GoBuyside Success

Backin 2011 a company was created by Arjun Kapur that focused on a new method of hiring in the finance industry. GoBuyside was a creation of Kapur during his college years as a way to help fill a variety of capital needs that he noticed in his industry of study. With so many applicants looking for finance jobs, employers were having a hard time weeding through everybody and finding the legitimate candidates. As this process became more difficult there was an obvious need for a more transparent process of finding and hiring people. This new method of hiring came by way of GoBuyside and its success has only grown since then. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

A technological platform that provides a new hiring edge, GoBuyside is a based off a closed network system that works specifically in the finance industry. A number of job posting boards are used online and applicants can be tracked and viewed by way of their activity. Employers can then be connected with their candidates which helps people looking for jobs but it also helps companies find the best of the best when it comes to their staff. Since its inception back in 2011 GoBuyside has grown quickly and steadily with now over 500 different businesses participating from all over the world. Five hundred cities are now participating on an international level. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

How has this system found so much success? Well, the transparency of this method allows everybody to communicate throughout the interviewing and hiring process. There is a great deal of information available to companies and applicants and it has become easier to find great talent regardless of where everybody is located. References, review information and much more can be obtained with GoBuyside. Thanks to the ongoing success that GoBuyside has experienced since its inception, it is likely that this is a method and a business that is going to continue to success long into the future. Not only does this work for the companies involved but it also works for people in the finance industry and it works for the industry as a whole moving forward into the future.

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