Jason Hope- Fighting To Eliminate Old Age

The modern world has dramatically changed bringing associated health problems that affect everyone regardless of race, country and economic status. The illnesses range from the minor conditions to severe ones and also life-threatening diseases that have a significant impact on their families and communities. However, one medical condition affects even the world giants without considering their dazzling life, and that’s aging.

Aging starts from the early 30s and its something unavoidable since it’s a natural process that occurs to every person in the world. Old age comes with numerous health problems that include making your skin rigid and wrinkled, break down of the bones and losing your central ability to take part in young age activities. Aging makes our bodies get affected with different diseases, and they often lead to a considerable decrease of quality life and becoming life-threatening making high impact changes to individuals and their families.

Some unusual conditions include osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis among others. However, philanthropists and entrepreneurs like Jason Hope have helped the healthcare care with research funds to improve in various ways of treating the old age disease. Most medical expertise advises old people on ways of living with this conditions but not entirely offering treatment. Jason Hope is interested in changing this perspective by seeking ways of slowing down or even eliminating the aging process by donating his funds to various healthcare research organizations. The organizations deal with having the groundbreaking mission of treating and also combating the effects that happen when old age starts.
Jason Hope supports the SENS foundation.

The charitable foundation central core is helping people globally to have direct access to the technology that assists in counteracting the aging process and also preventing the numerous diseases associated with old age. Jason first contribution to SENS charitable organization started in December 2010 with an initial amount of 500,000 dollars. He announced his dedication and contribution to the charitable foundation during the Breakthrough Philanthropy dinner held at the Fine Arts Hall in San Francisco.

Jason stated that SENS foundation and other several organizations have entirely dedicated their companies to using the biotechnology in finding new methods, approaches, and treatments. The new procedures will help in preventing diseases old age diseases and improve the human life. Jason Hope has Business Administration masters degree and grew up in Tempe City of Arizona and known for creating technology start-up companies globally. Jason lives in Phoenix area and he a significant donator to health issues globally.

For More info: ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

Galvanizing Others Into Meaningful and Purposeful Work: Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Group. QI Group is a company based out of Hong Kong, specializing in marketing.

Authentic Leadership

Vijay Eswaran has a unique approach to servant leadership. He believes that an authentic leader is one who knows how to be of service to others. He states that a true leader will put others needs before their own. He states that sacrifice is a quality of an authentic leader. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela are just a few of the leaders he says inspire him to act with strong morals.

He says the employees are the true assets of any company. He states that a leader who cares for his workers and looks out for them will always have a positive outcome. He believes that when you take care of your employees, they will in turn take care of customers.

Eswaran says that servant leaders understand the idea of purposeful action. He says that there are no coincidences. Anyone whom you encounter is there for a purpose.

Strong Focus

Eswaran strongly believes that having a clear vision of the end goal is critical for success. He believes every strong leader must have a strong sense of where they are going. A leader without direction is not going to be able to lead themselves, let alone a community, to victory. He states that when someone takes on the role of leader, she or he is actually part of a much bigger picture that involves everyone collectively.

Belief Without Instability

Eswaran states that core values are just like pillars of a structure. He says that core values represent the companies motives and limits. He says core values are similar to DNA. He believes that these ideologies should not just be used for marketing purposes, rather they should actually be representative of the companies mannerism.


Strong leaders in history have been willing to sacrifice everything for their end goal. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi have been willing to make incredible sacrifices for their purpose. Gandhi engaged in hunger strikes and even prison, all for the purpose of his pursuit. This world is blessed to have witnessed such strong leaders.

Vijay Eswaran has made his belief of servant leadership a theme within his own business. He looks up to true and authentic leaders as inspiration.

Eric Lefkofsky is on a mission to eradicate cancer through technology

The battle to cure cancer is ongoing. Eric Lefkofsky’s involvement in the battle to save lives isn’t medical. He doesn’t have the skill sets to be a medical doctor. His background is in information technology. He understands the potential that can be realized with this technology in the fields of communication and document management. He also understands how data accessibility can be a game changer for many physicians and other medical professionals.

His group, which he co-founded, Tempus was formed in 2015 for the distinct purpose of bringing all the molecular and clinical data together in an easily accessible, yet secure database. Having the accessibility to this data is a critical component of many cancer treatment plans. Physicians can access the data through Tempus’ operating system and analyze data patterns. The shared data provides insights not easily accessible by traditional methods such as paper.

Lefkofsky sees the potential that newer technological advances will reveal in the future. One of the promising features that Lefkofsky is proud to be a part of is the personalized molecular map that has the potential of helping physicians see what’s happening to their patients on a molecular level.

Tempus helps physicians through the repository set up on their database to gain information and through connections developed within physician networks. Their specialty is in genomic sequencing data. Medical scientists cite that genomic sequencing uncovers the mysteries behind cancer, specifically if there are any genetic markers for the occurrence of certain cancers.

Lefkofsky’s efforts to make it easier for medical scientists and physicians to gain access to genomic sequencing information is invaluable. Physicians now have the ability to tailor treatment plans to meet the specific needs of their patients. It is also important to note that accessibility is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is the ability to analyze and utilize this information. Lefkofsky has worked on algorithms to provide precise data streams for physicians and other medical professionals.

Lefkofsky believes that big data is the best way to provide physicians the tools they need to completely eradicate cancer in our lifetime.

Twenty-two years of Southridge Capital

In the twenty-two years that it has been operating, Southridge capital has financed more than two hundred and fifty companies and made investments that amount to almost 1.8 billion dollars. Owing to this, Southridge and its team of experts have acquired a lot of knowledge on the challenges and ways around the problems in all sorts of public businesses.

The services offered by Southridge Capital

Financial Analysis Services

Southridge Capital comes up with highly detailed financial statements that are projected and look into all the economic aspects of a business. Through this statement, corporations can evaluate their financial status and be able to come up with strategies to improve themselves.

Balance Sheet Optimization

Through this service, Southridge can help its clients maintain a desired balance between debt and equity. It also assists companies in accessing and utilizing mechanisms that will help them attain their financial goals.

Analysis services on mergers and acquisitions

Southridge offers services that help companies analyze the merger candidates and ensure that their business model would match the existing model of their company. The same goes for companies that are looking to acquire other firms.

Restructuring Analysis

For firms that are looking to restructure, Southridge helps them come up with the best strategy. They are also supported regarding predicting the outcome of the restructuring process and how best to handle and manage the transition.

Legal Settlement Services

Southridge Capital helps its clients settle lawsuits by providing them with all the legal requirements and options that they can choose from. This helps the clients minimize both time and expenses incurred in the process of settling the litigation.

Bankruptcy advice

Southridge Capital specializes in developing customized plans and strategies that help companies walk out of bankruptcy situations and thrive once again.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The team at Southridge is an active participant in humanitarian work. They take part in volunteer work, and support organizations whose courses are aimed towards helping the youth in the society and enhancing the lives of people. The CEO of Southridge Steve Hicks and his family are the founders of the Daystar Foundation which finances several charitable organizations all around the globe. You can check out their facebook and twitter account.

Richard Dwayne Blair, Fiscal Genius

Richard Dwayne Blair is a venture capitalist who ventured into the world of becoming a handler for people’s financial needs and acquisitions. His knowledge and expertise on the subject matters that he shares with his clients are all within the confines of Wealth Solutions which is a business that he made to help out people in the higher society regions of Texas and the world. His interest in the financial industry charged a spark at quite a young age and was subsequent to the moments that he recieved messages growing up about the importance of getting an education by his mom and grandma. They both were advocates for the benefits of education and thoroughly claimed that the benefits of education included increased self esteem and acumen of the subject that was studied. This inspired Richard Dwayne Blair to learn all there was to learn about the financial industry and how it operated which inevitably increased his knowledge and confident about the topic. In fact, Richard Dwayne Blair was so confident and knowledgeable about the subject that he created his own business system surrounding the subject area of educating and protecting people’s financial records. He looks at three different things that add to his strategy for creating strategies for the masses who come to him in confidence that their money is safe and working hard at the same time. He first prioritizes the meeting with the client and the general decisions that the client wants to make concerning their money. This is to get a good feel for the strategy that should be comprised in the first place. The second stage of their financial endeavor is to actually set up the plan and enact the vision by physically investing the money in to what is going to grow the cash. This is done by Richard Dwayne Blair apart from the efforts of the work of the clients. The investment scheme is usually long term and diversified among a variety of assets that serve both the purpose of protecting their money and growing it simultaneously. Lastly is the task of monitoring the situation to keep everything under control.


Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill Publishing

Mr. Jeff Yastine works with Total Wealth Insider as an editor. He started working for Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2015 as an editorial director. He had previously worked for more than twenty years in the field of finance and journalism. Jeff Yastine helps investors through his weekly contribution to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily.

Jeff uses his publishing to find investment opportunities that are promising for the readers. He provides his readers with opportunities in a wide range of sectors and fields. He comments on the big production view ranging from biotechnology, agriculture and retailing. He is remembered for the manner in which he saved investors from investing in unsustainable economic growth in the years of 1990s and 2000s. Visit the website jeffyastineguru.com to learn more.

He is at the forefront of the mission of providing well-analyzed information on the latest updates on economic, monetary and business trends to his followers. He is also among the highlighters of different opportunities that generate incomes and are brought about by the site.

Jeff Yastine reported on some projects that were underfinanced in the country such as bridges, road systems, water schemes and markets. The reporting helped him become one of the nominees for the 2007 Emmy Award. Jeff was also among the formers of the team of journalists that for their particular reporting on American’s bond markets. The team received the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award.

Visit: https://stocktwits.com/jeffyastine

Total Wealth Insider is a daily that provides the opportunities that not widely known but plays a key role in helping investors live a better life that put them in a richer and freer position. Total Wealth Insider is among the top performing newsletters in the category that it features. Mr. Jeff Yastine utilizes the publication to offer to his followers some tips and guidelines that help them to grow and protect their assets through proper investments.

He always encourage his fans to invest in firms that are safe and stable to make the investors’ resources gain value. Jeff ensures that all the tips that he offers are of high class and on point. He attains this through conducting of thorough analytical research that equips him with the information. He has always aimed at diving as deep as possible to come out with valuable analysis that benefits the reader. His goal is to ensure that readers end up reaping rich incomes. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

TThe RealReal Has Changed The Market In Admitting That What’s Secondhand Is Gold

“It is reported that thirty-three percent of women have shopped secondhand in 2017, competing with mainstream new apparel. Further, upwards to seventy percent of secondhand shoppers are new to this marketing phenomena. This transformative shopping of woman’s clothing will not be found in stores like Value World or The Salvation Army. It is estimated that the general resale market for all items by 2022, will be valued at forty-one billion dollars. Of that amount, almost fifty percent of the market is secondhand apparel with a tiny percentage, about two percent, in deep-discounting new apparel.

The RealReal secondhand apparel online merchandising business which sells only luxury clothing with present funding of $173 million with the hopes of an IPO. RealReal, which was launched seven years ago, is referred to as a managed marketplace. Julie Wainwright, the CEO, is the RealReal Founder. RealReal only markets secondhand clothing such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

She is seeking an additional $100 million in private investment because there is the opportunity to seek a larger market share in luxury secondhand apparel. RealReal receives goods from sellers on consignment and then authenticates the apparel. This authentication develops trust, and the buyer is comfortably wearing an authenticated designer product. Upon selling the apparel, RealReal and the seller shares the profits.

RealReal has branched out to a brick and mortar facility and now sells men’s apparel, including jewelry, Rolex watches, home decor, and art. Branching out to other products satisfies RealReal’s consignor base that wants to place their goods with RealReal. Further, consigning with RealReal upgrades any negative aspects associated with Pawn Shops. The upgrade is accomplished by RealReal establishing valuation offices across the United States which have their gemologists and watch experts.

The manufactures of luxury brands no longer see RealReal as an unworthy competitor because secondhand sellers of luxury drive up the market of all sellers of luxury, both new apparel and secondhand. The success of RealReal is measured by the fact that it has sold items, on a regular basis, for $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000.”

