Alex Hern Eyes Breakthrough VR With Tsunami XR


The co-founder and director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, Alex Hern, is fully aware of our ever-changing technology and the current need for high-performance GPU-driven software applications. He co-founded and joined Tsunami XR, a cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality communications software, as its new chief executive officer and hopes to deliver a promising new era of interactive spatial computing. The new software application will hopefully serve as a go-to collaborative platform and digital workspace for scientists, engineers and corporations worldwide. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

Alex Hern has more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience involving early-stage companies and tech startups. Prior to Tsunami XR, he served as the director and co-founder of Alexander Brown’s Yesmail, until it was sold for $650 million to ModusLink Global Solutions after going public. He was also the CEO and co-founder of Military Commercial Technologies, a tech commercialization startup financially backed by Lockheed and L-3. His newest venture, Tsunami XR, is one of today’s leading virtual and augmented reality companies. It is set to incorporate breakthrough innovations that aim to heighten all of the body’s senses during virtual reality simulation. Learn more about Alex at

Alex Hern explains that he spends his after-hours pondering what new technological advances his company can bring forth. The quiet atmosphere has worked to help him focus on his key goals pertaining to his current business endeavors. He shuns the thought of multitasking and believes that it’s simply counterproductive to his overall work strategy. Alex Hern advises to shut off phones, social media and other distractions in order to avoid diluting valuable thinking time. Hern is excited about the very idea of creating a brilliant innovation or how to utilize his current software applications to its full potential. He is also keen on artificial intelligence and cloud-based machine learning, the two main components of the brand new Tsunami XR software.


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