Sergey Petrossov Starts another Exquisite IT Company

With a desire to succeed and to make an impact in the community, Sergey Petrossov founded JetSmarter. Prior to JetSmarter, he has co-founded other companies. His emphases are on information technology projects. He founded online systems for a distance learning platform for Russian institutions and a website chat system for customer service.

Besides co-founding viable companies, he has served at Gulfstream Charter Fleet as a board advisor. Gulfstream charter fleet is a jet operator company based in Florida. Sergey Petrossov was inspired to start JetSmarter after a frustrating experience while traveling in a private jet. He identified challenges in the booking system. The process was long and tiresome.

Sergey Petrossov has vast experience in the realm of information technology. Since mobile marketplaces had tremendous growth in other sectors, he thought of incorporating it in the booking of flights. He gathered information concerning the industry and prepared his team for this substantial investment. He brainstormed to design an application that could connect flyers with jet operators. In 2012, he launched a prototype, which did exemplary well. This event gave him the confidence to press on. He went forth to gather more funding by collaborating with vendors. In 2013, he officially launched the JetSmarter application to the public.

Applying skills of transformation leadership Sergey Petrossov leads a skillful team and advisory personnel. Most of his team members are credited and identified with successful projects such as Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Uber, NASA, and Nokia.

The young businessman was born in Moscow. When he was 4 years his family moved to the US between California and Colorado and South Florida. He attended the University of Florida where he graduated with a degree in finance. At the age of 18 years, Petrossov was thrilled to start his own venture. He raised capital to start his business from sources such as the royal family in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, music moguls, and a league executive.

Richard Liu, Founder and Entrepreneur of

Richard Liu is the owner of headquarters is in Beijing. During the operation’s early years the company saw tremendous growth in its formative years. Within its inception in June 1998 the company had seen revenues in excess of $9 million USD by 2003. In January 2004, the company launched an online business website. learned early on to take the middle man out of the eCommerce business. buys merchandise directly from the suppliers and reselling to its shopper’s base. In addition to being able to offer lower pricing to it’s consumer base, can verify the quality of products being sold.

Currently, is the nation’s biggest online direct sales company with the highest transaction sales and volume in the country.

Richard Liu studied at the People’s University of China in Beijing earning his Sociology degree. He continued his studies at the China Europe International Business School where he earned his EMBA degree.


Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya Introduces New Email Management System

Over the last two decades email has become a major part of communication and transferring information. Email has been quite beneficial for those who are looking to send messages to other people. Both individuals and businesses use email everyday in order to manage important information. While email has been very beneficial, it still has its issues at times. The most common issue with email is that accounts often get an influx of unwanted messages and junk mail. This proves to be a nuisance to account holders as they often don’t get important messages due to junk email. However, a company called Unroll.Me has been a trusted provider of email management services.

Unroll.Me was founded in 2011 by Jojo Hedaya. He worked with his business partner to find a way to help people avoid getting too many junk email messages in their inbox. Hedaya got this idea after failing to get messages over to his business partner. Jojo put together a system in which his company allows users to assemble their email messages and then choose to unsubscribe. This immediately eliminates all of the junk email messages. Unroll.Me has emerged as a very valuable service for many email users.

Like a number of other businesses, Unroll.Me has looked to expand and offer more services. In order to reach this objective, the company merged with another company called Slice. With Slice, Unroll.Me collaborates to help customers manage product orders as well as email subscriptions. The two companies have worked together to help enhance the overall shopping experience and communication process.

Slice specializes in tracking product orders, tracking deliveries and also informing consumers about the most recent discounts. At the same time, Unroll.Me helps sort the emails that customers receive. Recently, Unroll.Me decided to just handle the email aspect and allow Slice to just work with product orders and discounts. This has helped Unroll.Me provide better service by finding new ways to help consumers get rid of junk email on a consistent basis. Today, Unroll.Me maintains its status as one of the most innovative and dependable technology companies in the world with its email management service.

How Jason Hope Came Up with the Idea of Giving out Grants

Born in Temple, Arizona, Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and a philanthropist. He pursued finance studied at Arizona State University where and obtained his MBA from Carey School of the same University. He enrolled in business and made a name for himself after a short period. Currently, Jason is one of the most sought-after business advisers, but he moved from Temple to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Although he specializes in scientific research, he spends most his free time in community-based activities. One of the philanthropic activities that Jason Hope is involved in is the funding of SENS, Strategies for Engineered Negligence Senescence. SENS is a non- profit body that was started to give support to scientists, researchers, philanthropists, and private individuals. One of its agenda is to address the issue of the causes of aging disease, especially cellular and molecular damage. Additionally, SENS is improving regenerative therapies in Parkinson’s and cancer diseases as well as building a biotechnology industry.

