5 Ways To Rebuild Your Online Reputation

If you are having trouble with your online reputation this article is for you. Don Sorenson, an online reputation management expert, recently shared several different strategies entrepreneurs can use to repair their online reputation. Here are 5 that really stood out.

#1 – Be Proactive

It is your responsibility to take control of your online reputation. Most companies wait until they smell trouble before hiring an internet reputation repair company. This is the wrong approach.

You should consult with reputation management consultants right out the gate. This way you will already have a strategy in place should you need to fix bad online reputation.

#2 – Set Up Social Media Profiles

Your number one objective is to dominate the search results. One of the best ways to do that is through active social media profiles.

#3 – Optimize The Content On Your Website

When done right, search engine optimized content can almost guarantee you a spot on the first page of Google. Always remember Google is all about user experience.

Don’t create useless content just for the sake of reaching a certain word count. Everything you right should provide massive value.

As you write the content add in relevant keywords that pertain to your product or service. This is how Google will know what your website is about.

#4 – Publish Press Releases Online

A good press release posted on the right site can get you ranked on page one of Google. The key is to make sure you write about something newsworthy.

If you have a new product coming out or your company just received an award, writing a press release is a great way to let more people know about it.

#5 – Fix Bad Reviews

In the online world reviews are everything. One bad review can go viral and ruin your reputation in a matter of minutes.

Controlling your reviews is as simple as having a reviews tab on your website. This way you can control what’s being seen.

Let The Search Fixers Do The Hard Work

Trying to implement all of these strategies is not easy. Thats why it is recommend you hire a team of online reputation repair services experts to do the hard work for you.

The Search Fixers reputation management service is a team of US based SEO experts that can help you rebuild your reputation fast. To learn more visit them online at www.TheSearchFixers.com.

Autism Rock Festival, to Raise Autism Awareness and Research Funds

This year on April 1st, the city of Dubai hosted an Autism Awareness Festival. In Dubai, April is an autism awareness month. The event was graced by rappers Tyga and Flo Rida both from the United States of America. The Autism Rock festival is meant to raise funds for research and autism awareness.
Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha, a couple based in Dubai founded the Autism Rocks festival. The couple has an autistic child; Nikhil. The family wanted to support research on autism condition. Inspired by rapper Snoop Dogg, Sanjay Shah started this awareness festival back in 2014. They couple has persuaded world superstars like Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Drake and Michael Buble to support this worthy cause. The organization has been able to obtain more than $600,000 by holding search concerts in Dubai and London.
Apart from live performances, they feature other activities like crazy golf, laser tag, zip line, horse rides, bouncy castle, face painting, barbecues, petting zoo, and rodeo bull.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is a British philanthropist entrepreneur. He is the proud founder of Solo Capital Markets.
Sanjay was born in Kenya. In the 60s, his parents left Kenya for Marylebone, Central London. Shah attended the King’s College and graduated with a degree in Medicine. However, after leaving college, Shah did not practice medicine. He opted for a career in the accounting niche. Shah began working for Merrill Lynch, an investment banking institution. He has also worked for other financial institutions like the Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, the Dutch Rabo bank, and the ING. He headed the trading sectors of these firms. During this time Sanjay Shah received a Who’s Who honor in investment banking.
In 2009, Shah founded the Solo Capital Markets. Five years down the line, he was worth $280 million. His company had opened branches in London and Dubai. Sanjay left his active seat in his firm to concentrate on charity activities. He organizes the yearly festival to boost awareness and raise monetary funds to support research on autism. He has also partnered with the Done Events to help him in this cause.
Before finding out about his son’s autism condition, Shah had sponsored several from India for more than ten years.



Entrepreneur and Business Executive Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a businessperson who has started up and managed a number of companies in the internet and media fields. He began his career as a consultant which allowed him to provide advice to companies looking to take advantage of the internet. Over time he would realize that staring his own business would benefit him so he decided to build companies of his own. Over the course of his career he has established himself as an individual who has the know how to make companies very successful Part of these abilities include knowledge of internet marketing, expertise in e commerce, generating sales and raising capital. Therefore Don Ressler has establish himself as a very successful entrepreneur.

During his career Don has founded and run a number of different companies. These companies include Intermix Media, Fitness Heaven.com and Alena Media. Don Ressler is also the current co founder and chief executive officer Intelligent Beauty. As well as forming a number of companies he has also developed the skincare brand known as Hydroderm which has been among the more innovative products in the cosmetics industry. Therefore Don has had a very well rounded career in starting and building up a lot of companies from the ground up. As a result he is one of the more savvy entrepreneurs who is very good at creating highly successful businesses.

What has made Don Ressler a leading entrepreneur and executive is his ability to generate sales. One of his most well known accomplishments has been generating sales of up to $1 billion for various companies he has worked with.  When looking to make money for businesses, Don is very aware that highly effective marketing on the internet is essential.

Another one of Don’s talents has been raising capital on perezhilton.com. In fact Don has generated capital for many businesses that has amounted up to $100 million. As a result he is very good at helping companies get the funds they need in order to accomplish a number of objectives. These objectives include starting up, expanding and acquiring additional resources. With this ability Don Ressler has established himself as not only someone who is very good at making sales and providing advice but also helping companies get money to reach their goals. See: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/alltherage/la-ar-justfab-wants-to-be-the-next-hm-20150402-story.html

Startup Companies Have A Friend In Mike Baur

Mike Baur, the former Swiss banker, has been in the news a lot lately and for all the right reasons. Baur is the co-founder and managing director of the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich. Baur has an excellent reputation in the banking industry. He is considered a financial as well as economic wiz by people in the private Swiss banking system. Baur spent 20 years in the banking business, and they were very profitable years. Mike accumulated a long list of wealthy clients that needed his advice.

When Baur worked for Sallfort, the private equity firm, he was playing in the big leagues, and he was in top form. But Mike always had an urge to venture out on his own and start a business. Baur discovered an untapped market when the FinTech companies started to pop up in the financial industry. The Fintech startups gave Baur the idea to start a business that helped other businesses startup. Baur meet with two friends, and he explained his idea and the concept behind his brainstorm. The men, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, thought Baur had a brilliant idea, and they joined forces and started the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory does what it names suggests. Baur and company help new companies get started in business using a three-month accelerator program. The accelerator program gives startups an intense appreciation for networking, capital funding, operations, accounting, human resources and everything else they will need to be successful. The Swiss Startup Factory provides office space, office equipment, Internet services, a workout room and good food while the program is in progress. Baur likes to focus on Internet startups in different industries because that’s where the creativity is coming from these days. But The Swiss Startup Factory will accept all types of businesses as long as the concept behind those companies make sense and is capable of turning a profit.

Several companies have completed the three-month accelerator program, and they are doing well, according to Baur. Baur likes to talk about the success stories that originated in his Swiss Startup Factory. Baur feels a sense of ownership in those companies even though he might not have an equity stake in them. But Baur and his partners do invest in startup concepts from time to time.

The Customer Is Always Right…Right?

As a businessperson, one of the things you learn is that you can’t always make every client happy. No matter how hard you try, there will always be a certain degree of dissatisfaction among your client base.

This may include responding to customer comments on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Some of these customer comments may be of a somewhat derogatory nature – they may even go so far as to attack you, the entrepreneur, personally. While your first inclination may be to fire back with an equally inappropriate response, there are some definite ground rules one must follow when dealing with negative customer feedback online.

Kimanzi Constable, author, consultant, and contributor to Entrepreneur.com, outlines a few basic premises one should follow when responding online to a particularly nasty client. These include maintaining a focus on the quality of the brand, product, or service (as opposed to focusing on the content of the comment); affirming your commitment to quality service by addressing your online customer base as a group, rather than singling out one angry person; reach out for support from trusted professionals; most importantly, maintain a focus on your overall mission – the “big picture.”

One of these guidelines is of particular importance – the need to reach out for support from trusted professionals. Unfortunately, sometimes an industrious individual can turn a negative review and a 1-star rating into an absolute public relations fiasco for you and your company. This is where companies like SearchCleanup.com can be of service. SearchCleanup.com helps you move forward by cleaning up any negative news online.

All in all, connecting with the online public as an entrepreneur can be a delicate thing. It’s best to keep one’s wits about them and maintain one’s professionalism – hallmarks of any successful entrepreneur. Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleanup to learn more.

Improving Yourself with The Midas Legacy

If you have ever thought about looking into making improvements for your life, there is a company that is set up to help meet your goals. This company is called The Midas Legacy. They have several things that they want to help people improve.

The Midas Legacy offers advisory services to their clients in several areas. These areas include learning how to manage your money properly, helping those people who want to eventually own their own business, help those people who are interested in using nature to heal, assist with preparing for retirement and even work with those people whose sole goal is to become a better person by finding ways to be happier and to find their own inner peace.

Beyond working with their clients to become healthier and happier, The Midas Legacy also is strongly passionate about giving back to the community. There are several different organizations that this company donates to on a regular basis. These organizations include the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The fact that The Midas Legacy works so hard to help so many worthy organizations speaks a lot about their priorities and what they care about. This means positive things for how The Midas Legacy will approach what you are wanting done.

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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is also working constantly to stay on top of the latest news with regards to what is going on in America. They take this knowledge and apply it to the work that they do. This allows them to help their clients to the absolute best of their abilities and to ensure that whatever the goals of the clients are met. And by staying on top of the news, The Midas Legacy is able to adapt their plans with their current clients to help make sure that these clients are receiving the best service possible from the company.

Whatever goals you may have for yourself, The Midas Legacy is a company that can offer you the advice and support that you may need to make your goals come true. And as the economy and environment continues to change, this is a company that will grow and adapt with these changes which will be of benefit to you as the client.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: