How Tech Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky Is Helping Doctors Treat Cancer

Big Data has been used in many industries over the past several years but curiously wasn’t being used in the health care sector. Eric Lefkofsky, who has started several companies in the tech industry, decided to co-found a company that would use Big Data to help doctors treat their cancer patients using Big Data. This is Tempus and his company is helping to usher in using true precision medicine to bring about better patient outcomes for those who have cancer.

Co-founding this company in 2015, Eric Lefkofsky wanted to revolutionize how data was used in cancer treatments. His company built an enormous database that has all the medical data about a person with cancer including their clinical and molecular data. This data is analyzed using machine learning and gives doctors insights into what treatment will best work for each individual they are treating.

By being able to make more informed treatment decisions Eric Lefkofsky says that doctors will be able to design better treatment outcomes for their patients. The platform that Tempus developed uses thousands of data points in order to create relevant insights into what treatments a patient will best be served by. Eric Lefkofsky says his company isn’t an island, though. He has built partnerships with many academic institutions and hospitals in order to collect the vast amount of data it takes to build his company’s database. The genomic sequencing data, for instance, is analyzed by a team at the NYU School of Medicine.

The vast experience of Gustavo Martinez, his achievements and lessons about patience

The expertise that Gustavo Martinez has exceeds thirty-five years in the field of advertising and marketing. Over the duration, he has continued to lead the most significant firms within the business.

This adds to the oversight of the creation connected to the iconic ads which have turned out to be the touchstones connected to the pop culture. J. Walter Thompson Worldwide is among the biggest and most legendary firms of marketing globally, and he has served at the company in the position of the Chief Executive Officer.

This adds up to his service as the McCann Worldgroup’s president alongside Mather and Olgilvy. The latter names are very venerable within the industry of marketing. Earlier on, he worked with the Henkel and Price Waterhouse.

Notably, he made legendary ads with the two companies at the time. At the moment, various business and marketing professionals consider Gustavo Martinez for the advice on marketing as well as the feedback related to ways of increasing their general efficiency. With his drive alongside the ongoing improvements and the marketing skills he has, he is ready to deal with whatever challenges that he encountered.

Even though the nature of humans is known for ignoring and denying mistakes, he does all that it takes to learn from the mistakes that he makes. He understands that the procedure of learning is continuous and remains on an enduring search for wisdom and knowledge. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh

With the appropriate attitude and mindset, he acknowledges that everyone has whatever it takes to attain their objectives and dreams regardless of who they are.

The other thing that sets J. Walter Martinez different from the rest is his finding of perfectly balancing family and work. Family means everything to him, and this is the reason he spends his quality time with them in the course of his downtime.

Looking at the origin of his company idea, he thinks comprehensively concerning the creation of innovative ideas connected to marketing videos. He considers the market demand as well as the ad types that have had a good response previously. The combination of the approach and some luck enabled him to make a good fraction of the most remarkable ads across the industry.

On his typical day, Martinez gets up at seven o’clock in the morning. He then breakfasts with the family after which he gets to office. Loving the job and getting inspired throughout his duties has made him successful without stress.

This is despite the people’s thoughts he is an addict of long working hours staying long in the office. In his entrepreneurship career, active caring and listening to others makes him productive.

It is from it that he understands that all have some ideas to express and valuable skills that they can share. Patience and learning can elevate the business or individual goals to another level.

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Neurocore Offers Treatments For Depression

Neurocore is one of the leading companies that provides mental healthcare to people who are suffering from depression. Everyday, many people are going through feelings of sadness and hopelessness. While these emotions can be very negative, Neurocore has a number of ways to help treat this condition. The company has developed a number of brain therapy treatments to help people overcome their depression. Along with offering brain therapy, Neurocore has been involved in researching medications as well as encouraging exercise. The combination of these things has proven to provide very effective ways to help people eliminate depression and move on to live happy, productive and pleasant lives. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


One of the ways in which Neurocore helps people with depression is by offering brain therapy. This is a combination of psychotherapy and neurofeedback. With psychotherapy, an individual can talk to a mental health professional and seek ways to cope with their situation. Psychotherapy can be a very effective way to express depressive feelings and get a perspective on how to overcome them. With neurofeedback, an individual can harness their brain energy to focus on positive emotions and environments. These two things often help a person cope with depression and eventually get rid of the symptoms. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Another activity that Neurocore recommends to people suffering from depression is exercise. Anyone who is looking to overcome depression will benefit from regular exercise. When a person exercises, they use energy to move around which will also affect the brain. During exercise, chemicals in the brain that influence positive emotions will become quite active. As a result, a person will then begin to feel good and happier. After a while, the person will then begin to have a more positive emotional state. This will then result in the individual being less likely to suffer from symptoms such as sadness and hopelessness. Therefore, an exercise program is often a great way to help overcome depression.


Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is one of the top businessman in the world. It’s no surprise as he is the son of Richard DeVos, who recently passed away. Richard DeVos was the co-founder of Amway, and he led the company for many years. Dick DeVos worked at Amway at separate periods, but he was always a magnanimous personality at the company. He was able to lead the company’s global sales in record-breaking numbers through the 1990s. However, he left the company and began to pursue philanthropy in the mid-1990s.


He started by working with business leaders locally to his hometown of Grand Rapids. This included businesses who were trying to bring back commerce to the downtown area of the city. It had been many years since there had been sufficient growth in the area, but DeVos was determined to help business leaders build something new in his city. With the help of the DeVos Family Foundation, DeVos was able to build several areas of downtown, practically revamping the city’s skyline.


These new buildings included the DeVos Performance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center, and Andel Arena. However, the next phase of his plan would be what helped him get onto the Management Advisory Council of the Federal Aviation Administration. While many have thought about DeVos’ previous experience, many do not realize how close he has been to aviation for many years.


DeVos is actually a certified pilot with licenses for all sorts of aircraft. This includes jets and helicopters. After 1999, he began working with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He wanted to help the airport grow in sales, and started by talking to the CEO of AirTran Airways. The CEO of AirTran worked with DeVos to open up new flights. This worked well with DeVos plan to bring in more business travelers.


The four destinations opened by the airline included Orlando, St. Louis, Vegas, and Denver. These were business destinations as much as they were entertainment centers. DeVos saw that he could draw in a business crowd with the DeVos Place Convention Center and entertainment areas around the city.


The plan worked, and by 2018, the old airport saw 3.26 million passengers, and there was a $45 million makeover in the works called the Gateway Transformation Project. It’s these types of deals that allow DeVos to work with the FAA as they look for ways to upgrade technology and convenience at all of America’s airports. After President Trump’s challenge to the aviation community, it’s clear that America still has a way to go before it becomes captain of the aerospace industry once more.


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Michael Nierenberg Unmatched Approach to Investment and Investment Plans

Michael Nierenberg is one of the most versatile personalities in the alternative investment. He has not only led companies to profits making paths, but he has been instrumental in restructuring companies to match the fast growing world.

He is synonymous with his role at Fortress where pundits point out that he was among the people that gave the company the best setting in investment management. In an interview with one of the financial news outlets, he pointed out that his primary goal, as a professional is to restore trust in this sensitive market and give clients well-thought products without compromising profits and sustainability.

Although he is knowledgeable in all areas in this niche, Michael Nierenberg is more passionate about mortgages, sales, and trading. He believes that the three areas are underrated, but they have a high potential for better returns to clients. This is the main reason why Michael Nierenberg has been keen on creating the necessary infrastructures for better and safe investments in these three areas. In the last three years, Nierenberg has not only improved the quality of operations in the three areas, but he has also given other companies a soft landing in venturing these three areas.

The main reasons why Michael Nierenberg is exceptionally great in designing investment plans for his clients is due to his experience in the investment world and more importantly his approach to work. Experience in this the world of money and numbers is king, and he is arguably the most experienced manager in this niche. He has worked with some of the best entities in this niche. In a 2017 interview, he pointed out that working in different companies has given him the best exposure especially in understanding different investment realities.

Second, Nierenberg is exceptionally great in the world of numbers due to his approach to work and productivity. Although he has worked in this industry for long, he still considers every day as a learning day in his journey of managing investments. Still on his personality, Michael Nierenberg has one of the futurist views on productivity, and he encourages investment managers to spend more time with clients to understand their desire and aspiration before putting work.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Global Brand President of L’Oreal

Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Global Brand President of L’Oreal, a skin-care line firm; has worked for the firm for over 15 years. He recently got the promotion to become the Global Brand President in 2015. He is the youngest MDI General Manager and has accomplished a lot both for himself and the company. Bethelmy-Rada has excellent leadership qualities; he ensures that the firm’s employees are working together and accordingly. He also promotes new skills and uses them to expand the firm. Bethelmy-Rada has brought growth and profit during the time he has worked at the time. He has created marketing strategies for the firm and developed new beauty products. He is an ambitious and self-driven individual. Bethelmy-Rada ensures that employees constantly learn while working at the firm while advocating for diversity in the workplace.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada believes that there is enough time to grow and achieve your dreams. As an entrepreneur, there is no need in trying to accomplish all your plans at once. Schedule your time and perform them one by one. Entrepreneurs should learn regularly and use their knowledge and skills to come up with a new business plan. According to Bethelmy-Rada, business personnel should enjoy each moment he accomplishes something new. While growing as a business person, he worried a lot and was eager to succeed in something but, at the moment if he could reverse time he would have done things differently. He would have enjoyed making accomplishment, accepted mistakes and learned continuously. His advice to entrepreneurs is never comparing their success rate with that of other successful individuals.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada put some factors into consideration that enabled him to reach where he is today. Ambition is very crucial to success. While working on a business plan but extra effort into it and work ambitiously. Dedicate your time into working on your project. Bethelmy-Rada expects dedication and self-drive from his employees. He requires his employees to have accomplished something remarkable. As an entrepreneur scheduling your time is useful in performing tasks. A schedule once adhered to can help an individual undertake functions within a short time frame. Individuals that lack schedules are planning to fail.


The Contribution of Sandy Chin to PS11 Summer Reading Initiative

Sandy Chin is a renowned portfolio manager whose personality is highly impressive. She motives are directed by speculation of opportunities and leaping into action to embrace the gaps. Recently, Mrs. Chin spotted a glaring need at PS11, which is a public institution in New York City. She noticed that the learners at the school required educational necessities including books to study during summer. In Sandy’s opinion, students should keep on reading during summer instead they would experience a slide in their reading techniques. Sandy Chin postulated that numerous summer activities interrupt with the routinely reading skills of learners. Besides the programs, many students do not study during this period because they lack the necessary materials. Upon speculation of this need, Sandy Chin decided to help this elementary school exclusively.

Sandy Chin among other philanthropists held a summer book drive at William T. Harris School. She intended to gather already used books, which the PS11 kindergarten kids would be given. Sandy Chin perceived this as an appropriate way to ensure that all kindergarten students would have materials to carry home for their school break. Sandy’s organization to collect books was overwhelmingly successful. Not only did she gather original documents for the kindergarten learners but also the students in the remaining grades. According to Daily Fox Report, Sandy Chins together with the volunteers counted over three thousand publications, which the donors gave away within the stipulated period.

Sandy Chin views PS11 as a special institution because of the dedication and participation she received. Her book drive influenced the lives of the students and their families positively. In that manner, low-income families helped their children maintain their reading abilities throughout summer.

Sandy Chin attributes her expertise to her working experience at Tidal Bore Capital where she works as the Chief Investment Officer. Mrs. Chin attaches her successful profession to her previous career in different companies. She has worked at Visium Asset Management as the firm’s Portfolio Manager until 2014. Sandy Chin served as Capital Management, LLC senior analyst. Besides, Sandy Chin is an affiliate of different prestigious enterprises including America Bank Corporation, Neuberger Berman, LLC, and the Donaldson & Jenrette Global, Asset Management.


