Gareth Henry: A Rainbow Inspiration

Gareth Henry began life the same as every other human being on this planet. He was born into a world that wasn’t as kind as many think it should be on August 10th, 1991 in Jaimaca. He grew up quite normally, however, during his early teenage years, he began to notice his attraction to other men. He decided that because of the heavy amount of persecution that was all around him, that he would not tell anyone about his feelings. He hid his attraction until the age of sixteen when he left his hometown with his uncle. He commented on this moment, stating, “I was able to be away from family so that I could try to be my own, authentic self, and that’s where my evolution as an out, gay person begun.”

Gareth Henry then went on to begin working for Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL). Here he was able to finally help people that he had such a deep connection with. His life was difficult, yes, but now that he was able to be of help, he felt that he was going in the right direction in his life. He was finally able to be the p[erson that he had always thought he could be, someone who helped others.

However, in 2007, he and a group of other men were cornered by policemen on February 14th. He was beaten in front of an angry mob of over 200 people that day, making headlines in native country. Unfortunately, this incident was not the only one that Gareth Henry suffered through. On three occasions, Henry said, he suffered violence at the hands of police officers. a year later he was granted asylum into Canada where he still resides today.

In 2010, Henry was married to Aron Charles. However, their marriage did eventually come to an end.

In 2014, Gareth Henry competed in the Commonwealth Games, in 2011 and 2015 in the Pan-American Games, as well as many others. He brought home gold in the 2018 Central American and Carribean Games.

Gareth Henry has worked for many charities over his life and now is fully committed to Rainbow Railroad, as well as his job as an interim director and his fiance, Patrick Suragdee.

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