Meet Drew Madden, The Guru of EMR Projects

Drew Madden is one man who loves to smile. But don’t get it twisted because the kind of work that this amazingly humble man has put in as far as electronic medical records are concerned is nothing short of mind-boggling.

That said, he always takes his precious time to work with different companies as well as working with other professionals to make the EMR projects run smoothly. He also helps to troubleshoot all kinds of problems that the EMR projects face and hence making it a tad more comfortable for the companies to optimize their profits as well as management.

Before he was the distinguished managing partner at evergreen healthcare partners, Mr. Madden also held quite many positions in different organizations. He was also the executive vice president at Nordic consulting partners before being promoted to president seven months later.

He was previously working Ingenix Consulting in the capacity of a Regional Sales Director. Mr. Madden can boast of having almost a decade worth of IT professional experience, which put him in a better position to lead and guide a company as big as Nordic Consulting Partners. And thanks to that, he managed to gain all of the relevant experience that in turn ensured that he was getting better at his job.

He also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to planning as well as the optimization of electronic records. And it is such kind of experience that allows for any organization to run as smoothly as possible. He also knows a thing or two about the implementation which is what turns brilliant ideas into the kind of success that is deemed incomparable.

Before achieving all the above and finally landing at Nordic consulting partners, Mr. Madden went to school and had a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering from The University of Iowa, of which he is a staunch and very proud alumnus.

While at the University of Iowa, Drew Madden also had the opportunity of getting a subtract in Medical Systems which also added to his fantastic pile of experience as far as his line of work is concerned.