James Dondero Donates to The Family Place

During the year of 2016, Highland Capital Management co founder James Dondero made yet another charitable contribution to the local community. He recently issued a $1 million grant to challenge members of the community to donate money to The Family Place. This particular organization helps provide support to a number of people who are currently suffering from family related violence.

The $1 million grant that Dondero has issued will help provide the $2.8 million The Family Place needs in order to finance its operations and continue serving the public. James Dondero and The Family Place made the announcement when the two parties met at an annual luncheon. As a philanthropist, James is set to continue providing a lot of support to various organizations in the Dallas metro area.

James Dondero currently runs an international finance firm known as Highland Capital Management. The firm has established a presence worldwide as it has a number of offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, South Korea and the United States.

According to NexBank, James Dondero intended to have a firm that provided more efficient investment management for a number of large institutional investors. With his firm, Dondero has been able to help a number of investors though hedge funds, private equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. James co founded the company in 1993 after having a long and successful career as a professional in the finance industry. Learn more about James Dandero: http://dallaslinks.com/highland-capital-powerhouse-president-james-dondero/

Before James began his career in finance, he attended college at the University of Virginia.

After finishing college, James would begin working as a credit analyst/investor at a finance firm. He would steadily attain higher ranking positions over the years and eventually become the chief investment officer. While holding this particular position, he managed billions of dollars in capital for large corporations.

As well as being a professional in the finance field, Dondero spends a lot of his time contributing to charitable causes. He regularly donates to a number of causes such as veteran’s affairs, education, healthcare and public policy.