Cryptocurrency Expert Ian King: Helping People To Make Money Investing

When Ian king was growing up on the Jersey Shore, he worked as a lifeguard. Little did he know that learning the important lifeguard skill of quickly analyzing and assessing a situation, identifying the most likely outcome and taking immediate action would end up making him millions of dollars as an investor. King had begun investing in companies for fun while working on his degree in psychology at Lafayette College. He then did an internship at Merrill Lynch one summer and fell in love with the financial services industry. After getting his psychology degree King headed straight to Wall Street. Read more at Talk Markets.

That was over 25 years ago. Since then Ian King has worked as a clerk with Salomon Brothers on their mortgage bond trading desk for several years. He has also spent a few years working in credit derivative origination with Citigroup. Plus, Ian King’s financial services career became even more lucrative during the 10 years he spent as head trader with Peahi Capital, a New York based equity fund company. But then King became intrigued by a newly emerging class of assets called cryptocurrency. He spent a lot of time and money learning about and investing in cryptocurrency and today Ian King is considered a cryptocurrency expert.

These days Ian King’s time is spent helping people understand and invest in cryptocurrency. He does so by sharing valuable insight and guidance through the articles he writes for Intellicoin, the cryptocurrency content production company he founded. Ian King is also a Banyan Hill editor. His articles appear in Sovereign Investor Daily, Crypto Profit Trader and several other Banyan Hill publications where he has developed a growing following. Investors also get information and tips for profiting from cryptocurrency in the articles he writes for Fox Business News, Investopedia and other publications. Follow Ian King on

Even though in 2017 the market cap for cryptocurrency had grown from $18 billion to $600 billion and the value of bitcoin shot up by 1,500%, Ian King assures investors it has not yet reached its peak. He explains that many investors are still standing on the sideline with their money in hand because they see the potential but don’t understand the intricacies of investing in ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ian King’s cryptocurrency investments have grown between 627% and over 2,700% and through his writings he’s helping people understand they too can get excellent returns by investing in cryptocurrency.