How Characters In Sean Penn’s “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Are Reflective Of Real People

Sean Penn is a famous actor, friend to many celebrities, and an Academy Award winner.

A few people have left the film industry in order to pursue an acting career. However, this is the choice that Sean Penn made. The Mystic River actor says that he grew weary of what the film industry required: compromise.  One always has to collaborate with others in order to get a movie made.

Penn says that he finally had to admit that “playing nice” was the last thing that he wanted to do and even the worst thing he’s ever done because he would always walk away disappointed with the way that the movies turned out. Writing books opened up new horizons for him, however.

No longer does he need another person’s approval just to complete a project, and no longer does he have to wonder if the movie will turn out as great as it could.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is indeed Penn’s first book. An account of a middle-aged divorcee who sells septic tanks by day and is a hired gun by night, this story is a work of fiction that incorporates real life situations. For example, many of the disasters and crises that happen in the book have actually happened.


Bob Honey, the book’s protagonist, often comes to the rescue when the world is in dire straits. He is a humanitarian by some measure taking interest in international affairs.


Honey also mirrors Penn in that they are both divorced. Another character that resembles a real-life person is the Landlord.  A person who has much power, the Landlord is likened to American President, Donald Trump. It is also interesting to note that Penn wrote the first version of this book in 2016, the year that Trump was elected president. That version of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is an audio book entitled Pappy Pariah.


Although Penn’s first book and his character of Bob Honey has gotten mixed reviews from critics, the ex-movie director says that he is happy with the path that he has chosen and even has another book in the works.

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