NewsWatch TV: The Saygus Review

They say that competition is best for business and the saying is most definitely applied when it comes to the topic of smartphones with Apple and Samsung being the most popular at the front of this battle. However, many people can feel constricted with a such a two-party system and would rather have another choice. That’s where Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, will come in with their smartphone the Saygus V Squared. Despite not being on the market yet, the early reviews of the phone has already garnered it some awards such as the “International Innovation Award” from CEA, “Top Disruptive Innovation” by Forbes, and “Best of CES” by GizMag.

These feats could not have been accomplished without the assistance of NewsWatch Tv, who specializes in promoting the newest tech that could dominate the market. With this in mind, Saygus reached out to NewsWatch to help with promoting their IndieGogo campaign to make their phones. That would prove to be their best business decision because their campaign ended up racking up over $1.3 Million, greatly exceeding their initial goal of $300,000. In an interview, Tim Rush–who works for Saygus’ PR department–explained how working with consumers brands was an important part of a business and commended NewsWatch TV for the video they released promoting the V Squared. Their experience with the brand has resulted in them recommending it to anyone looking to promote their products.

NewsWatch TV began back in 1990 with their primary focus being on topics that surrounded financial issues. Jump today where that is no longer the case and NewsWatch has become a staple brand itself in the Age of Technology. If you’re a tech geek that’s always looking for the next big thing or want to debut the next best thing, then NewsWatch is the for you.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Giving Way To A New President

Hundreds of banks are currently operating in Brazil, but only a few of them reached a high level of success. One of the most successful banks in Brazil is the Bradesco Bank, recognized as one of the largest in the country regarding assets.

The financial institution was established more than 90 years ago in the city of Marilia, but after their constant growth, the bank’s management has since moved the bank’s headquarters in Sao Paolo, one of the largest cities in Brazil. In the past, Bradesco Bank is known as the country’s top financial institution when it comes to the number of clients and the number of assets that they store. However, this distinction was later transferred to Unibanco and Banco Itau after the two banks merged in the year 2009. Because they are now sharing the same assets and clients, they easily defeated Bradesco Bank into having the distinction, but the Bradesco Bank has promised that they will be taking back this recognition. One of the approaches that the bank is focusing on would be the acquisition of smaller local banks and the partnership with other financial giants.


It has been very tough for the management of Bradesco Bank to decide how they can easily beat the union of Unibanco and Banco Itau. However, the majority of the board has seen hope in the personality of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. They have seen how he works hard to reach the executive level, and they are amazed when hearing about his story when he was still starting with the company. As a child, Cappi wanted to work with the Bradesco Bank, and he would always tell his parents that he would like to become an employee of the bank someday. He managed to make this wish come true as he applied and became a bank clerk when he was only 17. Cappi tried to impress his superiors when he was given the job as a clerk, and because they believe in his perseverance to succeed, he was promoted to higher positions inside the company.

When he became the CEO of the Bradesco Bank, he focused on searching for new business partners that would help the Bradesco Bank go back on track. Has been thinking hard about any solutions, and he came up with the idea of partnering with HSBC Brazil. He knew that signing a partnership contract with them would change the company for the better, so Cappi started the talks with their executives, and he persuaded them to give into the contract. After months of persuasion, Cappi came out victorious, and HSBC Brazil was sold to the Bradesco Bank for $5.2 billion. This is one of the greatest achievements by Cappi, who would now have to leave his position as the company’s president because he has already reached the age of retirement. Octavio de Lazari Junior will replace him, and he believes that his successor will be continuing the good things he started, leading the company to new heights and attaining new achievements.


Tempus Labs Receives New Funding

Tempus Labs is one of the most dynamic companies in the United States. Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of the company. Before starting Tempus Labs, he worked in multiple industries.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from college with a degree in business. He thought that he wanted to work for a large corporation throughout his career. He quickly decided that he did not enjoy working in a corporate environment. He chose to start a company in a developing industry. The company would eventually fail, but he learned valuable lessons when starting the business.

