Do You Have COPD?

If you have COPD, you have probably sat and thought about the good old days, when you could take a walk without an oxygen tank, when you could go swimming, and when you could do things that other people do. But, a lung disorder changed your life. Maybe you’re not at the stage yet where supplemental oxygen is needed on a regular, daily basis. According to the PR Web, since the disease is progressive, you are probably dreading to see that happen to you or a loved one.

There are pills you can take, inhalers you can use, nebulizers to deliver vapor to your lungs, and other type of treatment.

Now, there is a type of treatment whose time has come!

The Lung reveals that when you have COPD, your lung cells no longer function. They are basically just used up, and oftentimes, some or most of your cells are damaged beyond use, or nonexistent. Stem cell therapy can help people with this disease. Stem cells can help replace worn, useless tissues and lung cells. And, there is a proven therapy that works. Stem Cell replacement therapy at the Lung Institute has shown a remarkable success rate. You need not worry; the stem cells used are your own body’s cells, not from some other source. The treatment is non-invasive, as well. It takes a few days, and then, you go home and take life easy. Soon, you will be glad you did use Lung Institute. Give them a call, visit the website or send an email today. You have nothing to lose. Go swimming again!