Gulf Coast Western has a 40-year history of unwavering success in superior oil and gas prospects

Gulf Coast Western, the oil and gas reserve specialty company based out of Dallas, Texas has flourished under President and CEO Matthew Fleeger. Since 2007, the Southern Methodist University graduate has sought continual progress for Gulf Coast, extending the life of the company well into the future through an array of valuable relationships, and sound business practices.

The domestic oil and gas industry is frought with competition both large and small. Matthew Fleeger has worked diligently to set his company apart from the fray, providing opportunities for venture partners to learn and succeed. Mike Szot, a California-based insurance executive was introduced to the oilp and gas business by Gulf Coast. Previously unfamiliar with site evaluation, project planning, acquisition, and extraction, he praises Gulf Coast for their full suite of coaching techniques to better educate its potential partners the parameters of petroleum investments. He remains one of many long-standing partners that are fully committed to Gulf Coast and its future operations.

Partners frequently mention the comfortability they feel when interacting with management, citing how simple doing business with the company truly is. After traveling to shovel ready sites and speaking with the company’s members, skepticism quickly resides, annd is replaced with confidence. Today, Gulf Coast hosts over 1,000 accredited joint venture partnerships, and that number will most likely continue to increase as the company moves forward. Notably, Frank Schmieder, the former Greyhound CEO, has participated in more than six investment deals with Gulf Coast Western.

While mainly operating exploration and lease acquisition opportunities in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S., the company is constantly aiming to expand into new territories. The domestic oil and gas specialist operates o in several counties in the following states: Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, Mississipi, and Oklahoma. Experience and knowledge in the industry has led to Gulf Coast Western’s continued success.

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