Few Individuals Are as Talented as John Goullet at What They Do

Without question, John Goullet is one of the most skilled and talented individuals in his field. Few entrepreneurs have accomplished what he has during his very successful career. He is a master of building a company from the ground up into something top of the line.

Goullet understands that being an entrepreneur requires lots of hard work and long nights. That nothing is guaranteed when you are creating something totally new to the world. He understands that a select few have the ability to succeed, and that most don’t and will inevitably fail in his line of work everyday. After all his years in the business it’s safe to say that Goullet has a god given gift for what he does.

Goullet attended and graduated from Ursinus College in 1983, with a Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from Ursinus he began his career as a computer consultant. He would later become an IT staffing account executive for years before he decided to go into business for himself and found his own IT staffing company. He founded Info Technologies in 1994 and served as the CEO of the company for well over a decade.

Goullet really began to showcase his leadership abilities while serving as the CEO of Info Technologies. With Goullet at the helm Info Technologies quickly grew into a force within the IT marketplace. Because of its fast growth Inc. Magazine recognized the IT staffing company by naming it as one of the fastest growing private companies two times.

In the autumn of 2016 Goullet was named Principal of Diversant. Diversant is the most prominent African American owned IT staffing firm in the United States. Not to mention that it is a nationally certified MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise). What separates Diversant from its competitors is its commitment to being as diverse as possible and its dedication to building long lasting relationships with clients.

Diversant has a wide range of innovative and diverse IT staffing products that remain unmatched. They’ve been able to dominate so long because of their skilled team of professionals. Something the company understands and is the driving reason why they hired a talented individual like John Goullet to fill their Principal position.

The Video Solution that is offered to Talk Fusion becomes the Communication Solutions of the Year 2016.

Talk Fusions’s video chat solutions was recently named by the Technology Marketing Corporation as 2016’s Communication Solutions Product of the Year. The video solution is among the leading in the industry. The Technology Marketing Corporation’s award was the second honor that has been offered to the company in 2016. The honor is committed to recognizing the outstanding applications, which provide audio, video, and data communication solutions that have been on the market for 12 months and have made a significant impact on the community.

The Talk Fusion’s video product uses advanced technology, which is known as WebRTC in making face-to-face communication possible between individuals who are using tablets, computers, and smartphone. Clients who use iOS can download the software from the iTunes while those who use the Android can access it on the Google Play Store. The award that was offered to Talk Fusion shows that the creative application has been successful in the industry since it was established in March 2016. The company is owned by Bob Reina who also serves it as the chief executive officer. According to him, the Talk Fusion staff is always striving to ensure that the video marketing solution is unique and the best in the industry.

The company has had many achievements this year, and these include giving clients free trials of its products, acquiring of a top quality WebRTC decoder, and launching a new website, which is known as TalkFusionInstantPay.com. The firm has dedicated its service to ensuring that the needs of the customers are satisfied and enabling the associates to reach as many clients as possible across the world.

The company’s solution is the first integrated Video Marketing Solution in the industry. It offers its services to the customers with a goal of making them unique in the market in a way that can attract more clients and make significant returns. The video marketing solution that Talk Fusion offers is appealing, interactive, and credible hence it stands out in the market.

James Dondero Accepts Award To Help The Less Fortunate

Highland Capital Management was awarded $1 million to aid in the funding of The Family Place.  The Family Place works to assist family violence victims in the Dallas area. They plan on raising the additional $2.8 million in the coming six months so that they can reach their Legacy Campaign goal. The announcement came at the Hilton Anatole located in Dallas during the Texas Trailblazer Awards.

The grant is being handled by Highland Dallas Foundation is planning on matching half of donated funds up to one million dollars. This campaign will last until April 4, 2017.The Legacy Campaign has been able to raise $200,000 since the announcement. James Dondero, the grant was created after Mike Rawlings, Dallas’ mayor, made a call to action to help support community members that desperately need the assistance.

James Dondero founded Highland Capital in 1993 and was key in the creation of the Collateralised Loan Obligation. The company offers a variety of products and services from mutual funds to hedge funds. Dondero is also the Chairman of several other companies such as CCS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also on the board for MGM Studios and American Banknote.

After his graduation, he attended the McIntire School Of Business where he attained degrees in finance and accounting. James Dondero is also a CFA (chartered financial anaylst) and a CMA (certified management accountant).

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IAP Worldwide Services , Inc. Acquire DRS and TCNS

This company specializes in making the impossible possible. IAP Worldwide Services is the leading global-scale logistics provider, advanced technical and professional services, and facility management. The company solves private and public sector customer’s most demanding challenges with more than 2,000 employees in over 25 countries in the world.

For the company, it always engages in the unexpected. It is always ready to work with you at every moment from natural disaster to overseas battles on payscale.com. IAP Worldwide has the experience to coordinate, plan and carry out the technical challenges and complicated logistics. IAP maintains, operates, and manages military installations from a small city, remote research facilities, and civilian facilities. It delivers the technology, the people, and the program management required to support their client’s task force flexibility needs all-over-the-world.

For over six decades, IAP Worldwide Services has a reputation as a reliable and responsive leader in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The same issues keeping their clients at night are the same problems that make them wake up in the middle of the evening to attend to you.

IAP Corporate Responsibility
IAP Worldwide Services defines success as to how they treat their clients, and everyone else. We always learn how to pass over gratitude to communities and many people who have formed the most important part of history.

Values and Mission
When partnering with IAP Worldwide, your ultimate goals are taken and make them their own. IAP never rests until they deliver the required needs.

Meet the ladies and gentlemen who have everything that IAP stands for employees, serving clients, and the entire community with purpose and ingenuity.

Since the very beginning, we have been building the future.

This company believes in making friends with a diverse range of businesses which add value to their products and services

Compliance and Ethics
Doing the right things means that customer problems are solved in the most efficient, smartest way at IAP Worldwide.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has acquired DRS Technologies, Inc.’s logistics and aviation business located in Oklahoma City, and the Network & Tactical Communications Solutions business situated n Aberdeen Proving Ground that provides mission and logistics support services, aircraft repair management, information technology, engineering services, and communication support solutions to other agencies including the United States defense department. IAP Worldwide will integrate the unique talent and capability to the acquired businesses to form their long-term strategy.

Norka Luque’s Great Passion in Music Yields Success

Norka Luque appreciates the fact that she comes from a happy family filled with life lessons, full of experiences, other cultures, and experiences, which led Norka to understand that music was indeed her destiny.

The US-based Venezuelan singer came aboard the music scene with the exclusive support of her producer Emilio Estefan. He presented her album Miracle, which has hit in numerous Latino radio stations in her original resident country. For this album, Emilio Estefan brought together his team of leading producers like the Ricardo brothers, Archie Pena, Alberto Gaitan, Puerto Rican Cuvo Pena, and Luis Giraldo who took care of the sauce arrangements. For us to define the genre, it took us an unexpected longer period. The song is a mixture of Blues and Rhythms, tropical, ballads, rock and pop.

Norka participated in various singing competitions as a child because it was her passion. She travelled to France for further studies after graduating from high school. She studied while singing part time with a local band in France. Every minute she became idle, she could thing about music. She then decided to look for something that could engage her mind and keep her focused towards achieving the dreams of her life-time. She joined a local band by the name Bad-Moon-Rising, rock, and funk; that helped her develop the vocals she is using today in her music. This bands taught her the basics of a soloist.

She took art lessons and an art studio where she shared culinary arts and fashion upon returning to the United States. She remembers only good memories from that time. This was the period when she met with, Emilio Estefan, the light of her dreams. She had no idea that he was present in the congregation. She approached him and explained to him how music was the center of her life. She handed over her materials to him. This is what she had always wanted to do all her life.

The following week saw Emilio Estefan and Gloria present at the Crescent Moon Studios. The producer listened to the material submitted by Norka and noted the potential in the voice of the girl. She started working with her from that moment. He scheduled training sessions with Norka for intensive practice. These lessons were designed to induce discipline in Norka.

For more information http://www.norkamusic.com/

How to maintain a good reputation on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free educational publishing tool that allows for creators to post information on important subjects regarding education, famous figures, and sports rules. The possibilities of a search term showing up on Wikipedia is very likely.

Wikipedia is free to use for all that have internet access. Anyone that wants to edit a Wikipedia page just has to signup by making an account. That means that anyone with an account can rewrite the whole page about someone if they wanted to. With that said there are active Wikipedia editors and on the more popular pages people will keep correcting mistakes and false information.

There have been several instances where pages of famous figures have been altered.

When the news broke out that power couple Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up, all kinds of mixed emotions were thrown out. Some were sad, other mad, and many more confused. There are all kinds of ways to react to the news and one of those ways is dropping savage jokes on Jolie’s page. Under occupation someone wrote, “reason why the power couple broke up.” All kinds of other jokes and pages were attacked as well.

Sometimes a good laugh could help ease the pain of a breakup, I guess? How can you be sure that this doesn’t happen to your page? Well, there are a lot of different methods to choose from, but hiring Wikipedia editors from Get Your Wiki is a reliable way to get the job done efficiently.

Get Your Wiki is a group of knowledgeable Wikipedia experts that take the headache out of creating a page for yourself, while giving you endless benefits and opportunities for one’s business or one’s online presence with a page created by Wikipedia editors.

Through this business you can hire qualified writers to manage, update or create a Wikipedia page for you or your brand. Keeping up with all text on several pages can be very hard to manage. No need to stress when they are here to help. Wikipedia is one of the most used websites on the internet and have proper grammar and formatting is very important.

With so many users constantly editing pages, there is a lot of harmful information that could be released. Get Your Wiki will take care of all of it. They will also do translations to ensure everyone from all parts of the world can ready about your or your business.

Online Gambling Growth

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. There are millions of people who wager on sports games every single week, and this can be a great way to make some extra money. If you want to start investing for your future, this can be an option for you. There are a variety of investing websites to get research from. However, one of the best is covers.com. This is a website that likes to take things to the next level in betting coverage. Before you start placing a lot of money on gambling wagers for NCAAF odds, you need to make sure that you understand how to win money. A lot of people wrongly assume that winning is easy, and if you have that mentality you can lose a lot of money.