GoBuyside Success

Backin 2011 a company was created by Arjun Kapur that focused on a new method of hiring in the finance industry. GoBuyside was a creation of Kapur during his college years as a way to help fill a variety of capital needs that he noticed in his industry of study. With so many applicants looking for finance jobs, employers were having a hard time weeding through everybody and finding the legitimate candidates. As this process became more difficult there was an obvious need for a more transparent process of finding and hiring people. This new method of hiring came by way of GoBuyside and its success has only grown since then. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

A technological platform that provides a new hiring edge, GoBuyside is a based off a closed network system that works specifically in the finance industry. A number of job posting boards are used online and applicants can be tracked and viewed by way of their activity. Employers can then be connected with their candidates which helps people looking for jobs but it also helps companies find the best of the best when it comes to their staff. Since its inception back in 2011 GoBuyside has grown quickly and steadily with now over 500 different businesses participating from all over the world. Five hundred cities are now participating on an international level. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

How has this system found so much success? Well, the transparency of this method allows everybody to communicate throughout the interviewing and hiring process. There is a great deal of information available to companies and applicants and it has become easier to find great talent regardless of where everybody is located. References, review information and much more can be obtained with GoBuyside. Thanks to the ongoing success that GoBuyside has experienced since its inception, it is likely that this is a method and a business that is going to continue to success long into the future. Not only does this work for the companies involved but it also works for people in the finance industry and it works for the industry as a whole moving forward into the future.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/GoBuyside/

Find Out Why A Win For Coco At The Academy Awards Is Also A Win For Academy Of Art University

As the United States’ largest art and design school, Academy of Art University has been leading the way for the past 89 years. On the verge of its 90th anniversary, this school just may have had its biggest achievement.

While there are a number of famous alumni who hail from this institution (including Raven-Symone and Heidi Montag), Daniel Arriaga just might become the most famous of all. This San Francisco University has also become the largest property owner in San Francisco and continues to flex its muscle in a number of ways.

With hundreds of teachers to choose from and a proven track record of graduating students on time, it is no secret why so many students choose to study here. There is also an online study program available that is utilized by 35 percent of the student body.

All of these advantages created the perfect environment for Daniel Arriaga to learn more about the ins and outs of film making. When Coco won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at this past year’s ceremony, some may not have realized that he is actually an alumni of Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University is where he honed his skills and became the film maker that he is today. He was trained in animation and art direction at this school and it certainly shows in his work. Arriaga also used this movie as a means of writing a love letter to his Mexican culture and dispelling common America stereotypes about the country.

Arriaga has since participated in a question and answer session with his alma mater that was designed to illuminate his experiences at the university. He offered some vital recommendations to current students in the process, encouraging them to create a portfolio of work that they could be proud of.

The Academy of Art University instilled the proper work ethic in Arriaga and he credits the institution for his success. This school gave him the dedication to craft that he needed in order to become the best version of himself and this is why they are the number one school of their kind in the entire country.


Malcolm CasSelle Wax Tokens Eliminates Forex Problems in Virtual Asset Markets

Successful entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle a skilled computer science technology innovator is laying the blueprint to eliminate forex problems in the virtual asset markets with the creation of WAX tokens that can be exchanged and provide the basic forex value for gaming and other virtual asset exchanges. Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide revolutionary insight and perspective within the advancement of the blockchain and other virtual cryptocurrency asset technologies. As president of (WAX) World Asset Exchange, Malcolm CasSelle continues to transition the virtual online industry into a platform for the decentralized transfer of virtual assets across geographical and regional borders with simplicity and ease that was not a possibility under the old traditional central banking platforms.

Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also Stanford University where he received degrees in Computer Science and laid a foundation for his extremely successful career as a trailblazer and innovator within the virtual asset and gaming industry. He also has provided high-level evaluation and analysis for some of the worlds biggest and most successful online technology companies including Facebook.

Malcolm CasSelle also serves as Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins another virtual gaming company that is providing the technological advancements in innovation through their gaming tokens technology and creates platforms for asset exchanges that eliminate current issues with foreign exchanges between countries. In fact, the WAX tokens are creating opportunities for gaming platforms to have a standardized currency that can be utilized by various foreign exchanges as a means to create value that is stabilized in real time. By utilizing the WAX tokens individuals are able to bypass the normal headaches and various other problems with Forex that plague the asset exchanges process of buying and selling virtual assets online. Individuals in the past would have to create real-time analysis and evaluation of various virtual assets based on the individual’s country and currency values to determine the actual cost to create any buying and selling transfer virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the virtual asset market by eliminating these Forex problems and simplifying the transfer of virtual assets online over the WAX platforms.