The Traveling Vineyard: Providing Jobs for Homebased Mothers

The Traveling Vineyard is a wine distribution and direct sales company which aims to provide jobs to homebased talents by creating several wine tasting events. The company was established in 2001 by a group of friends. They hosted a wine tasting event, and it turned out to be successful. The idea was formed into what is presently known as The Traveling Vineyard, and since their establishment, the company has grown tremendously. Today, the Traveling Vineyard is one of the most successful companies distributing wine and reselling them to customers. They are inviting everyone who is interested to become a part of their growing family. They are looking for wine guides and other home based jobs that will contribute to the growth of the business. They wanted those who have the passion in wine tasting to do the job, but they also welcome everyone who wanted to do part-time homebased jobs. Home based jobs have grown for years. Many people – professionals and non-professionals alike – have chosen to work from the comfort of their own homes. They save a lot by doing so, and the stress is not that high compared to those working inside the office and other workplace. The Traveling Vineyard have seen that their business can grow with the help of home based workers, which is why they resorted in hiring home based workers to do jobs such as being a wine guide.

Those who are interested in joining the Traveling Vineyard can visit the company’s website and choose the option becoming a wine guide. The website will then display some information and tips on how to become a successful wine guide. It also explains that advantages of working for the Traveling Vineyard, as well as the benefits of working as a wine guide as well as the possible career path that they can take. Being a wine guide is easy. Once a person decided to work for the Traveling Vineyard, all they have to do is to fill out a form and sign the contract found on the website. Then, they should send it to the World HQ and in a matter of days; a wine guide would contact the new comer and will be giving them a heads up. The starter kit will also be delivered, and people at the World HQ will be monitoring the new comer in order to them him or her in having a successful career with The Traveling Vineyard.

The job of a wine guide is to simply help a local host in creating a wine tasting event. And then, during the event, they would have to explain some basic information about the wine being tasted. They would also take orders during the event, and once the wine tasting event concluded, they would have to send the orders to World HQ and they will start from there.

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