Point Spread

If you think that one team will beat another by more than the point spread, you would bet on the team to cover. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when betting this way. First of all, there is a major difference at some point levels. Some people wrongly assume that there is little difference between 6.5 and 7.5 on a point spread. Statistically, there is a huge difference in this point spread. Always make sure that you have a firm understanding of what you are betting on. The website covers.com is a great resource for you if you need additional information in this area.

Final Thoughts

There are many people who are interested in gambling on college football. Not only is this a great way to make some extra money, but it also adds a unique level of enjoyment to the game. Over the past couple of years, many new websites have popped up promising to help people in this area. However, covers.com is the best website out there today. The site is dedicated to helping new gamblers who are interested in taking things to the next level. There are a lot of things to learn when you first start gambling, and it is important to take things slow at first. These tips are all outlined on the site when you read their tips for beginners.

Community investment makes banking sense

Low-income residents of Dallas will soon be able to secure loans through the expansion of the Affordable Housing Loan Program, the result of a partnership between Nexbank SSB and non-profit mortgage servicer Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Nexbank will be injecting $50 million in loans for Dallas Neighborhood Homes to use to help Dallas residents whose incomes limit their mortgage options. As part of the program, prospective borrowers will undergo financial counseling through Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity in order to prepare for home ownership. Both Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes believe that this partnership will help propel home ownership in North Texas, an area where home ownership is among the lowest in the country.

Chartered in 1922 and with assets of $3.5 billion, Nexbank SSB provides commercial, mortgage, and investment banking services to a range of clients from large corporations to small businesses and to individuals.

Although Nexbank uses technology solutions to enhance the personal touch that its clients expect, Nexbank’s leadership team still focuses on basics like addressing client needs and community investment. Under the direction of President and CEO John Holt, Netbank expanded its services in commercial and mortgage banking, as well as in investments. At the same time, Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski’s service on the board of the Real Estate Council Community Fund means that Nexbank is plugged into the community’s financial needs. The partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes shows how Nexbank can apply its responsiveness to client needs and its community awareness to create innovative services for everyone’s benefit.

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Securus Now Allowing Free Calls To Louisiana Jails Because Of The Flooding

At times, making phone calls to incarcerated loved ones across the US has been difficult for families because of the high costs they’ve incurred on their phone bills. But some relief has come for Louisiana where prison telecom company, Securus Technologies has announced that calls to correctional facilities down there will be free. According to PRNewswire, from September 1st through the 7th, all inmates housed in a Louisiana corrections facility will get one free call per day so that they can check on any family members that might be affected by the flooding down there.


Securus Technologies is an inmate Telecommunications Company located in Dallas, TX that has serviced law enforcement and correctional facilities since 1986. They’ve developed proprietary technology to assist inmates in staying in contact with their families, and to help law enforcement respond to serious incidents in facilities. Currently, Securus services just over one million inmates across the US.


Securus provides in-house kiosks to inmates where they can purchase prepaid phone minutes, make cash deposits, or purchase other legal items. Securus ConnectUs service provides the platform for inmates to make phone calls, file requests, signup for college courses, or even search for jobs. The video visitation feature has also changed the way families visit inmates as it now allows for more flexible visiting times, eliminates the need to travel, and can be done during special occasions at home such as birthdays and holidays.


For law enforcement, Securus uses predictive analytics technology combined with biometric scan and surveillance. It can scan mail and phone communications to see if any threats or dangerous terms are used while communicating.


What Does IAP Worldwide Services Do, And How Can I Work For Them?

IAP Worldwide Services is both a large and important company. They provide services to private corporations, but they also work with the public sector, even the federal government. In fact, the company got started by providing services to the military, during the Gulf War. The company was first launched in Irmo, South Carolina, and they became a large and successful company gradually.

What Does IAP Worldwide Do?

IAP Worldwide provides assistance to troops overseas, but they also assist those located within the United States, along with numerous other countries. They help with disaster recovery by restoring electricity and performing other necessary functions. Additionally, they help with reconstruction of areas damaged by disasters or war.

They even have been involved with the manufacturing. In addition, the company assists with the advancement of internet technology and computers for both private and public entities.

IAP Worldwide even provides emergency response services. These services can be provided to locations throughout the world. Furthermore, they are available at any time of the day or night to areas affected by disaster and war.

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Who Works For IAP Worldwide Services?

There are numerous employees that work for the company, and these employees are located in different regions of the world. The company has more than two thousand employees, and the functions that they perform are very wide ranging. Also, the company is well known as an equal opportunity employer.

Are They Currently Looking For New Employees?

If you are interested in working for IAP Worldwide Services, they make applying extremely easy. You can search for jobs through the company on the website, and there usually are numerous openings to choose from. If you see something that you are interested in, it is possible to apply online.

Your job agent will notify you whenever there are positions that would suit you well. The form to sign up to get a job agent through the company is listed on their website, and you can get started any time.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide: http://www.kayescholer.com/in-the-market/news/client_successes/20140721-kaye-scholer-represents-lender-group-in-iap-worldwide-restructuring