Jason Hope assisted SENS with half a billion dollars in 2010 to put up a Cambridge SENS laboratory. The fund targeted at facilitating research programs for breaking down glycation products in human body tissues. Supporting his move of supporting SENS, Jason pointed out he admired their approach of the aging problem. Jason Hope added that SENS worked hard in finding cures of the disease that cause accelerated aging by breaking down the down the body tissues. Jason noted that heart, lung, and Alzheimer diseases are dangerous because they make the whole body to malfunction. He also said that the aim is to help cure the diseases in their early stages contrary to the case of traditional medicines that only treat the diseases at the onset of the symptoms.

Through his advice on technology helps those in the modern business and those who want the technology for future use. Jason Hope admits that he goes through his website to look for the people with the best idea before granting them the $ 500. He decided to support people with grants because he learned that many young people are talented but lack the funds to start up something.

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Jason Hope- Fighting To Eliminate Old Age

The modern world has dramatically changed bringing associated health problems that affect everyone regardless of race, country and economic status. The illnesses range from the minor conditions to severe ones and also life-threatening diseases that have a significant impact on their families and communities. However, one medical condition affects even the world giants without considering their dazzling life, and that’s aging.

Aging starts from the early 30s and its something unavoidable since it’s a natural process that occurs to every person in the world. Old age comes with numerous health problems that include making your skin rigid and wrinkled, break down of the bones and losing your central ability to take part in young age activities. Aging makes our bodies get affected with different diseases, and they often lead to a considerable decrease of quality life and becoming life-threatening making high impact changes to individuals and their families.

Some unusual conditions include osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis among others. However, philanthropists and entrepreneurs like Jason Hope have helped the healthcare care with research funds to improve in various ways of treating the old age disease. Most medical expertise advises old people on ways of living with this conditions but not entirely offering treatment. Jason Hope is interested in changing this perspective by seeking ways of slowing down or even eliminating the aging process by donating his funds to various healthcare research organizations. The organizations deal with having the groundbreaking mission of treating and also combating the effects that happen when old age starts.
Jason Hope supports the SENS foundation.

The charitable foundation central core is helping people globally to have direct access to the technology that assists in counteracting the aging process and also preventing the numerous diseases associated with old age. Jason first contribution to SENS charitable organization started in December 2010 with an initial amount of 500,000 dollars. He announced his dedication and contribution to the charitable foundation during the Breakthrough Philanthropy dinner held at the Fine Arts Hall in San Francisco.

Jason stated that SENS foundation and other several organizations have entirely dedicated their companies to using the biotechnology in finding new methods, approaches, and treatments. The new procedures will help in preventing diseases old age diseases and improve the human life. Jason Hope has Business Administration masters degree and grew up in Tempe City of Arizona and known for creating technology start-up companies globally. Jason lives in Phoenix area and he a significant donator to health issues globally.

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Solution To Your Campaign- NGP VAN

NGP VAN is a Technology providing company. The company provides technology to progressive campaigns and organizations. It offers services in field organizing, fundraising and digital products all combined and integrated into one platform. This organization was founded in 1997, and is situated in Washington DC. NGP VAN has provide its services to more than thousands campaigns and organization. Helping them conduct a smart campaign it was involved in democratic campaigns and progressive organization. The organization is behind the Obama campaigning which was a great success.

The organization has range of products in form of applications and software which help manage and organize large amount of data, as well as help reach out for the electorates, volunteers and donors. The system will hold the information about them including their social media accounts as well as their interests. This helps in creating beautiful and impressive email using the email editor to customize it according to the receiver’s interest. The network created between the sponsors, facilitators and the campaigners may bring in a very effective synergy and motivation that may translate into great results in the poll. NGP VAN has further been able to reach out in raising funds through such ways as peer-peer campaigns and even sms. NGP VAN provides assistance in campaign financial reporting which is normally tedious and time consuming. They help in filing those mandatory report and this means more time for campaigning and less time for calculations.

NGP VAN believes on maintaining the closer relationship between the supporters and the candidate and this means organized and well managed campaign from the time they are on board as a volunteer to the time one gets into the office.

NGP VAN Software Provider As You Need It

Running an efficient campaign that is efficient and effective has been the dream of everyone who runs for an office. However the dream does not always come true due to complicated strategy and coordination that is needed this, and the high cost associated with campaigns has created need for better and less sophisticated way of managing campaigns through maintaining a close check. This is where the NGP VAN has become handy. They have the best and advanced tools of monitoring technology.


NGP VAN has been considered as one of the best and coolest companies of 2016 by DC inc… The company has also been named as one of the fastest growing organization by smartCEO and Washington Business Journal thanks to its diligent and committed workforce. With over 500 employees the company is determined to serving their client the best way.

Jason Hope supports treatment of old age diseases

For the past three decades, there has been extensive research on aging diseases in human beings. The research has been targeted at developing drugs that can cure age-related diseases. It is common knowledge that the human body gets weak as one gets older. When the human body becomes weak, it is susceptible to all manner of diseases. This is the reason why many old people tend to develop diseases that did not affect them when they were young. The research that is being conducted by the various organizations is aimed at identifying the cause of aging in the human body and then try and slow down the process.