Eric Lefkofsky focused on the medical industry with his company. After having some medical issues, he decided that change and innovation could drastically improve the medical industry.

Funding Research

One of the most critical aspects of the medical industry is funding research. Few companies have the capital to research a cure for a disease. Tempus Labs helps customers in various ways. People who go to Tempus Labs do not have a ton of money. Eric Lefkofsky made a lot of money while owning a business, and he runs Tempus Labs at a minimal profit. Instead of focusing on profits, he focuses on helping as many people as possible.

Eric Lefkofsky recently decided that Tempus Labs needed more funding to serve customers. He applied for bank loans but was repeatedly denied. After getting dismissed at various banks, he turned to private investors for funding.

Private Investors

Private equity is a proven way to get additional capital. Instead of making monthly payments to the investor, business owners give up a small percentage of the company. An ownership position allows investors to participate in any massive profits that the company earns. In the years ahead, Eric Lefkofsky plans to use the additional capital to make various improvements at the company. Numerous customers are excited about the future of Tempus Labs.

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Tony And Cynthia Petrello Welcome Tommy Tune To Houston

Tommy Tune is a very popular celebrity in the world. The star commands respect from all people because of his numerous achievements. Not long ago, Tune announced that he was going to visit his hometown, and this is why his friend Tony Petrello offered to welcome him.

Tony is one of the top corporate leaders in the country, and he is an oil executive who has been doing so much for the country. Tony and his wife have been working so hard to make sure that their daughter who was born prematurely gets the kind of treatment needed. Their actions have made them so popular in the country. Petrello and his beautiful wife took their time to organize a great party which was attended by some of the most popular personalities in the country. Tommy is a renowned Lamar graduate who has enjoyed a very successful dancing career. Tommy had announced that he was coming into the country to perform at a special event that was going to bring together more than five thousand individuals.

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When Tommy was received at the airport, he was excited to find that his host was already waiting for him. After the party, Tune entertained all the guests and he managed to acquire so many comments from all his supporters. There were local dishes for the people to enjoy, and this is why the whole party was filled to capacity. Although Tommy decided to leave Houston very many years ago, he was happy to realize that he had large followers in this area. Most people in the region cherished the fact that Tommy had his roots in the city.

This is not the first time Anthony Petrello and his wife have offered a helping hand to the community. The couple came into the limelight many years ago when they had their daughter. The child unfortunately contacted a condition that was incurable. The couple has been spending billions on medical research to ensure that children with similar medical conditions get the assistance they need to live a comfortable life. Petrello is the chief executive officer for the leading oil and Gas Company in the United States, known as Nabors Industries. The company has been performing quite well over the years because of the excellent leadership skills that are possessed by their leader. The organization has also been extending its hand to the people who are affected by calamities.


Adam Milstein and The Risks Posed by Radical Muslims

A good political leader or writer knows about skin in the game, or the idea that whatever you write about should be related to the risks that you take. You can’t just say something and not pay the price for your thoughts. One of the courageous and admirable people these days that understand the consequences of skin in the game is Adam Milstein, and he’s the man writing for Jewish News Syndicate.

The Latest Article

One of the latest articles today that Adam Milstein is writing about is the risks posed by radical Muslims and the threats they cause to the society. It is the professional opinion of Adam Milstein that the radical Muslims are delegitimizing Israel, and they’re also destroying the values of the Western culture. It is also his opinion that the anti-Semitism of such fundamental Muslim beliefs promote the kind of anti-semitism that isn’t supported by the American values.

Anti-semitism, according to Adam Milstein, is already a prevalent issue in the global politics and one of its threats is the fact that it is growing. There are many reasons why this is happening. There’s also a lot of analysis that may not be easy to verify, but the fact of the matter is, this anti-semitism is highly most likely rooted in bigotry, hate, and racism.

We should also state here that Adam believes that North America is already showing signs that it is holding an alliance with Europe in addressing the rise of anti-semitism. Radical Muslims have been stoning women and executing gays and trampling on the minority, and this is something that should be avoided by the Western world, according to Mr. Adam.

