Clay Siegall, pioneering in the world of cancer research

There are many scientists and health experts who have marked many milestones in that sector leading to massive developments which lead to a better health care system and topping that list is Dr Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics. In a recent interview, Dr. Siegall lets it’s all bare and allows the world to know a little more about his life. For instance, Clay Siegall’s motivation to venture into the healthcare and research sector came from his curiosity and interest in medicine which he began even while he was still young. It got stronger after one of his loved ones got cancer and the treatment they were put on made things worse for them instead of making them better. That is when he saw a gap and decided to fill it by looking for better means to treat the ailment. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics, in general, make money through various channels the main one being through the sale of their FDA approved drugs such as the ADCetrics which is their market leader currently. The other channels include revenue from their partnerships, and also through some of the developments which they make in the sector. It took Seattle Genetics a decade before it could finally enjoy its profits and Siegall almost gave up during his startup years due to lack of operating capital. Thanks to his hardworking nature he did not. Seattle Genetics gets its customers through its highly skilled salespeople, and also its unique products attract clients even without much marketing. There is no secret weapon or connections to his success. Instead, his passion, commitment and great focus on everything he indulges in are what keeps soaring high with each dawn. About Clay Siegall Clay Siegall is better known as the chief executive officer and also president of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company which he established in 1998. However, besides Seattle Genetics he also occupies senior positions in other preeminent bio companies such as being a board member of Ultragenyx and Alder which are both biopharmaceutical firms. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and also the George Washington Universities, and from these facilities, he earned his B.S in zoology and a genetics PhD respectively. Siegall is a man who is passionate about getting the best treatment and cure for cancer and has always been at the frontline of cancer research for more than two years. Through his position and also knowledge he has led to the development of ADcetric which is the first cancer antibody conjugate drug in the market, and it is also approved. Before venturing on his own, Dr Siegall worked at Bristol Myers Squibb pharmaceutical for six years thus enabling him to sharpen his skills.

How Neurocore Helps Fight Depression

Depression doesn’t come in just one form, there are several types of depression that many people aren’t aware of. Each form of depression can cause many different symptoms. Depression can be caused by many factors: a chemical imbalance in the brain or due to life events. Depression should never be left untreated. Here are some of the different types of depression you or a loved one may be suffering from:

Major Depression

This type of depression usually can be diagnosed if it lasts for two weeks or more. You may experience a fluctuation in weight, loss of interest in normal day-to-day activities, feeling tired with no energy, having trouble sleeping, feeling worthless or having trouble concentrating. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Persistent Depressive Disorder

This type generally is diagnosed if you have had major depression for at least two years. You may suffer from low self-esteem, have a lack of energy and have a feeling of hopelessness.

Bipolar Disorder

This form of depression is one of the most common. Bipolar is also known as manic depression as you periods of high highs and low lows.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Just like the name, this form of depression comes out as the seasons change. Many will feel depressed during the winter or when the days get shorter. The sunlight releases vitamin D which helps us feel good.


Psychotic Depression

A more serious form of depression that may include: hallucinations, paranoia and delusions.

Postpartum Depression

This form of depression affects women after they have given birth. After a woman has given birth, their hormone levels fluctuate rapidly. This can continue for months after the baby has been born.

Neurocore help anyone that suffers from ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism, sleep disorders and much more. The first identify the real causes for your conditions and then train your brain to help fix them. Each program is tailored to ones individual brain. They perform tests to assess how your brain is functioning currently. They then used advanced technology to figure out why. Data is then analyzed to get to the source of your symptoms and build a profile through a variety of methods. Follow Neurocore on

Leading Forex Trader and Philanthropist Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a renowned forex trader and philanthropist. Additionally, Mr. Secker is a great entrepreneur who is dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world. Through his foundation, Greg Secker promotes life skills and education. Since 2010, the Greg Secker Foundation has been doing extremely well. Mr. Secker began his financial career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He worked at the company for a short time before launching Virtual Trading Desk. The online company presents facts and real-time figures. Greg Secker later worked at Mellon Financial Corporation and was appointed the company’s vice president. Mellon Financial Corporation provided an opportunity for Greg to work with some of the best traders in the world. After working at Mellon for awhile, Greg decided to start his own trading floor.

About three months after leaving Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg launched Learn to Trade. Presently, Learn to Trade has grown to become a very successful company. Greg Secker has expanded his operations to other countries. His company now has offices in London, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines. Over 200,000 people have benefited from Greg Secker’s company.

More about Greg Secker and Philanthropy

Greg Secker studied at the University of Nottingham. After leaving Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg Secker created The Knowledge to Action Group, an umbrella that encompasses many of his other companies, including Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, The Greg Secker Foundation, and Learn to Trade. Greg Secker’s companies work jointly to enable people to become better traders and improve their lives.

Greg has won many awards. His company Learn to Trade won the “Best Educator” award back in 2012 and 2013 for the valuable education it provides to people. The company also won the Best Forex Educators in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and U.K. award in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Besides being a great businessman, Greg Secker is also a philanthropist. People around the world have recognized him for his charitable deeds. Earlier this year, Greg Secker became a board member of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. Moreover, Greg made the list of the most influential social entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

How Does One Come By $18 Billion?

Beating Every Market In Town

Some dreams are too outstanding to believe.

We’re there also if you’ve found the recent donation by George Soros of $18 billion to be an impressive feat. The money is an issue of dreams hard to believe in.

Believing in the extreme is caustic sometimes. In other moments, it’s absolutely necessary. Look at how George Soros made one dream a reality, and then look at the reality. The life of Mr. Soros seems to be a fantasy. It’s a challenge to truly see the same outcome for ourselves.

That inhibition in belief comes with the nature of dreaming.

So what if you could also beat every financial market in town?

The financial outcome is more than what we can put into words. Being as wealthy as the richest on this planet can only be understood by the richest. George became a part of the “rich and famous” the day he decided that poverty wasn’t enough.

There’s No Green Like Money Green

“The grass is always greener.”

One popular saying brings a financial point to brevity.

Mr. Soros was only 13-years-old when he truly understood the power behind money. His life was nowhere close to stability, but it was close enough to the ambition necessary. The young George, at that time, saw that he had to pursue a source of real wealth.

This led George Soros to consider the financial markets. Though living with the challenges of being a refugee, he found it in himself to finish his college degree with honors. The London School Of Economics is known today for educating the financial lives of men like Mr. Soros.

It’s true, we use the context differently, but George actually found the life much “greener” on the other side.

None Of This Grows On Trees

The success of others can be misleading.

We often see the rich living extravagant lives, and that leads us to take success lightly. Experts have been following George Soros closely and have discover the key. He made himself a billionaire, but it never came easy. The only easy part was in enjoying the fruits of his labor.

So imagine if every dollar you own was a representation of your personal effort in pursuing success. The amount of money, in this case, would dictate how hard you tried. Now, let’s imagine how a billion dollars could leverage the effort of one human being. and Follow him

We try to better understand the success of Mr. Soros.

We do it by seeing his real net worth.

Doe Deere: Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the intense Lime Crime makeup brand. To Doe Deere, makeup is the practice of self-expression and freedom. The line was launched to support women’s feelings of what’s right in the moment, not what would “look best” or most “natural”. As a result, Lime Crime is a vibrant, bold, and intensely pigmented cosmetic product.


Doe Deere was raised in New York City, but native to Russia. She moved to the United States when she was 17. Now, she has established her home in the Los Angeles area. Doe originally had thoughts of becoming a musician, and did. She met her husband playing music, but always had a passion for makeup and hair. Her inspiration came from the time she spent in a band, and her dreams to create different lipstick colors, nail polishes, and eye shadows.


Entrepreneurship has always been in Doe’s life. At 13 years old, she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. She marketed them to those classmates, and others, by wearing them. She also majored in fashion design in New York. This helped with color palettes, knowledge of what looked good, and the general sense that makeup and fashion go together. By 2004, Lime Crime was started. It first started on eBay for a DIY fashion line. There, colorful makeup ideas took off.


In 2008, the infamous Lime Crime makeup brand was born, and officially launched. The cruelty-free, mystic, and imaginative cosmetics took off digitally. In 2008, brightly tinted lipsticks were hard to find. Most stores did not even offer such colors. The colors offered were typically nude, or pink tones. Lime Crime offered self-expression that couldn’t be found in a store.


Lime Crime gives people the choice to be there selves. The Manifestation of colors tell a story to others. This brand has become a favored leader in digital and social spaces. It is also one of the very first brands to start digitally. They offer a wide range of color palettes, any color one could dream of. You can finally have the freedom you desire from standard makeup products. Let your mind go wild, try a blue unicorn lipstick, or blue smoke unicorn hair. The only thing holding you back is your imagination at Lime Crime. Learn more:


Finding Salvation at Mighty Fortress Church

The most beautiful and stunning houses of worship always have a rich history and an incredible design. Taking all factors into consideration, the most beautiful churches in Minnesota include:

Church of the Holy Communion, St. Peter

St Peter is a scenic town that prides itself on exquisite architecture. The town is located in the valley of river Minnesota. The church is no exception. It’s designed with an ancient style of architecture and was completed in 1869. The materials comprised of the local Kasota limestone, gable eyed windows and a bright red medieval-gothic door. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Church of the Assumption, St. Paul

It’s the oldest existing church in St. Paul. The church was built in resemblance to a church in Munich. The architecture adopted the Romanesque Revival style. Since the late 1800’s, minimal changes have been made on the interior design.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, New Ulm

The design and style adopted by the architecture date back in 1896. The Baroque-style architecture with an inclusion of a clock tower makes it design impressive. The interior includes the paintings of the 12 apostles, Christ, and angels. Surprisingly, it doesn’t list among the historic buildings on the national register.