Richard Liu, Founder and Entrepreneur of

Richard Liu is the owner of headquarters is in Beijing. During the operation’s early years the company saw tremendous growth in its formative years. Within its inception in June 1998 the company had seen revenues in excess of $9 million USD by 2003. In January 2004, the company launched an online business website. learned early on to take the middle man out of the eCommerce business. buys merchandise directly from the suppliers and reselling to its shopper’s base. In addition to being able to offer lower pricing to it’s consumer base, can verify the quality of products being sold.

Currently, is the nation’s biggest online direct sales company with the highest transaction sales and volume in the country.

Richard Liu studied at the People’s University of China in Beijing earning his Sociology degree. He continued his studies at the China Europe International Business School where he earned his EMBA degree.


Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya Introduces New Email Management System

Over the last two decades email has become a major part of communication and transferring information. Email has been quite beneficial for those who are looking to send messages to other people. Both individuals and businesses use email everyday in order to manage important information. While email has been very beneficial, it still has its issues at times. The most common issue with email is that accounts often get an influx of unwanted messages and junk mail. This proves to be a nuisance to account holders as they often don’t get important messages due to junk email. However, a company called Unroll.Me has been a trusted provider of email management services.

Unroll.Me was founded in 2011 by Jojo Hedaya. He worked with his business partner to find a way to help people avoid getting too many junk email messages in their inbox. Hedaya got this idea after failing to get messages over to his business partner. Jojo put together a system in which his company allows users to assemble their email messages and then choose to unsubscribe. This immediately eliminates all of the junk email messages. Unroll.Me has emerged as a very valuable service for many email users.

Like a number of other businesses, Unroll.Me has looked to expand and offer more services. In order to reach this objective, the company merged with another company called Slice. With Slice, Unroll.Me collaborates to help customers manage product orders as well as email subscriptions. The two companies have worked together to help enhance the overall shopping experience and communication process.

Slice specializes in tracking product orders, tracking deliveries and also informing consumers about the most recent discounts. At the same time, Unroll.Me helps sort the emails that customers receive. Recently, Unroll.Me decided to just handle the email aspect and allow Slice to just work with product orders and discounts. This has helped Unroll.Me provide better service by finding new ways to help consumers get rid of junk email on a consistent basis. Today, Unroll.Me maintains its status as one of the most innovative and dependable technology companies in the world with its email management service.

Heather Parry: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

Heather Parry has been described as a LinkedIn profile that walks due to her various accomplishments in the entertainment industries. Currently, she is heading Live Nation’s Productions unit as its president. In 2018, one of her most significant achievements was her involvement in the production of “A Star is Born,” which is a scripted film that has been remade by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Parry indicates that she became part of this film by taking advantage of every opportunity she saw. First, she contacted Dave Bugliari, who is Cooper’s agent and convinced him of how Live Nation would benefit the project even though he was on a ski lift. Heather Parry showed him how the organizations’ resources would boost the efforts to market the film. She then attended a Martha Stewart party to pitch her intentions to Bill Gerber, who has also produced the film. This film is categorized in the musical and romantic genres.

Before his current position at Live Nation, Heather Parry was an executive at MTV News. She also headed the productions unit at Happy Madison Production, which is owned by Adam Sandler. Since it was started in 2015, and through the leadership of Heather Parry, Live Nation has been involved in numerous other projects across the globe. For example, she was part of the “Believer” production team, which is a film about the struggles that Dan Reynolds, the lead singer in Imagine Dragons, has to face as a Mormon who is part of the LGBTQ community. Other projects include “Five Foot Two,” which is a documentary by Lady Gaga and another production by P. Diddy titled “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.” When talking about her involvement with the documentary featuring Eagles of Death Metal, she indicates that she had to fly to France. Heather Parry is expected to feature works such as “After Party” and “From Cradle to Stage.” It is also anticipated that she will feature films by celebrities such as Kim Petras and Noah Cyrus as her profile continues to become stronger with time.