The Incredible Securus Technologies

In so many ways, Securus Technologies is helping the public. They are the leader in the public safety industry, and they deal with all sectors of the justice system. They provide technologies that their clients can use on a regular basis. It gives them much pride to offer them new ones every week.


Their clients consist mainly of correction facilities that are based all over the US. One of their most notable clients is the US government. When they work with the government, they deal with over a million prisoners in the span of one year. They use videos, interviews and more to control the environment for everyone’s safety.


This company’s clients have written to them to let them know how the technologies are helping in their facilities. The comments are true, and Securus Technologies published them for the public to see.


Since the company wanted to the public to know more about them, they opened their company’s doors in TX to them. They receive a tour, and a question and answer segment that provided the people that attended with a lot of information about public safety and how the company is creating new ways to make it more efficient.


Securus Technologies is so proud to be considered the leader in such an important field. They are constantly improving. Since they are sought after by even more clients on a continual basis,, they will continue to keep up their lead in the field. Their staff is dedicated and empowered to do the most difficult jobs that come their way. The future looks fantastic for this company.

Positioning the ACLU of Arizona for Greater Success through the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has always been a vibrant civil right group with a number of outstanding success stories. It is thus expected that with the recent support from Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, the organization will surpass its former successes.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came out of the fallout of a legal battle with Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It all started when Lacey and Larkin were illegally taken from their homes and jailed for revealing grand jury proceedings to cover the atrocities of the Sheriff.

Being journalists and human right activities who will never allow anyone to trample on their First Amendment rights, they sued the County. The United States Court of Appeals gave victory to these activists and compel the County to meet the $3.75 million demanded by Lacey and Larkin for damages.

The money has since been converted to a fund for providing financial support to groups that advocate human, civil and migrant rights across Arizona and its environs including the Mexican border (la Linea fronteriza). The fund also lends support to civic participation and freedom of speech in the areas mentioned.

As the ACLU of Arizona jeers up for greater exploits in defending and championing the rights of citizens with some more funds from the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, it is apt to look at some of the good works of the group before now.

Since ACLU came into existence 1959, it has not failed challenging unconstitutional Arizona laws aimed at depriving minorities. In 1960, it was in court fighting a state law to ban multi-racial marriages. Final judgment went in favor of the ACLU. The organization defense of laborer Ernesto Miranda was also a success. Mr. Miranda was convicted of rape without evidence other than police confession.

In 2007, it took the intervention of the ACLU to successfully litigate an historic federal class lawsuit, Melendres v. Arpaio. A conservative federal judge had to pass a rule in 2013 eliminating rampant unconstitutional policing after Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies were found guilty of engaging in racial profiling of innocent Latinos in traffic stops. Read more:

Also, the ACLU once proved its support for free speech by successfully defending day laborers when they were almost striped of their right to free speech. The organization helped won a federal case that eliminated state laws denying bail to immigrants. ACLU was among the legal team that successfully challenged Arizona’s infamous phrase: “Papers Please”.

Recent activities of the ACLU show that the organization has not gone to sleep. It is currently challenging Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor, for ordering the forfeiture of driver’s licenses to young immigrants even when these immigrants have federal permission to remain in the United State on account of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Another issue currently generating concern is the Arizona law that classified working with fake documents among other cases of deportable felony. The ACLU, as usual, has formed a legal team with other activists to fight this ugly development.

Obviously, the ACLU has an enviable record of defending the rights of people. It is hoped that other human right groups will toe the path of ACLU as well as that of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Both men displayed uncommon magnanimity in releasing much needed fund to civil liberty groups including the ACLU of Arizona.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Scott Rocklage, Medicinal Guru

In the world of biochemistry and pharmaceuticals Scott Rocklage can be seen as a teacher. His 30 years of healthcare management experience and extensive education from MIT and University of California, Berkeley, have armed him with the right tools to go on and found a successful biochemistry company and serve on several other pharmaceutical boards.

Dr. Rocklage attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused on bio chemistry under Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock. This experience would be the foundation of his future endeavors.

“MIT gave me the foundation for my professional life and career and with gratitude toward the Chemistry Department my wife and I offer this gift,” he says in an interview with MIT as he makes a large donation to refurbish one of the lab rooms he worked in. He would later take his degree and passion to lead 5AM Ventures. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

5AM Ventures is a venture capital firm with a focus on life science. To keep his business successful he uses a few, strong guidelines. He believes staying organized keeps a business owner moving forward instead of getting stuck in the present.

Keeping focus is also important to him. In an interview with, he says “Staying true to what our business knows how to do well and not straying too far from our strengths.” He goes on to say that in today’s world it is easy to get caught up in other potential paths but focusing on your strengths is what enables true success.

When founding his companies, Dr. Rocklage learned early on about management and hiring people for the job. In answer to what was one of his biggest failures of his career he gives advice to hiring people, “If you’ve hired the wrong person, move on relatively quickly and don’t think that performance reviews and goals will change the fundamental nature of a person’s performance characteristics.” Wise words from a successful entrepreneur. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

Looking toward the future he plans to keep researching more drugs to treat the existing or yet untreated conditions of today, as well as expand his company and teach others how to do the same.

The Preventative Healthcare And Wellness Programs Of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a preventative healthcare and wellness service provider, which provides community-based preventative health screenings across the country. Life Line Screenings designed to detect risks for health conditions and diseases such as stroke, abdominal aortic and aneurysm diseases that often don’t display visible symptoms. In fact, some diseases can be prevented by identifying their risks through these Life Line screenings.

Screening and additional wellness

Besides the Life Line screenings such as ultrasound, Limited electrocardiograph and Finger stick blood screenings the company also offers other resources like the Life Line Screening Health E-Newsletter that will help you as an individual to focus on wellness. Life Line screening has programs designed for helping people from all walks of life in making the right choices in order to avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases by leading healthy lifestyles.

The preventative healthcare screenings are painless, non-invasive and safe. For example, the ultrasound screening can be conducted on expectant mothers to monitor detect pregnancy because it’s painless, while the Limited electrocardiograph doesn’t require patients to remove their clothes before and during the screening procedure. For more info about us: click here.

The screenings are conducted by highly trained medical personnel, who use FDA approved equipment that are also used in most hospitals, insurance service providers and pharmaceutical companies. The results are analyzed by board-certified doctors who have the qualifications to read the lab-accurate results. The results from the screenings will provide a marker for you and your doctor to detect certain disease causing risk factors and eliminate them before they start manifesting. The doctor can recommend a lifestyle change or simply prescribe medications that can help prevent the disease. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

About Life Line screening

The preventative and wellness company based in Austin, TX was founded by Colin Scully and Timothy Philips in 1993. Since then, it has spread its tentacles throughout the United States of America and launched its operations in the United Kingdom in 2007. The company has conducted over 8 million healthcare screenings since 1993 and has a capacity to conduct up to 1 million screenings per year.

José Henrique Borghi: Choosing the Right Advertising Service

José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe, has been rendering top rated advertising solutions to corporations, entrepreneurs and organizations for years and comes highly recommended in the industry.

When you are planning to market or advertise your business or products, whether online or offline, you need to do your research properly. It is advisable to seek professional assistance in order to ensure the best possible outcome and learn more about Borghi.

First, check the reputation of the ad agency you have in mind. Find out about the professionals at the ad agency. It is imperative to choose a team of professionals who has the right skills and resources to get you what you need for success and his Facebook.

A reputable professional like José Henrique Borghi will take the time to determine the best approach to meeting your company’s goals. José Henrique Borghi makes it a top priority to evaluate his clients’ business and advertising goals before recommending the most effective strategy to advertise their business or products.

Internet marketing presents a great opportunity for both small and large companies in today’s business world. If you are not online already and would like to get started fast, you should get in touch with José Henrique Borghi for proper guidance.

José Henrique Borghi can help you start working on establishing a strong presence on the Internet. If your company is searchable, then your potential customers can find you. José Henrique Borghi can help you choose the right advertising platform for your offers and more information click here.

José Henrique Borghi is truly passionate about helping businesses and organizations reach their target audience and offer their products or services. And he works closely with them to ensure that they are completely satisfied with his services.

Contact José Henrique Borghi and his team at Mullen Lowe and they will help your business get noticed and become successful.

Jason Hope: The Entrepreneur Fueling Technology Oriented Business Ideas

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and businessman who has a firm grasp of the field of communication technologies. He has used his passion and skill for technology and has turned that into something that is extremely profitable. He has been working at his career for an extremely long time and has now made it to the list of top technology oriented entrepreneurs. Jason Hope has always been futuristic, in a sense that he likes to look at things from the perspective of what they can evolve into, rather than what they are at this given moment. With the ever developing field of technology, it is a quality that has put him far ahead of his competition, more than anyone else.

Jason Hope has always been someone who advocated the IoT, also known as the Internet of Things. He has always viewed this principle to be one of the guiding factors that will take effect into the technological innovations in the future. The Internet of Things is a concept that draws a link between almost every kind of technical device, which can lead to an extensive network of connections. The concept divulges into the fact that everything in the world will be connected at some point in time, and people like Jason Hope are looking for innovative ways to capitalize on this concept since it is an inevitable part of our future. For more learn about us: click here.

Jason Hope also uses his skill and knowledge about the field of technology to invest into and help other businesses that are trying to make it bit into the sector. Jason Hope invested in some projects, which show great promise at improving the technological sector. He knows the effort it takes to get a technology oriented business off the ground, and thus tries his best to offer his guidance and support to people who are just entering the field with new and fresh business ideas.

Fundamentals Concerning Larkin and Lacey’s Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are media giants known for co-founding Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. A while back they were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio after they exposed his roguish deeds. Joe Arpaio is known to think of himself as the greatest Sheriff to ever live, which ends up making him proud.

One of the reasons they arrested the duo from their respective residences was their disclosing Arpaio’s dwelling. After that arrest, large groups of people went to the streets to demand the duo’s justice. Upon doing investigations, it came out clearly that the prosecutor had sidestepped some crucial steps while handling Lacey and Larkin’s case, making the two end up in prison erroneously.

The incident was not impressive for the duo, and they had to be compensated for the unnecessary disturbance. The Maricopa County Sheriff had no right whatsoever to hold Mike and Lacey hostage for unearthing his abuses of power and criticism. As a result, Michael and Jim were compensated with $3.7 million.

Considering the great purpose for which the duo lives, they dedicated the settlement fee to helping deserving groups. Apart from being journalists, Michael and Jim are more of activists. They focus their energy on defending immigrants and the less fortunate persons in the Hispanic society.

A Duo Immensely Dedicated to Doing Good

Larkin shares his experience having grown in a family that appreciates the less fortunate in the community. As he recalls, Larkin says he could never imagine of a needier group than the immigrants who have had to brave the desert challenges as they make their way to Arizona. As it is, their primary objective of moving to Arizona is to seek economic opportunities and fend for their loved ones.

Larkin imagines how inhumane it would be to disregard such people as insignificant. In 2014, the principals from contending political parties tended to imitate Arpaio’s acts where they abused most civil rights in Arizona. At this point, Jim and Michael started dispensing Frontera Fund pennies to nonprofit groups campaigning for Hispanic civil rights.

Understanding About American Immigration Council

American Immigration Council is an organization working in favor of migrants in the United States. They are doing a lot in shaping the Americans’ perceptions about the migrants. In essence, the organization majors their initiatives on enlightening the Americans’ on significant developments steered by immigrants.

The migrants have also been among those imparting America’s growth to a substantial level. They run legal and policy-based programs that help them negotiate for justice for immigrants. At the same time, they emphasize on honoring constitutional mandates covering migrants and protecting human rights.

Challenges Migrants Go Through When Signing Up for Special Martial Program

Sadly, migrants have to undergo scrutiny under America’s administration. Even though the procedures are necessary, extreme vetting is unnecessary especially when it does not entail a path to legalization. For instance, such radical procedures are not necessary when dealing with the case of a young immigrant if they are covered by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA. Lacey and Larkin are people who understand that such migrants go a long way in protecting America’s freedom, hence the need to accommodate them.

Eva Moskowitz Creates Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz has recently been the topic of media speculation because of her support of the nomination of the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos.

Moskowitz has gained political attention over the last seven or eight years for her role in the development of one of the largest and most successful charter school systems in the United States, Success Academy. Because Eva Moskowitz has, for years, been an active and vocal member of the democratic political party, it came as a surprise when the CEO of a system of New York City charter schools voiced her support of Betsy Devos’ nomination to the highest educational platform in the land. Many media pundits have questioned the motives behind Moskowitz’s support of the Trump administration and of Betsy Devos’ nomination to Trump’s cabinet. During a discussion regarding politics and education, Eva Moskowitz mentioned several factors that led to her ultimate support of the new administration.

Eva Moskowitz has always supported efforts to expand charter schools and implement new measures to get quality educational facilities into low-income neighborhoods. Her establishment of Success Academy was a successful attempt to combat failing New York City public school systems by introducing new strategies in a charter school environment.

Bob Reina: He Sees Greatness All Around Him

One of the things that a lot of people struggle with is how they see themselves and how they view themselves. For whatever reason, they lack confidence or maybe at one point they had it and they lost it. Once it is lost, it can be hard to gain it back once again. That is where someone like Bob Reina comes in as he believes in people even when they don’t believe in themselves, which is a powerful thing. It lets them know they can do whatever is in their heart and Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are going to see them through until the very end. They will never give up on them, even if others have in the past. Learn more:


Bob Reina sees the value in every human life and every human being, no matter their background or where they come from in terms of their job history. He looks at people. He knows that is where it is truly at: people. People are what make things go and run smoothly. That is why Bob Reina is always going to throw his arms around people. He knows that the video newsletters and video conferences are great, but it starts and ends with the people behind it. They are the ones making it run as well as it does.


Bob Reina is one of those people that know how to make others feel special and he does it in a way that is authentic, organic, and as real as can be, as there is not a phony bone in his body. He only knows how to look people in the eye and give it to them straight in a manner in which is but polite but also needed for their own personal growth. He is very polite about it, though, and he knows how to get through to people in a way that is not scary or an abuse of power. Bob Reina is not the type of person to abuse his power as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. Learn more:


As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. He uses all of that good to help out everyone he can. Learn more:


Jose Henrique Borghi: Succeeding in the Advertising Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi began his career in 1989 when he joined Ogilvy. Over the course of his career, Jose Henrique Borghi managed to work with other companies like the DM9/DDB, and he served as the Vice President at Leo Burnett.

From a young age, Jose was in love with advertising and his love led him to launch the BorghiErh Creative Intelligence in 2002. His company managed to gain tremendous success which caught the attention of the Lowe Agency.

BorghiErh and Lowe Agency were involved in many business discussions, and they later agreed to merge and form the BorghiErh/Lowe Agency. Jose and Ray are the principals managing the new company. BorghiErh/ Lowe gained great success in business and was ranked 3rd in the top agency competitions in Brazil.

To embrace the success of the Company the name was changed to MullenLowe Brazil. The management of the Company also changed, and Andres Gomes was appointed the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company’s operations. Andres was previously serving as the Vice President of the Company’s operations in Rio de Janeiro. Jose Borghi continues to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the MullenLowe Company.

The Company closed down its offices in Brasil and will focus their efforts on growing their offices in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Jose Borghi has worked business advertising with other companies like American Express, Asia Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Parmalat. Jose has received various awards including the New York Festival, the Lion Cannes, Archive Editor, One Show, and Clios Awards. Jose has won the Advertiser of the Year at the 26th Edition of Sao Paulo Columnists Awards. He was also chosen as the Creation Professional at the Profession Contribution awards in 2009.

In 2017, Jose developed an offline advertising campaign for Fini, which is part of the Spanish Group Sanchez Cano.

for more info: