Milan Kordestani Takes Organic Farming to another Level.

The life of Milan Kordestani can be described as one full of success after tough challenges. Born an brought up in Stanford, California; Milan has turned out to be an inspiration to many young investors who could be trying to think the kind of industries that they could venture so that they can achieve the success they would wish. He has demonstrated that success can be found anywhere and by anyone as long as there exists a will and determination. He has also proved that for one to achieve their goals, persistence is paramount. Success is not achieved by people who despair easily in life.

As he grew up in his birth state of California, Milan Kordestani joined Phillips Brooks for his elementary education. He did all his elementary courses until 2009 when his parents divorced. This forced him to relocate with his family to London, England. In England, Milan joined Eaton Square School before he went back to the Bay Area in Atherton where he joined Sacred Heart Preparatory for his high school studies in 2010. Kordestani pursued his Secondary school education in the same institution until he graduated in the year 2017.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani started having interest in horse riding. This made him engage in the activity despite being too young. During an interview that was conducted by the one and only National Horseman, Kordestani states that he recalls a time when he had been dropped off the horse while he was trail riding. By then he was so scared, bearing in mind his tender age. However, instead of leaving the horse after the dreaded experience, Milan says that he went back onto the horse’s back and rode back to the camp. This demonstrated how he was quite courageous and hardly despaired despite the challenges that he faced at his young age.

Currently, Milan Kordestani is the President and the CEO to Milan Farms, a farming organization that has been so excellent in the production of organic farm produce for the consumers. Some of the products that Milan Farms produce are organic eggs, saffron, and mint. Milan believes that the consumers should get the right quality of products that they deserve as long as they are particular in the level of quality they want.


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