Clay Siegall, pioneering in the world of cancer research

There are many scientists and health experts who have marked many milestones in that sector leading to massive developments which lead to a better health care system and topping that list is Dr Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics. In a recent interview, Dr. Siegall lets it’s all bare and allows the world to know a little more about his life. For instance, Clay Siegall’s motivation to venture into the healthcare and research sector came from his curiosity and interest in medicine which he began even while he was still young. It got stronger after one of his loved ones got cancer and the treatment they were put on made things worse for them instead of making them better. That is when he saw a gap and decided to fill it by looking for better means to treat the ailment. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics, in general, make money through various channels the main one being through the sale of their FDA approved drugs such as the ADCetrics which is their market leader currently. The other channels include revenue from their partnerships, and also through some of the developments which they make in the sector. It took Seattle Genetics a decade before it could finally enjoy its profits and Siegall almost gave up during his startup years due to lack of operating capital. Thanks to his hardworking nature he did not. Seattle Genetics gets its customers through its highly skilled salespeople, and also its unique products attract clients even without much marketing. There is no secret weapon or connections to his success. Instead, his passion, commitment and great focus on everything he indulges in are what keeps soaring high with each dawn. About Clay Siegall Clay Siegall is better known as the chief executive officer and also president of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company which he established in 1998. However, besides Seattle Genetics he also occupies senior positions in other preeminent bio companies such as being a board member of Ultragenyx and Alder which are both biopharmaceutical firms. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and also the George Washington Universities, and from these facilities, he earned his B.S in zoology and a genetics PhD respectively. Siegall is a man who is passionate about getting the best treatment and cure for cancer and has always been at the frontline of cancer research for more than two years. Through his position and also knowledge he has led to the development of ADcetric which is the first cancer antibody conjugate drug in the market, and it is also approved. Before venturing on his own, Dr Siegall worked at Bristol Myers Squibb pharmaceutical for six years thus enabling him to sharpen his skills.