reported yet. All other activities are still operational around the area including skiing up and down at the ski resort.

On Sunday, November 30, Liesl Kennedy who serves as a Public Relations Director of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows gave a statement regarding the water quality in the area.

Below are some the facts that he stated that are underlying the water quality at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley.

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He began by saying that the heavy rains that fell in the month of October was quite unusual and ended up causing damage to the water systems in Placer County. Squaw Valley had an issue with the water systems during summer, and new upgraded systems got installed in the area. The system’s installation at Gold Coast and High Camp led to the contamination of the system. Only the systems in the area got affected, and the polluted water was not available for consumption by the public.

The second fact by Kennedy was that during their routine testing of the water they were able to detect the underlying problem and immediately took action. They first communicated to the Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health as well and asked for help. He says that the two organizations contributed in resolving the issue by treating the water and ensuring it are not consumed for any purpose by the public until the water is clean and safe for consumption. He promised that they are going to make sure that the regular water consumption at Gold Coast and High Camp will not be available, till the water safety experts and other health officials give a go ahead.

He added that all they care about is the safety of their customers and that is why they took great responsibility on this particular safety issue. Liesl Kennedy assured the people that they would continue enjoying all the facilities offered at High Camp and Gold Coast once the water issue is resolved. The guests were promised to enjoy free bottled drinking water after the reopening of their services.

Liesl Kennedy noted that he would inform the guests when they are fully back in operation and also took the opportunity to thank the water safety experts for their assistance in resolving the issue.

Doe Deere and The Makeup of The Galaxy

The Queen of Unicorns, or better known to those as Doe Deere has spent much of her time coming up with different makeup choices for those who want to have access to hot new color trends on the market. Up until recently, not many makeup lines carried eye shadow colors that were simply out of this world. Many would offer your basic shades of neutral, blues or pinks but nothing so bright that it stood out against a solid backdrop. With the cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, the creator, Doe Deere perfected the option of adding more color to your wardrobe.

All people in all walks of life are now able to broadcast their love of makeup with the out of this world color choices available. Because of their ability to make people feel comfortable in their own skin, they have become one of the hottest trends on social media as well as in the digital world. They have overtaken the internet by storm and have set a whole new way of life with makeup in motion.

If you are someone who loves their makeup and loves to wear colors that make you pop or stand out among the crowds, you must try the blue Unicorn lipstick. This is just one of the hottest shades of lip color being offered by Lime Crime. If you are afraid to give their makeup a try because you simply don’t know much about them, you can feel better knowing that they are cruelty free and have been acknowledged as such by places such as PETA and Leaping Bunny.

If you are someone who likes to be different from others, if you are someone who want’s to be separated from the crowd, this brand of makeup is the one that you will want to give a try. There is no trying too hard with this brand. There are a multitude of colors to choose from and there is no right or wrong way to wear your makeup. What you do with your makeup is up to you. The mission of Doe Deere is to make you feel like your own individual instead of falling into the crowd with all the others. That is why Doe Deere has spent so much time coming up with new ideas for makeup. They not only focus on makeup but also offer body glitter and even nail polish color choices.

How GTL’s recent press release is highly inaccurate

I was surprised when GTL made a press release concerning licenses and patents of Securus Technologies. I have known Securus for long and know of the honesty and integrity of the company. The CEO of Securus Technologies seconded my argument through a press release where he indicates that Securus has over 239 patents and licenses provided by the government. GTL, technologies has nearly half of these patents.


The recent misinformation by GTL shows that it offends not just people in the correctional facilities but the whole community it serves. They have gone way below the integrity line and released information that is not based on facts. The CEO states that Securus Technologies is not out there to pick fights and make money. They have a care for the customer they want to serve. Watch more on youtube.com.


The wrongdoings and breaches of integrity presented by Global Tel-Link tell a lot about the actions by the company. There has been evidence of unauthorized programming of telephone devices by the company. Such a programming went to consume 15 to 36 seconds of extra time which is paid for by the customer. GTL has also had higher call rates than that which was specified by the rates communication networks. The company has charged huge amounts unfairly to its customers.


One of the first wrongdoings was highlighted by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. There was a 17-page order on unlawful additions to calls, increased duration of calls and adjusting of calls when people talked on their mobile phones. Apart from this, evidence was presented that GTL raised their telephone rates higher than the required standards.