Barbara Stokes — FEMA Following Irma

Barbara Stokes is an American entrepreneur. She is creating a company that will assist with hurricane relief efforts. The devastation that has been brought about because of the worst hurricane season in modern times will not soon be forgotten. The name of the company is Green Structure Homes. They have allied with FEMA and developed their own unique system of safety protocols to protect the occupants of homes. The 2017 season of hurricanes had a massive impact on the lives of Americans everywhere. It was a year wrought with devastation. The Yellowhammer State was hit particularly hard. Both hurricanes Nate and Irma were relentless in their devastation, they did not let up and the destruction was felt. In Alabama, homes were damaged and people were placed at risk, but they were lucky enough to outlast the full strength of the storm. The worst effects were avoided. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

More than 200,000 people fled the state of Florida to seek out refuge in the state of Alabama. This shelter came in handy. Many communities in Texas and Puerto Rico suffered major damages and faced extensive losses due to the storms. The communities came together and assisted one another in their greatest time of need. People donated supplies, raised money, and gave to shelters.

In the months following the great storms, Alabama has granted a company some beneficial contracts with FEMA. The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded Barbara Stokes and GSH a contract $28 million and they began building hurricane resistant homes in October. Construction of the updated homes is slated to be complete by March 2018. Barbara Stokes is a veteran of receiving federal grants and she has promised to use the money to its full value. She will construct quality homes for hurricane survivors and create a better life for those families in need. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Immediately after signing the FEMA contract, GSH made an announcement that they would be hiring additional workers. The added manpower would expedite the building process and boost the economy. The employees would be constructing homes throughout the Southern states of America. The great thing about the hurricane relief presented by GSH is the awesome ability to quickly produce assistance and aid to those that need it. GSH is doing a great job at placing the victims of past hurricanes into better homes. Barbara Stokes is providing a vital service for the United States and the next time a disaster strikes we will be ready.