Scott Rocklage, Medicinal Guru

In the world of biochemistry and pharmaceuticals Scott Rocklage can be seen as a teacher. His 30 years of healthcare management experience and extensive education from MIT and University of California, Berkeley, have armed him with the right tools to go on and found a successful biochemistry company and serve on several other pharmaceutical boards.

Dr. Rocklage attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused on bio chemistry under Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock. This experience would be the foundation of his future endeavors.

“MIT gave me the foundation for my professional life and career and with gratitude toward the Chemistry Department my wife and I offer this gift,” he says in an interview with MIT as he makes a large donation to refurbish one of the lab rooms he worked in. He would later take his degree and passion to lead 5AM Ventures. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

5AM Ventures is a venture capital firm with a focus on life science. To keep his business successful he uses a few, strong guidelines. He believes staying organized keeps a business owner moving forward instead of getting stuck in the present.

Keeping focus is also important to him. In an interview with, he says “Staying true to what our business knows how to do well and not straying too far from our strengths.” He goes on to say that in today’s world it is easy to get caught up in other potential paths but focusing on your strengths is what enables true success.

When founding his companies, Dr. Rocklage learned early on about management and hiring people for the job. In answer to what was one of his biggest failures of his career he gives advice to hiring people, “If you’ve hired the wrong person, move on relatively quickly and don’t think that performance reviews and goals will change the fundamental nature of a person’s performance characteristics.” Wise words from a successful entrepreneur. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

Looking toward the future he plans to keep researching more drugs to treat the existing or yet untreated conditions of today, as well as expand his company and teach others how to do the same.