Upwork Offers a Different Insight on Procrastination

One of the things that often gets a bad rap is procrastination. When people think about procrastination, they always think about someone putting off something that is very important for the next period of time. Often times, this happens to the point when that task never gets done. Even some of the most productive people may procrastinate at one point or another. When people think about procrastination, it is often in a negative light. However, Upwork has a different view of procrastination. According to Upwork, procrastination is not always a bad thing. In fact, it can get people to think about the task they are planning to do.

One thing that Upwork says about procrastination is that it can bring forth a very effective and powerful productivity technique. This type of technique is summed up in the idea that 80% of a person’s value comes from 20% of the tasks they complete. In this case, it is important for the person to think about the activity he has been putting off. If it is something that is low in value, then not only should he put it off, but he should also deleted. This is one of the best things about re-evaluating and procrastinating to an extent.

When it comes to something that one does not want to do but needs to get done, then the person should get it done. As a matter of fact, it is not wise to procrastinate on something that is more of a chore. Once the person gets that chore done, then he is going to feel a great sense of relief. When one procrastinates on a certain undesired but important task, it could actually make it harder to get started because of the increased dread that comes with it. Starting on something is the hardest part of getting something done. There’s no need to add to the difficulty.