NewsWatch TV: The Saygus Review

They say that competition is best for business and the saying is most definitely applied when it comes to the topic of smartphones with Apple and Samsung being the most popular at the front of this battle. However, many people can feel constricted with a such a two-party system and would rather have another choice. That’s where Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, will come in with their smartphone the Saygus V Squared. Despite not being on the market yet, the early reviews of the phone has already garnered it some awards such as the “International Innovation Award” from CEA, “Top Disruptive Innovation” by Forbes, and “Best of CES” by GizMag.

These feats could not have been accomplished without the assistance of NewsWatch Tv, who specializes in promoting the newest tech that could dominate the market. With this in mind, Saygus reached out to NewsWatch to help with promoting their IndieGogo campaign to make their phones. That would prove to be their best business decision because their campaign ended up racking up over $1.3 Million, greatly exceeding their initial goal of $300,000. In an interview, Tim Rush–who works for Saygus’ PR department–explained how working with consumers brands was an important part of a business and commended NewsWatch TV for the video they released promoting the V Squared. Their experience with the brand has resulted in them recommending it to anyone looking to promote their products.

NewsWatch TV began back in 1990 with their primary focus being on topics that surrounded financial issues. Jump today where that is no longer the case and NewsWatch has become a staple brand itself in the Age of Technology. If you’re a tech geek that’s always looking for the next big thing or want to debut the next best thing, then NewsWatch is the for you.


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