NewsWatch TV: The Saygus Review

They say that competition is best for business and the saying is most definitely applied when it comes to the topic of smartphones with Apple and Samsung being the most popular at the front of this battle. However, many people can feel constricted with a such a two-party system and would rather have another choice. That’s where Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, will come in with their smartphone the Saygus V Squared. Despite not being on the market yet, the early reviews of the phone has already garnered it some awards such as the “International Innovation Award” from CEA, “Top Disruptive Innovation” by Forbes, and “Best of CES” by GizMag.

These feats could not have been accomplished without the assistance of NewsWatch Tv, who specializes in promoting the newest tech that could dominate the market. With this in mind, Saygus reached out to NewsWatch to help with promoting their IndieGogo campaign to make their phones. That would prove to be their best business decision because their campaign ended up racking up over $1.3 Million, greatly exceeding their initial goal of $300,000. In an interview, Tim Rush–who works for Saygus’ PR department–explained how working with consumers brands was an important part of a business and commended NewsWatch TV for the video they released promoting the V Squared. Their experience with the brand has resulted in them recommending it to anyone looking to promote their products.

NewsWatch TV began back in 1990 with their primary focus being on topics that surrounded financial issues. Jump today where that is no longer the case and NewsWatch has become a staple brand itself in the Age of Technology. If you’re a tech geek that’s always looking for the next big thing or want to debut the next best thing, then NewsWatch is the for you.


Lori Senecal, a woman who has changed the face of Business

Listed among the most creative people in business 2017, Lori Senecal has changed the face of the company. This is not just because she is a woman but also because she has helped boost revenue by 21%. She greatly believes in risk-taking. At a young age, she is a role model to women who want to venture into the business world. She is based in New York City in the USA. She has excellent skills in advertising and marketing

Lori Senecal is a Global CEO of CP+B. At CP+B, she deals with global growth, manages the coordination of the firm’s nine offices internationally. Here, she has made a name for CP + B Company. The company has been named as “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for 2017. She has played a role in the company’s business and culture.

She has also been listed among the Agency Executives to watch in 2016 by Advertising Age. These are not all the lists that her name has managed to be included in. She was twice listed on AdWeek’s Power 100 list. This listing is for the leaders in marketing, technology, and media. Check out to see more.

Before, she served as the Chief Executive Officer of MDC Partner Network at MDC Partners Inc. She has also served as the President and Partner of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal+ Partners LLC. She was a Global Executive Chairman of KBS. At KBS, she made KBS be listed as the Best Places to Work in NYC by Crain. During her leadership, KBS grew to have many employees worldwide. Check out to know more.

According to PRNews Wire, she has also worked at flagship New York office of McCann Erickson where Lori was the president. She was also Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup.

Lori Senecal attributes her business achievements to have started early in life. In a previous interview, she states that she started the business when she was in high school inspired by coaching in school. She did not just want to participate in school sport. Instead, she opted to coach. She gives credit of her success to her parents and mentors who have played a significant role in her life.

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José Henrique Borghi: Choosing the Right Advertising Service

José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe, has been rendering top rated advertising solutions to corporations, entrepreneurs and organizations for years and comes highly recommended in the industry.

When you are planning to market or advertise your business or products, whether online or offline, you need to do your research properly. It is advisable to seek professional assistance in order to ensure the best possible outcome and learn more about Borghi.

First, check the reputation of the ad agency you have in mind. Find out about the professionals at the ad agency. It is imperative to choose a team of professionals who has the right skills and resources to get you what you need for success and his Facebook.

A reputable professional like José Henrique Borghi will take the time to determine the best approach to meeting your company’s goals. José Henrique Borghi makes it a top priority to evaluate his clients’ business and advertising goals before recommending the most effective strategy to advertise their business or products.

Internet marketing presents a great opportunity for both small and large companies in today’s business world. If you are not online already and would like to get started fast, you should get in touch with José Henrique Borghi for proper guidance.

José Henrique Borghi can help you start working on establishing a strong presence on the Internet. If your company is searchable, then your potential customers can find you. José Henrique Borghi can help you choose the right advertising platform for your offers and more information click here.

José Henrique Borghi is truly passionate about helping businesses and organizations reach their target audience and offer their products or services. And he works closely with them to ensure that they are completely satisfied with his services.

Contact José Henrique Borghi and his team at Mullen Lowe and they will help your business get noticed and become successful.

Jose Henrique Borghi: Succeeding in the Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi began his career in 1989 when he joined Ogilvy. Over the course of his career, Jose Henrique Borghi managed to work with other companies like the DM9/DDB, and he served as the Vice President at Leo Burnett.

From a young age, Jose was in love with advertising and his love led him to launch the BorghiErh Creative Intelligence in 2002. His company managed to gain tremendous success which caught the attention of the Lowe Agency.

BorghiErh and Lowe Agency were involved in many business discussions, and they later agreed to merge and form the BorghiErh/Lowe Agency. Jose and Ray are the principals managing the new company. BorghiErh/ Lowe gained great success in business and was ranked 3rd in the top agency competitions in Brazil.

To embrace the success of the Company the name was changed to MullenLowe Brazil. The management of the Company also changed, and Andres Gomes was appointed the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company’s operations. Andres was previously serving as the Vice President of the Company’s operations in Rio de Janeiro. Jose Borghi continues to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the MullenLowe Company.

The Company closed down its offices in Brasil and will focus their efforts on growing their offices in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Jose Borghi has worked business advertising with other companies like American Express, Asia Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Parmalat. Jose has received various awards including the New York Festival, the Lion Cannes, Archive Editor, One Show, and Clios Awards. Jose has won the Advertiser of the Year at the 26th Edition of Sao Paulo Columnists Awards. He was also chosen as the Creation Professional at the Profession Contribution awards in 2009.

In 2017, Jose developed an offline advertising campaign for Fini, which is part of the Spanish Group Sanchez Cano.

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