Clay Siegall, a Hero in the Making

On one article in the Clay Siegall blog, we see why a majority of people have the ability to differentiate one face from another, even when the differences are subtle. Scientists conducted a test experiment on macaque monkeys. It was reported that the cells in the brain were coding faces in a very simple way. The team was able to reconstruct the face the monkey saw by using the signal from 205 neurons. In spite of the fact that actual coding involved some very complicated math.

In another article, we get to know why recycling options lead people to waste more. In an independent experiment done to test the validity of the statement, Remi Trudel, a professor at Boston University experimented on the usage of napkins. In the process, he noticed that people would grab towels more than they needed. They thought it was just fine because after all it would be recycled. As a result, much wastage took place.

Clay Siegall is the chairman, CEO, and founder of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics has been in existence in the business world since 1998. The latter was founded within a vision of passion for helping patients and carrying out innovative biotechnological research.

This company is located in Washington and has become the world’s leader in developing and commercializing breakthroughs in cancer. Dr. Siegall’s founding principles of scientific innovation, drug developments, and rigorous research has largely contributed to building the company. The foundation has evidently propelled the company to new heights as compared to other cancer research organizations.

Dr. Siegall leads Seatle Genetics to an ambitious plan to be the center of cancer research. The company tried out its commercialized drug, Ancestries, in many cancer-treatment scenarios. At some point, tests were taken in more than 70 trials against various lymphomas.

Dr. Clay has become one of the industry’s most celebrated individual. Also, he has contributed to many cancer research’s most prominent names such as The National Cancer Institute. He is the guy who knows how to get things done.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is the force behind the revolutionizing cancer research. Besides setting the bar pretty high for all others who are in competition.

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