For the last two decades, very little breakthroughs have been realized. The results of the research have been disappointing. Part of the reasons why no good results were achieved is because the research was done using animals yet the research was meant to find a cure for human beings. There has always been this idea that the animal’s process of aging is similar to that of human beings. The small animals which are used in research have a short lifespan as compared to the human beings who have a more extended a lifespan. After conducting research using the lab animals, researchers would find that there was no difference in the human body. They realized that genetic differences in human beings and animals would not allow for a cure developed using lab animals to apply to human beings.

Today, researchers have realized this difference between lab animals and human beings on the matter of aging. Researchers have found out that there is one substance in human beings that cause aging called, glucosepane. It is the substance that slows down the body function. It normally builds up as human beings get old. With this breakthrough, researchers are now able to apply their expertise only on solutions that fight substance.

One research group that is very active in this field of biotechnology study is SENS Research Foundation. It is a non-profit organization which is supported by philanthropist Jason Hope.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology. He sees this as a field that will lead to innovations that will alleviate human problems. Jason hope believes that biotechnology will be the solution to aging problems on human beings. Diseases which affect human beings due to old age will be cured through drugs that will slow down the rate of aging in human beings.

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Eric Pulier: Leading By Example

Many of the most intelligent people on the planet aren’t well-known names despite having done many amazing things for society. This is a rather unfortunate event because the people who don’t do anything for society seems to get the credit. Eric Pulier just so happens to be one of those unsung heros, but he didn’t do such great things just to receive attention. Pulier has set a blueprint of success and this is how. In 1997, he was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” exhibition for former President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. The exhibit would display what advanced technology would like in the future, and it was showcased on many prominent news networks.

Pulier has also worked with former Vice President Al Gore on a number of technology and healthcare forums. The Clinton Global Initiative was another one of his political participation activities. Pulier was also involved with developing a live feed of the astronauts in space. That’s right! This live feed was in real-time, which was unheard of at the time. As you can see, there is a method to his madness. Advanced technology was used in each of those cases. This field of work is his forte, and he does it much better than most. Pulier has stated on many occasions that success comes from investing in something important.

This guy has also stated that he does a lot of reading, and he implements it into his daily routine. None of his success has come by chance because he’s definitely put in his fair share of work. Pulier does plenty of mentoring in his spare time. His motto is that innovation is always within arms reach. Many of the seed-level startup companies that he has invested in have gone on to become a success in their own right. All in all, Pulier’s story is far from over so expect many big things from him in the coming years.

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Jason Hope: The Entrepreneur Fueling Technology Oriented Business Ideas

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and businessman who has a firm grasp of the field of communication technologies. He has used his passion and skill for technology and has turned that into something that is extremely profitable. He has been working at his career for an extremely long time and has now made it to the list of top technology oriented entrepreneurs. Jason Hope has always been futuristic, in a sense that he likes to look at things from the perspective of what they can evolve into, rather than what they are at this given moment. With the ever developing field of technology, it is a quality that has put him far ahead of his competition, more than anyone else.

Jason Hope has always been someone who advocated the IoT, also known as the Internet of Things. He has always viewed this principle to be one of the guiding factors that will take effect into the technological innovations in the future. The Internet of Things is a concept that draws a link between almost every kind of technical device, which can lead to an extensive network of connections. The concept divulges into the fact that everything in the world will be connected at some point in time, and people like Jason Hope are looking for innovative ways to capitalize on this concept since it is an inevitable part of our future. For more learn about us: click here.

Jason Hope also uses his skill and knowledge about the field of technology to invest into and help other businesses that are trying to make it bit into the sector. Jason Hope invested in some projects, which show great promise at improving the technological sector. He knows the effort it takes to get a technology oriented business off the ground, and thus tries his best to offer his guidance and support to people who are just entering the field with new and fresh business ideas.

Bob Reina: He Sees Greatness All Around Him

One of the things that a lot of people struggle with is how they see themselves and how they view themselves. For whatever reason, they lack confidence or maybe at one point they had it and they lost it. Once it is lost, it can be hard to gain it back once again. That is where someone like Bob Reina comes in as he believes in people even when they don’t believe in themselves, which is a powerful thing. It lets them know they can do whatever is in their heart and Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are going to see them through until the very end. They will never give up on them, even if others have in the past. Learn more:


Bob Reina sees the value in every human life and every human being, no matter their background or where they come from in terms of their job history. He looks at people. He knows that is where it is truly at: people. People are what make things go and run smoothly. That is why Bob Reina is always going to throw his arms around people. He knows that the video newsletters and video conferences are great, but it starts and ends with the people behind it. They are the ones making it run as well as it does.


Bob Reina is one of those people that know how to make others feel special and he does it in a way that is authentic, organic, and as real as can be, as there is not a phony bone in his body. He only knows how to look people in the eye and give it to them straight in a manner in which is but polite but also needed for their own personal growth. He is very polite about it, though, and he knows how to get through to people in a way that is not scary or an abuse of power. Bob Reina is not the type of person to abuse his power as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. Learn more:


As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. He uses all of that good to help out everyone he can. Learn more: