Jake Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod were administering a separate account for almost two years but are now together to work as one for they know each other very well through the previous work they had done together at Merlin. Stuart Weisbrod is the co-founder of Merlin firm which is an investment company that comes up with plans focusing mostly on the healthcare section.

Weisbrod has a winning path in the sector of healthcare and has an appositive record of holding positions with other firms such as Orade Partners and Harpel Partners. He has a winning academic record for he holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Princeton University in 1980, has a masters certificate in Finance from Columbia University and a certificate of bachelor in Chemistry from Colgate University in 1975.

Weisbrod has the required skills and knowledge in coming up with a team which can be able to achieve the company’s goals and was able to come up with a winning team with Jacob Gottlieb who worked for Weisbrod as a manager. Prominent clients of the company got a lot of help for Gottlieb was able to generate significant returns successfully.

Merlin came and closed up thus Weisbrod had to create a new investment firm that was called Iguana Healthcare Partners, and his vision was to highly focus on companies that facilitated healthcare to the public such as the pharmaceuticals.

Gottlieb went and founded his investment firm after leaving Merlin firm which was known as Visium Asset Management. The firm grew very well and had up to two hundred employees.

Visium firm came to an immediate end in 2016 after three managers accused of insider exchange. Visium got new charges from the public but did not accept or refuse the charges but just decided to pay almost eight million dollars as their fine.

Gottlieb continued working at Visium, and the firm earned money that could be returned to the investors. He is still working at Visium, but he wants to go and work in Attium Capital firm that invested in Oramed Pharmaceuticals.

The pharmaceuticals provide Oramed flagship product which is an oral insulin capsule that replaces the need to inject insulin. Oramed innovation has the lives of many people to change especially the ones suffering from diabetes.

In conclusion, Jake Gottlieb has had a significant impact on the people by working effectively and efficiently in the health sector of different firms.

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