Donata Meirelles Talks About The New Upcoming Trend – Transparent Bags

Donata Meirelles is a prominent figure in the world of fashion due to her involvement with Vouge Brazil and as a result of her show entitled “Quero Já”, where she visits various luxury stores throughout the country and highlights the items that stands out to her. During the run of her show she visited stores of brands such as Miu Miu, Prada, Lilly Sarti, and many more.

In keeping up to date with the newer trends, Donata Meirelles covered the Louis Vuitton’s summer parade, which had transparent purses at the forefront – something which is considered to be the next fever in the world of fashion. While items that are transparent go generally unnoticed, Louis Vuitton aimed to break that trend. An attempt which proved to be successful given the attention that their new items got.

Given the fact that the new items have not yet hit the shelves, Donata Meirelles offered a few tips on how to use them, in order for people to know what they’re getting themselves into and to understand the newer ‘transparent’ trend. The fashion connoisseur started off by pointing out that she likes the type of wallets that can carry everything inside – from money to checkbooks and cards. Read more about Donata Meirelles at

When it comes to transparent bags, she talked about carrying sunglasses, and necessities that are colored or metallic. She considers transparent bags to be a good opportunity to show off makeup items that have a beautiful package – giving the example of Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Nutrition lip balm.

Besides wallets and makeup items, she also focused her attention on an item that is indispensable these days, which is the smartphone. While the smartphone would fit at home in a transparent purse, she did highlight the fact that the screen of the phone should be facing inwards, for privacy reason – this way people won’t be able to read any personal messages that come in. She did joke however that if the phone is facing outwards, people should choose as background a photo where they look their best.

She also drew attention to what the transparent purse should not carry, noting that people should not bring old airplane tickets, loose papers, or general items that are being thrown in a bag where there is no better place for them. Overall, she considers the transparent bag to be an item that suits everything and good to take when it comes to traveling.

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