Rodrigo Terpins’ Endeavors in the Brazilian Rally Scene

Rodrigo Terpins is recognized as one of the most talented and skilled rally drivers in the Brazilian soil. His exciting career in the motorsports occupies most of his time since he is always doing what he likes the best. In his own words, Rodrigo Terpins confessed that his work requires a lot of patience, experience, and discipline. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins is also a member of the famous Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Mr. Terpins enthusiasm for sports can be attributed to his family background. He comes from a family of well-known veterans in Brazil. His own biological father is the chairman of the Latin American Jewish organization while on the other hand, his brother is another famous rally driver in Brazil. His brother has been acting as his mentor for a long time as he is also a decorated race car driver in Brazil. Both Terpins were born and raised in Brazil, but his older brother has spent the best part of his life fixing cars hence his passion for rally sports.

Mr. Terpins has worked for the T5 Partipacoes in the capacity of a senior director. Throughout his working period with this company, he managed to start his own business and grow his company to such a point that his company organizes some of the largest rally competitions in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins success cannot be such great without his education background. He graduated from Saint Hilaire where he successfully acquired skills in corporate governance and management. Before joining the workforce at T5 Participacoes, he used to serve as the president of the famous Lojas Marisa. Despite having the privilege to hold such prestigious positions, Mr. Rodrigo strived to make sure he is building his career. Check out


When it comes to rally competitions, Rodrigo Terpins has never disappointed his fans. He is able to maneuver the rough terrain which makes him perform professionally before his fans. As a result, he has also won several awards. His success is fueled by hard work, tremendous perseverance, and passion for his career. His teamwork with his co-driver has made the duo the envy of their fans. Rodrigo Terpins legacy will continue to inspire several young upcoming rally driver for many years in Brazil and around the globe.




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