Jason Hope supports treatment of old age diseases

For the past three decades, there has been extensive research on aging diseases in human beings. The research has been targeted at developing drugs that can cure age-related diseases. It is common knowledge that the human body gets weak as one gets older. When the human body becomes weak, it is susceptible to all manner of diseases. This is the reason why many old people tend to develop diseases that did not affect them when they were young. The research that is being conducted by the various organizations is aimed at identifying the cause of aging in the human body and then try and slow down the process.

For the last two decades, very little breakthroughs have been realized. The results of the research have been disappointing. Part of the reasons why no good results were achieved is because the research was done using animals yet the research was meant to find a cure for human beings. There has always been this idea that the animal’s process of aging is similar to that of human beings. The small animals which are used in research have a short lifespan as compared to the human beings who have a more extended a lifespan. After conducting research using the lab animals, researchers would find that there was no difference in the human body. They realized that genetic differences in human beings and animals would not allow for a cure developed using lab animals to apply to human beings.

Today, researchers have realized this difference between lab animals and human beings on the matter of aging. Researchers have found out that there is one substance in human beings that cause aging called, glucosepane. It is the substance that slows down the body function. It normally builds up as human beings get old. With this breakthrough, researchers are now able to apply their expertise only on solutions that fight substance.

One research group that is very active in this field of biotechnology study is SENS Research Foundation. It is a non-profit organization which is supported by philanthropist Jason Hope.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology. He sees this as a field that will lead to innovations that will alleviate human problems. Jason hope believes that biotechnology will be the solution to aging problems on human beings. Diseases which affect human beings due to old age will be cured through drugs that will slow down the rate of aging in human beings.

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