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If you wouldn’t mind, could you take a look at Rodrigo Terpins’s Facebook and Instagram page and his main website to see the old posts of past writers – not very good posts – and draft up two demo. posts for his team to review and comment on before working on the majority of these posts? They will need to vary on topics, such as “Who do you think would win in a race?”, and the two characters we compare are chosen by a Google Trends analysis of the most popular rally drivers. Another topic may be “Top ten rallies in Brazil”, one of my favorite topics! We basically want to get the community to engage with our posts and, once every 2 posts or so, we want to plug our website in and say something like “Find out more on the comuniqué website“.

Recent Chat Between Rodrigo and Interested Third Party in Response to Post Above – Summary Paraphrase Below

Hello, James, and thanks for your interest in writing for my company!

I am looking for both a social media writer and a blog writer to help me fill my new website with content. Anyway, give me an idea of the budget you would require and I will let you know if we can afford your services. I can hire you right away if it is within our budget constraints.

Excuse my request for demonstrations of your work, I see your portfolio online. By any chance have you written about rally games before, and do you have any background in rally driving? Thanks again!

Thanks for your time,

Rodrigo Terpins


Rodrigo’s Rally Blog 101 – A New Initiative

Rodrigo’s Reply Following James’s Reply

Awesome, remember to take a break after you compose two of these posts so we can go over them together and talk about ideas before progressing further. Great work, by the way – I will give in-depth feedback and help you with more tomorrow around 1 p.m.

Thanks for your time and effort,