Mighty Fortress Church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In attendance, you will notice the Mighty Fortress Church difference through worship and Bible teaching. The church opens its doors to those seeking an in-depth knowledge of Christ. It welcomes those hoping to build personal relationships with people and God. Through their sermons, they offer relevant messages aimed at helping Christians with the modern ways of living.


Unlike other churches, Mighty Fortress offers a different and dynamic atmosphere. In worship, the church focuses on God and His purpose in our lives. With the new choir and band, the worship team brings the presence of God to every tune. Those in attendance expect to leave as changed people and with blessings from God. The church receives everyone with arms wide open.

The church is led by Bishop T.R. Williams. He has served the ministry in different capacities for over 30 years. The Bishop focuses on the treasures found in the word of God. With faith, he says that the word of God is the answer to the world’s distress. Thomas Williams is the founder of Mighty Fortress International Church. Additionally, Bishop Williams is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

How George Soros Become the Richest Hedge Fund Manager

George Soros is a very famous philanthropist, hedge fund manager and a great businessman. He has been on the frontline helping the less fortunate in the society. Soros also happens to be the 19th richest man in the globe and also the wealthiest hedge fund manager. He has been able to secure all those billions from the company he established in 1973 known as George Soros Foundation. The company is known to be the biggest Hedge Fund Management organization since it was established. Soros has been the active Chief Executive Officer and the chairman for all those years. It also has investments from other people and he has never been left behind because of his great leadership skills.

George Soros has had a humble beginning before he settled on the company. He happened to work in many organizations before he got the experience to work at the company. George Soros got the privilege to work with great forex experts during his tenure as an employee of various companies. He started his journey at Singer & Friedlander whereby he worked in the arbitrage sector. He later went on and started his journey as a European Stock analyst at F.M Mayer whereby he worked for two years at the company. He then went on to work with the famous Wertheim whereby he wanted to save $500,000 which he would use to advance his studies at the famous London School of Economics. He later worked as a Vice president Anhold which he used to have direct contacts with great financial or forex traders.


That is when they decided to have started trading with other investors like Jim Rodgers and they established the famous Hedge Fund known as Double-Edge. The company lasted for only four years and was able to accumulate a lot of profits in the next years. Later that was when Soros decided to open Soros Fund and quit Double edge because of what was termed as a conflict of interest. He worked tirelessly towards ensuring that the company has enough investment capital and later urged the investors at Double Edge to transfer their shares to Soros Fund which seemed to be very organized. That was when the name changed to Soros Fund management. Since then, the company has been doing very well and its investment grew with a huge margin. As a forex trader, he has accumulated a lot of billions for only a few years and his journey has been very successful. Read this article on about George.

George Soros besides being a great trader happened to have come from far. He joined the renowned and the prestigious London School of Economics in the year 1947 whereby he studied Philosophy. He graduated with a degree in the year 1951 and later enrolled for masters and received his Philosophy masters degree in 1954. Since then he relocated to America whereby he started his finance career. During his time at School, he used to work with various companies to support his education. He had a very challenging life considering that he was an immigrant and had to join that institution to get the basic commodities. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Mike Baur- Transforming the tech startups industry in Switzerland

Mike Baur is a leading business mentor in the tech industry in Switzerland. Mike Baur is the Co-founder of the biggest private startup incubator in Switzerland known as Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory offers training and mentorship to the young entrepreneurs who would like to make it in business.


Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the world that have the best startup industry. In every city in Switzerland, there are mushrooming startup businesses. These startup businesses aim at coming up with alternative business ideas that will counter the solutions offered by the big corporations in the world. Since they are nearer to the end consumer, they are able to come up with customized solutions for their clients. Most of the startups that exist today have been in the line of green technology and software design. Startups in Switzerland have boosted the economy of the country by creating job opportunities for thousands of young people who are coming out of the universities. Switzerland has also been able to develop due to a favorable environment that has been facilitated by the government. The government has developed the infrastructure of the country in a big way. The infrastructural development that has been undertaken has created a chance for the young people in the country to access good education that helps them to be innovative.


