Dick and Betsy DeVos: Working Hard To Make Grand Rapids a Much Better Place

Long before Dick and Betsy DeVos were known for being one of Washington D.C.’s political power couples, they were busy putting their hometown of Grand Rapids on the map. Both Dick and Betsy have taken their own path to remaking Grand Rapids in their own image and ideology, but they both have been equally successful. Insofar as the opponents of this couple, there are a lot of people who have a lot of fear and trepidation when it comes to them, and it’s not just because they are super-wealthy. Many individuals have realized for years that the DeVoses are super determined and do not give up anything without a fight.


This all started many years ago, before President Trump even had to remotely worry about cabinet appointments. In 1991, there was a plan started by some lawmakers to build a multi-purpose sports convention center in a Grand Rapids suburb. The DeVos was adamantly against the idea simply because they had seen how their sister city of Detroit had fared when they had a similar plan to have their sports convention centers built in suburbs. Simply put, it did not help their city, and so Dick DeVos starting fighting against it. To make a long story short, he was successful in stopping the plan, and it led to the formation of Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the medical school affiliated with Michigan State, and the Grand Rapids City Market.


You see, even though both of the DeVoses are heirs to vast family fortunes, they both realize that they need to care more about just their own wealth. If they are going to bring about positive societal change, they need to be aware of some of the many important philanthropic issues that are heavy on the minds of many. In that vein, Dick DeVos was instrumental in turning Michigan into a state that is no longer a union-based employment state, but a right-to-work one where it is much easier to find employment without being forced into a union membership.


Of course, if all of this weren’t enough, Dick DeVos has also placed a serious imprint on the face of aviation in the city of Grand Rapids. DeVos has a stake in the Gerald R. Ford Airport simply because he put in the work to fundamentally change the airport to where it was able to run non-stop flights. These are all things this political power couple has done, and all of these activities demonstrate just how much Dick and his wife have changed their world for the better.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Remove The Invisible Barrier In the Classroom With ClassDojo

In two-thirds of schools in the United States and in 90% school districts, there is a communication platform that is used where parents can see student school work through teachers uploading via photo called ClassDojo. Worldwide, there are millions of people who as downloaded this app already, which is available right in your Google Play, or Apple Store. The positive impact this edtech platform has had on the masses is amazing, actually transforming the teaching experience. Imagine if you’re in the classroom and there is a way to remove that invisible barrier between the classroom and the home, and teachers can keep the parents involved able for them to check how their progress is coming along.

That is exactly what ClassDojo does, connecting everyone involved in the education process, creating community empowerment and innovative ways to succeed. This company was able to raise $21 million in 2015, proving when it comes to the education and technology world, ClassDojo is a must have in the classroom. Their whole mission to bring collaboration and support like no one else out there is obvious to their success. Countless testimonials has surfaced how parents are full of gratitude using this app, claiming they always wanted more communication and to be more involved on a daily basis on how their child is doing.

Many people who have personal experience with app has taken social media by storm, posting their positive reviews regarding ClassDojo, and this edtech platform has not even spent any money on marketing. Parents don’t have to just rely on parent-teacher conferences anymore, that happens only once a quarter to check on the status of their child. Rather your child is behaving in a productive way, or they need that extra push to stay focused on learning, this is a great platform to have for behavioral reasons as well, able to add or subtract points from the student using ClassDojo.

How Does One Come By $18 Billion?

Beating Every Market In Town

Some dreams are too outstanding to believe.

We’re there also if you’ve found the recent donation by George Soros of $18 billion to be an impressive feat. The money is an issue of dreams hard to believe in.

Believing in the extreme is caustic sometimes. In other moments, it’s absolutely necessary. Look at how George Soros made one dream a reality, and then look at the reality. The life of Mr. Soros seems to be a fantasy. It’s a challenge to truly see the same outcome for ourselves.

That inhibition in belief comes with the nature of dreaming.

So what if you could also beat every financial market in town?

The financial outcome is more than what we can put into words. Being as wealthy as the richest on this planet can only be understood by the richest. George became a part of the “rich and famous” the day he decided that poverty wasn’t enough.

There’s No Green Like Money Green

“The grass is always greener.”

One popular saying brings a financial point to brevity.

Mr. Soros was only 13-years-old when he truly understood the power behind money. His life was nowhere close to stability, but it was close enough to the ambition necessary. The young George, at that time, saw that he had to pursue a source of real wealth.

This led George Soros to consider the financial markets. Though living with the challenges of being a refugee, he found it in himself to finish his college degree with honors. The London School Of Economics is known today for educating the financial lives of men like Mr. Soros.

It’s true, we use the context differently, but George actually found the life much “greener” on the other side.

None Of This Grows On Trees

The success of others can be misleading.

We often see the rich living extravagant lives, and that leads us to take success lightly. Experts have been following George Soros closely and have discover the key. He made himself a billionaire, but it never came easy. The only easy part was in enjoying the fruits of his labor.

So imagine if every dollar you own was a representation of your personal effort in pursuing success. The amount of money, in this case, would dictate how hard you tried. Now, let’s imagine how a billion dollars could leverage the effort of one human being. and Follow him Twitter.com

We try to better understand the success of Mr. Soros.

We do it by seeing his real net worth.