Eva Moskowitz Creates Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz has recently been the topic of media speculation because of her support of the nomination of the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos.

Moskowitz has gained political attention over the last seven or eight years for her role in the development of one of the largest and most successful charter school systems in the United States, Success Academy. Because Eva Moskowitz has, for years, been an active and vocal member of the democratic political party, it came as a surprise when the CEO of a system of New York City charter schools voiced her support of Betsy Devos’ nomination to the highest educational platform in the land. Many media pundits have questioned the motives behind Moskowitz’s support of the Trump administration and of Betsy Devos’ nomination to Trump’s cabinet. During a discussion regarding politics and education, Eva Moskowitz mentioned several factors that led to her ultimate support of the new administration.

Eva Moskowitz has always supported efforts to expand charter schools and implement new measures to get quality educational facilities into low-income neighborhoods. Her establishment of Success Academy was a successful attempt to combat failing New York City public school systems by introducing new strategies in a charter school environment.