Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen

Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He was accepted into the University of Parana to study engineering. It was the only engineering school in Brazil and it was extremely competitive for students to be accepted. After two years of study, Mr. Cornelsen began to take an interest in economics and enrolled in classes. After his graduation in 1970, he gained employment at an investment bank. One of his most valuable skills was being able to use a slide rule to calculate compounded interest rates. This was an extremely valuable skill at the time because computers and calculators were not common in the workplace.

Igor Cornelsen excelled in his position and was offered a job as an investment banker at Multibanco. Outperforming all his peers, he was given a position to the board of directors. In 1976 he served as the CEO for the company. Two years later, Bank of America acquired Multibanco. Mr. Cornelsen was offered a position at Unibanco, a top investment bank in Brazil. He would work at Unibanco until 1985. In 1995, he would form his own investment firm.

Igor Cornelsen begins his workday waking up for the European market open. He follows the latest news developments from abroad, and studies economic trends and companies he may be interested in. He tries to buy assets in economies with favorable fundamentals and sells assets from countries where he believes the economic conditions may worsen over time. He reads Reuters to get investing ideas. He believes Reuters provides accurate information and is unbiased. He likes to formulate his own investing decisions from his own research and gut feelings rather than adhere to the opinions of other investors or financial analysts. He attributes much of his success as an investor due to being able to spot undervalued assets before everyone else.

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