Tempus Labs Receives New Funding

Tempus Labs is one of the most dynamic companies in the United States. Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of the company. Before starting Tempus Labs, he worked in multiple industries.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from college with a degree in business. He thought that he wanted to work for a large corporation throughout his career. He quickly decided that he did not enjoy working in a corporate environment. He chose to start a company in a developing industry. The company would eventually fail, but he learned valuable lessons when starting the business.

Eric Lefkofsky focused on the medical industry with his company. After having some medical issues, he decided that change and innovation could drastically improve the medical industry.

Funding Research

One of the most critical aspects of the medical industry is funding research. Few companies have the capital to research a cure for a disease. Tempus Labs helps customers in various ways. People who go to Tempus Labs do not have a ton of money. Eric Lefkofsky made a lot of money while owning a business, and he runs Tempus Labs at a minimal profit. Instead of focusing on profits, he focuses on helping as many people as possible.

Eric Lefkofsky recently decided that Tempus Labs needed more funding to serve customers. He applied for bank loans but was repeatedly denied. After getting dismissed at various banks, he turned to private investors for funding.

Private Investors

Private equity is a proven way to get additional capital. Instead of making monthly payments to the investor, business owners give up a small percentage of the company. An ownership position allows investors to participate in any massive profits that the company earns. In the years ahead, Eric Lefkofsky plans to use the additional capital to make various improvements at the company. Numerous customers are excited about the future of Tempus Labs.

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