Eric Lefkofsky is on a mission to eradicate cancer through technology

The battle to cure cancer is ongoing. Eric Lefkofsky’s involvement in the battle to save lives isn’t medical. He doesn’t have the skill sets to be a medical doctor. His background is in information technology. He understands the potential that can be realized with this technology in the fields of communication and document management. He also understands how data accessibility can be a game changer for many physicians and other medical professionals.

His group, which he co-founded, Tempus was formed in 2015 for the distinct purpose of bringing all the molecular and clinical data together in an easily accessible, yet secure database. Having the accessibility to this data is a critical component of many cancer treatment plans. Physicians can access the data through Tempus’ operating system and analyze data patterns. The shared data provides insights not easily accessible by traditional methods such as paper.

Lefkofsky sees the potential that newer technological advances will reveal in the future. One of the promising features that Lefkofsky is proud to be a part of is the personalized molecular map that has the potential of helping physicians see what’s happening to their patients on a molecular level.

Tempus helps physicians through the repository set up on their database to gain information and through connections developed within physician networks. Their specialty is in genomic sequencing data. Medical scientists cite that genomic sequencing uncovers the mysteries behind cancer, specifically if there are any genetic markers for the occurrence of certain cancers.

Lefkofsky’s efforts to make it easier for medical scientists and physicians to gain access to genomic sequencing information is invaluable. Physicians now have the ability to tailor treatment plans to meet the specific needs of their patients. It is also important to note that accessibility is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is the ability to analyze and utilize this information. Lefkofsky has worked on algorithms to provide precise data streams for physicians and other medical professionals.

Lefkofsky believes that big data is the best way to provide physicians the tools they need to completely eradicate cancer in our lifetime.

Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill Publishing

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