I started drinking Organo Gold, and I’m NEVER going back.

I have been drinking coffee every day RELIGIOUSLY for the last fifteen or so years. It all started when I picked up working the night shifts, since I had such a hard time staying awake. Naturally, I tried energy drinks, supplements, and finally coffee. This continued for awhile, and I was finally starting to be able to get through work with no issues. Thing is, I never really liked the taste of coffee that much. I was only drinking it because I wanted to stay up, and even after a couple of months, I started not feeling so hot. Shop now at Shopog.com.

I searched around for healthy alternatives, and one of the first things that I came across was Organo Gold. It wasn’t sold locally around me anywhere that I knew of, so I ordered one of their bigger packs. Though it was a little more expensive than normal, it was also a lot more coffee — not to mention it tasted WAY better than anything else I was used to. Visit corpdev.ogmentorship.com to know more.

The two things I want to point out more than anything is that:

  1. I didn’t and STILL don’t feel bad when drinking it.
  2. It is MUCH stronger than your average ‘Cup o Joe!’

Normal coffee just never really did it for me. I would feel more distressed than energized, and I don’t doubt for a second that it’s because of WHAT I was drinking. You couldn’t convince me to switch from this coffee now, (unless there’s somehow something better, and I doubt it!) If you are running in to the same issues that I did, (or you are just bored of what you’re drinking at this point), don’t be afraid to check out Organo Gold. If you’re coming from drinking regular old coffee, I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Read: http://www.didyouknow.it/coffee/organo-tells-history-coffee-international-coffee-day-approaches/

((– A real review from a real organo gold member. Thanks for the opportunity to write this article!))