Fundamentals Concerning Larkin and Lacey’s Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are media giants known for co-founding Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. A while back they were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio after they exposed his roguish deeds. Joe Arpaio is known to think of himself as the greatest Sheriff to ever live, which ends up making him proud.

One of the reasons they arrested the duo from their respective residences was their disclosing Arpaio’s dwelling. After that arrest, large groups of people went to the streets to demand the duo’s justice. Upon doing investigations, it came out clearly that the prosecutor had sidestepped some crucial steps while handling Lacey and Larkin’s case, making the two end up in prison erroneously.

The incident was not impressive for the duo, and they had to be compensated for the unnecessary disturbance. The Maricopa County Sheriff had no right whatsoever to hold Mike and Lacey hostage for unearthing his abuses of power and criticism. As a result, Michael and Jim were compensated with $3.7 million.

Considering the great purpose for which the duo lives, they dedicated the settlement fee to helping deserving groups. Apart from being journalists, Michael and Jim are more of activists. They focus their energy on defending immigrants and the less fortunate persons in the Hispanic society.

A Duo Immensely Dedicated to Doing Good

Larkin shares his experience having grown in a family that appreciates the less fortunate in the community. As he recalls, Larkin says he could never imagine of a needier group than the immigrants who have had to brave the desert challenges as they make their way to Arizona. As it is, their primary objective of moving to Arizona is to seek economic opportunities and fend for their loved ones.

Larkin imagines how inhumane it would be to disregard such people as insignificant. In 2014, the principals from contending political parties tended to imitate Arpaio’s acts where they abused most civil rights in Arizona. At this point, Jim and Michael started dispensing Frontera Fund pennies to nonprofit groups campaigning for Hispanic civil rights.

Understanding About American Immigration Council

American Immigration Council is an organization working in favor of migrants in the United States. They are doing a lot in shaping the Americans’ perceptions about the migrants. In essence, the organization majors their initiatives on enlightening the Americans’ on significant developments steered by immigrants.

The migrants have also been among those imparting America’s growth to a substantial level. They run legal and policy-based programs that help them negotiate for justice for immigrants. At the same time, they emphasize on honoring constitutional mandates covering migrants and protecting human rights.

Challenges Migrants Go Through When Signing Up for Special Martial Program

Sadly, migrants have to undergo scrutiny under America’s administration. Even though the procedures are necessary, extreme vetting is unnecessary especially when it does not entail a path to legalization. For instance, such radical procedures are not necessary when dealing with the case of a young immigrant if they are covered by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA. Lacey and Larkin are people who understand that such migrants go a long way in protecting America’s freedom, hence the need to accommodate them.