Mike Baur as the head of an incubator in the country has been at the forefront in encouraging young entrepreneurs to first gain the requisite knowledge before venturing into business. Training and mentorship programs that work are essential for the business growth. Swiss Startup Factory provides various essential services that impart knowledge to the participants of the incubator program that they run. The incubator program runs for three months twice very years.


Swiss Startup Factory ensures that they avail experts who have been in the industry before to come and share their experience with the young entrepreneurs and participants of the mentorship program. Mike Baur trains young entrepreneurs on the importance of marketing their products and services to a global market. He is among the people who are dedicated to ensuring that young people in the country are given the necessary knowledge to enable them to run their business successfully. Swiss Startup Factory is leading the way for others in the country to open up the digital industry. With the knowledge that Mike Baur imparts on these young entrepreneurs, it is expected that Switzerland will continue to lead in tech innovations all over Europe.


Brian Torchin’s Staffing Solution For The Healthcare Sector

Brian Torchin is a licensed and board certified chiropractor who has attained outstanding professional and academic qualifications in the chiropractic segment of medicine.

He pursued a Bachelors’ degree of Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. Torchin has worked in private practice for many years putting him in an appropriate position to comprehend the employment challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Glassdoor revealed that Brian Torchin was motivated to establish Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC), a full-service staffing and consulting firm. The staffing firm’s operations are directed towards fulfilling the needs of healthcare companies and hospitals.

HCRC helps companies and medical offices fill positions such as; chiropractic specialists, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, urgent care providers and other medical office support staff.

The core mandate of the firm is to bridge the gap between medical professionals and hospitals. It helps them build meaningful relationships that are sustainable and mutually beneficial. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

HCRC is a proven online resource that is headed by Mr. Torchin. It is an efficient recruitment tool that is thorough, direct, quick, and effective and result-oriented. The approach and strategy implemented in the firm is first-rate to capture only the best professionals. Brian ensures that the firm is helpful in addressing employee turnover for the vital positions in healthcare companies.

The firm streamlines processes such as evaluation of search criteria, assessment of current markets, interview schedules, referencing and handling contract negotiations on behalf of its clients. HCRC is not only a reputed firm with total focus and efficiency but also a customer oriented entity.

This creation is used by over 200 companies to find suitable employees. It serves a global market broadening its reach in the United States, Australia, Europe and Canada. Brian Torchin is an avid lead publisher of periodic publications that are rich with informative recruitment and employment content. This strategic move ensures mass outreach through popular social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike many social media users, Brian uses the platforms to mostly share information on job openings as well educate followers on human resource aspects. Mr. Torchin’s experience and skills are dynamic drivers of the firm’s excellence. His contribution is valued in the society as linkages between company owners and expert labor is sustained for quality service provision.

Dr. Mark McKenna Achievements in the Medical Field

S. Check McKenna, MBA, MD, is a certified Medical Doctor authorized in Medicine and Surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board for Medical Examiners. Mark McKenna is an enthusiastic patient backer and a devoted group worker. Dr. McKenna, initially from New Orleans, Los Angeles , is an alumna of Tulane University School of medicine.

Immediately after he finished his graduate degree from the University of Wyoming, he enrolled for another medical degree from University of Washington located in Seattle. After that, Dr. McKenna practiced his residency in orthopedic operations at the Geisinger Medical Center located in, Pennsylvania, and Danville. He at that point finished his instruction and training with elbow and shoulder association from the University of Washington.

After finishing his restorative training in the medical field, he started to hone pharmaceutical with his dad while all the while propelling McKenna Venture Company, a boutique land advancement firm. Throughout the years McKenna moved ahead to procure/dispatch Universal Mortgage Lending company. This arrangement of organizations would develop to more than 50 workers being hired directly or indirectly. He has been attached to several hospitals where he has practiced his profession.

Many patients have come forward with testimonies of how McKenna has helped them to heal and recover from serious illnesses. McKenna has practiced medicine for a period of between ten to twenty years. he has done several successful surgery operation with most patients recovering immediately. Hurricane Katrina on August 29th, 2005 wrecked the city and neighboring areas of New Orleans and the greater part of McKenna’s business advantages.

In consequence of the tempest, he effectively took an interest in the modifying of New Orleans by the redevelopment of affordable-direct pay lodging Notwithstanding his training duties, Dr. McKenna fills in a group doctor for the University of Wyoming games. In his spare time, he remains dynamic through football, b-ball, golf, angling, climbing, and wine gathering. Mr. McKenna is husband to Gianine McKenna; both are the glad parents of little girl Milana Elle and another four-year-old Pomeranian. Mr. McKenna is presently an individual from Entrepreneurs Organization and also engages in other fun activities.

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