About Adam Milstein

As an author on the Blog, Mr. Milstein has built a reputation for being an expert on international political affairs. He’s also the managing partner at the prestigious Hager Pacific Properties, which is a role that’s responsible for overseeing the firm’s financing plans, including its disposition and property management. He also served in the Yom Kippur War, and a graduate of the Technion in 1978, with an MBA degree at the USC.

How Alex Pall and Drew Taggart Evolved as the Chainsmokers

When the Chainsmokers collaborated with breakout synth-pop artist Halsey for their track ‘Closer’, it not only helped put the songstress on the map, it became a chart-topping hit. The Chainsmokers are a New York City-based group that officially formed after a former member departed the group back in 2012. The Chainsmokers’ current members are DJ Alex Pall and producer Andrew “Drew” Taggart. The DJ duo were not afraid to mix it up with their sounds and liked to incorporate different genres such as pop, synth, EDM, hip hop, indie and many others. In a sit down interview with Mathias Rosenzweig, an online editor and writer, the Chainsmokers shared how they came together, gave details of their track ‘Closer’ and revealed how they plan to evolve as a now mainstream group.

While Drew Taggart was still in college, the self-producer started becoming more and more interested in the DJing scene before he met Alex Pall. Alex was already DJing at various clubs across New York City and had a manager, who still manages their group to this day. Alex was looking for a replacement after a former member broke news that he had to leave. A source that worked for Pall’s manager came up to Taggart while he was interning at Interscope and told him about the Chainsmokers and that they were in need of a member. Taggart took a bus from Maine down to NYC and was finally introduced to Pall. They immediately started experimenting on tracks together in Pall’s apartment and the pairing worked perfectly well.

The Chainsmokers shared that Halsey was their number one on a list of artist that they are dying to work with. They feel that her voice was powerful and she’s is just simply unique and has a cool air about her. Their single Closerwas written while on tour and it was the first time Taggart had lent his own singing voice on a track. The duo’s audience has grown over the years and they now focus on creating fresh shows and visual content while performing live, proudly providing their fans with a new experience each time.

Matt Badiali: Investor in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali, founder of “Real Wealth Strategist” started his career in the field of science. Earning his B.S. in Earth Science from Penn State University, and his Master of Science from Florida Atlantic University, his plan for success in life was surely geology-based. In his 5th year trek towards his PH.D. in North Carolina, his vision was refocussed as he was introduced to finance management. This introduction started Matt on a new journey which has changed the lives of millions. Learn more about Matt on

Matt Badiali’s knowledge of this earth and its natural resources was a keen element seen as necessary by a certain investment specialist needed to help pave the way to financial freedom. Matt used his education from his higher learning experiences, and his recently acquired knowledge of finances to launch a newsletter titled, “Real Wealth Strategist” with Banyan Hill in May 2017. As chief editor, he believes that the only way to get the real truth is to experience it. This belief has landed Matt Badiali all across the globe using his geologist skills to inquire and acquire, knowledge of the latest resource prospects and investment data. His articles are now anticipated by readers seeking advice on the next new investment idea in energy, natural resources, and metals. Read more about Matt on

What is this craze going around regarding “Freedom Checks?” Matt Badiali is an expert in mining, agriculture and Earth’s natural resources. He is deeply involved in the oil and natural gas supply, demand, and transport in the US. Matt has traveled to countries and investigated for himself the data regarding the import of oil as well as the mining process. With the demand for foreign resources dropping and the dramatic increase in production of oil and natural resources here in the US, Matt has not only encouraged, but produced evidence of one of the biggest investment opportunities. MLPs or Master Limited Partnerships companies pay out at least 90% of its income to investors. These payouts are what Matt Badiali calls Freedom Checks. according to Matt, investing will produce profits exponentially in the upcoming years. You can find a more thorough description regarding Freedom Checks in the Banyan Hill Newsletter. This is not a scam. Its financial advice based on diligent research.