Dr. Mark McKenna Achievements in the Medical Field

S. Check McKenna, MBA, MD, is a certified Medical Doctor authorized in Medicine and Surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board for Medical Examiners. Mark McKenna is an enthusiastic patient backer and a devoted group worker. Dr. McKenna, initially from New Orleans, Los Angeles , is an alumna of Tulane University School of medicine.

Immediately after he finished his graduate degree from the University of Wyoming, he enrolled for another medical degree from University of Washington located in Seattle. After that, Dr. McKenna practiced his residency in orthopedic operations at the Geisinger Medical Center located in, Pennsylvania, and Danville. He at that point finished his instruction and training with elbow and shoulder association from the University of Washington.

After finishing his restorative training in the medical field, he started to hone pharmaceutical with his dad while all the while propelling McKenna Venture Company, a boutique land advancement firm. Throughout the years McKenna moved ahead to procure/dispatch Universal Mortgage Lending company. This arrangement of organizations would develop to more than 50 workers being hired directly or indirectly. He has been attached to several hospitals where he has practiced his profession.

Many patients have come forward with testimonies of how McKenna has helped them to heal and recover from serious illnesses. McKenna has practiced medicine for a period of between ten to twenty years. he has done several successful surgery operation with most patients recovering immediately. Hurricane Katrina on August 29th, 2005 wrecked the city and neighboring areas of New Orleans and the greater part of McKenna’s business advantages.

In consequence of the tempest, he effectively took an interest in the modifying of New Orleans by the redevelopment of affordable-direct pay lodging Notwithstanding his training duties, Dr. McKenna fills in a group doctor for the University of Wyoming games. In his spare time, he remains dynamic through football, b-ball, golf, angling, climbing, and wine gathering. Mr. McKenna is husband to Gianine McKenna; both are the glad parents of little girl Milana Elle and another four-year-old Pomeranian. Mr. McKenna is presently an individual from Entrepreneurs Organization and also engages in other fun activities.

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Eric Paul Lefkofsky’s Cancer Data Startup Tempus Among Chicago’s Top Ten

Eric Lefkofsky is an influential entrepreneur based in Chicago. For more than 20 years of serial entrepreneurship experience, Eric Lefkofsky has founded over five startup companies into the multi-million corporations that have assimilated better solutions in business through his company. Because Eric Lefkofsky is committed to the highest levels of excellence, no one can achieve the best association with his assimilated experiences. Perhaps this is the reason why he is working towards adopting better business reviews in the industry. Few people can compare their levels of excellence with Eric Paul Lefkofsky in the business world.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Groupon Company based in Chicago. Groupon Company is a high-end firm that is committed to the highest forms of integrity when it comes to saving people’s money in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why he is looking forward to developing a wide range of assisted entities that can achieve the most sophisticated business capability in the business world. Groupon Company helps people save money from finding the cheapest way of eating meals at restaurants and seeking cheaper flights. For over 20years of excellence and experience in the business world, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has assisted his clients to save money on these important occasions in their lives. However, his direction of assimilation is taking a different direction. These past few years of Eric Paul Lefkofsky’s life is committed towards better business integrity that cannot be compared to the industry. This is the reason why he is considered as one of the best serial entrepreneurs in the world.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Tempus Company that is committed to the highest levels of business solutions in the industry. While he works towards solving the problems the people facing in the business world, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has decided to develop Tempus Company to achieve a life-saving capability in the industry. Few people have achieved the level of solution Eric Paul Lefkofsky has achieved in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why he is regarded one of the few people with the biggest heart in the country.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Start-Up Secures $70 Million Boost

Tempus, a Chicago-based technology company that has built an operating system to battle cancer, made public it closed a $70 million round of venture funding.

Investors Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) co-led the funding which is part of a total of $130 million raised by co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. According to a Forbes story source, the most recent fundraising puts the valuation of Tempus at just about $700 million.

Founded in 2015, Tempus collects and analyzes large amounts of data allowing doctors to cultivate an improved care plan and remedy for their patients.

NEA Managing General Partner Peter Barris commented in a statement the company is excited about the investment and the ability to assist doctors customize care through the work done by Tempus.

Revolution Growth has funded companies such as salad chain Sweetgreen, Insikt, Zipcar and others while NEA has funded companies that include Robinhood, The Learning Company, 23andMe, among others.

Both Lefkofsky and Keywell have individually provided capital for all the company’s fundraising stages. What’s more, both Lefkofsky and Keywell have worked together on several companies such as their own venture capital fund Lightbank, Mediaocean and Echo Global Logistics.

According to Lefkofsky, in the past datasets were small and undisciplined but by making the most of technology, it is now possible to gather together substantial sums of molecular and clinical data and utilize that information to do good for patients.

Some of Tempus’ collaborations include the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, the University of Chicago Medicine as well as community hospitals nationwide.

Lefkofsky, who has donated millions of dollars toward cancer research through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which he operates with his wife, made contributions to Stanford University to support immunotherapy, to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University and more.

Lefkofsky, who is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and author of Accelerated Disruption, operates as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.