End Citizens United Sets Sights on Campaign Finance Reform in 2018

The political machine has been changing and evolving in America ever since it was first implemented. People have been fighting in order to establish themselves as the top of the food chain. Unfortunately in this scrabble politicians forgot what they were supposed to be doing: representing their constituents. One of the biggest issues in American politics today is the role of money and how it influences politicians. Dark money is the catchy term for the problem and it ‘s rise can be traced back to the 2010 Supreme Court decision involving the conservative group, Citizens United.


Citizens United argued with the Supreme Court that they should be allowed to loosen restrictions on campaign financing. In effect, Citizens United was doing the bidding of those million and billion dollar corporations who wanted free reign to come in and plunder the political system. This is where Tiffany Muller and her political action committee, or PAC, come in: End Citizens United. End Citizens United was established by Muller in order to fight for change in the political system. The committees primary goal is simple: to put politicians in place so that they can make an attempt at reversing the Citizens United decision on the federal level. While this mission statement is simple, the truth is anything but.


Still, thanks to the controversial election of Donald Jump to the White House there have been no shortage of people excited and ready to get active in the political world. Through the first quarter of 2017 the guys and girls at End Citizens United saw nearly 40,000 people across the country contribute their time to pushing the cause, fundraising, and getting signatures for important petitions. While the ultimate goal of End Citizens United may be difficult, raising awareness is the number one step in making it likely at all. Even looking past the fundraising activities we can see that financially speaking, End Citizens United has succeeded in raising nearly $4 million in the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. This $4 million will go a long way toward helping but it is only a small part of their goal. End Citizens United is planning on raising $35 million throughout 2017.


The big plan for End Citizens United is to raise a whopping $35 million for the 2018 Congressional Elections. 2018 will prove to be even more important than the 2016 Presidential Election because it will shape Congress for years to come. End Citizens United is focused on endorsing politicians like Senator Feingold and Senator Bennet, both Democrats, that are willing to put repealing Citizens United on the table. If End Citizens United can get enough politicians behind this idea, they might actually have a chance to make this happen.


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