Analyzes the Miami Beach Bowl

Central Michigan pulled out a surprise win over Oklahoma State so there is a lot of buzz about the team’s chances in the upcoming Miami Beach Bowl. The current NCAAF odds, however, list Central Michigan as a definitive underdog. The always top-notch shows the team is facing Tulsa with Tulsa at -12.5. is a great resource for news and information about college football odds and more. Detailed articles and video features go into great depth on the subject of odds and gambling. The analysis about the Central Michigan vs. Oklahoma State bowl game features some of’s finest work. Learn more here:

An interesting part of the analysis here is the reference to Tulsa as a “high scoring team”. Even though Tulsa might be known for scoring very high, the over-and-under is low by college football standards. 69.5 is not high at all, for that matter, for college basketball. With the -12.5 line, this would assume either Tulsa could score a lot over Central Michigan, but neither team is going to score high. Coming up with college football odds is not easy. A lot of serious thought and reflection has to be performed by the oddsmakers. They have to watch a lot of college football with a careful eye and research must be done on the teams in question.

Central Michigan’s recent history is not all that impressive though. The team had a host of losses before coming up with an unexpected victory. Central Michigan clearly wants to build on all that momentum and walk away a bowl winner. The desire to win could be very strong. Not strong enough though as the oddsmakers has not made the team a preferred favorite in the point spread line.

Tulsa is an inspired team for a host of reasons. The team only suffered three loses and finished second in its conference. The team played strong all throughout the season. Big favorites with college football odds usually do perform well and Tulsa is no exception.

Tulsa debuted at -11.5 and was always the favorite in this particular bowl matchup. The movement of public money and sentiment did lead to the minor change to -12.5. The change was not radical or dramatic. Consider the added point to be a prudent changing of the point spread.

The Miami Beach Bowl is not shaping up to be a game with an unexpected outcome. Still, the game could be a thrilling one for sports wagering fans.

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