Eric Pulier Transforms Into Industry Juggernaut

You don’t have to work in the tech industry to realize that Eric Pulier is as far along as they can come. Eric Pulier has established himself over the years as one of the truly elite entrepreneurs in the tech field. His rise from from a small town childhood in New Jersey to a big city force in Los Angels’ booming industry is something to be rivaled at. Today we are going to peel back the layers of Pulier’s career in order to really appreciate all of the hard work that he has taken on in order to get here.


As we said before, Eric Pulier’s life started way back in New Jersey. Pulier grew up in the ’80s as an avid fan of all things computers. By the time Pulier entered fourth grade he was madly in love with technology. By fourth grade Pulier was already learning how to program. By the time Eric graduated from high school he was already running his own computer database company. Pulier went from Jersey to Harvard where he would end up graduating Magna cum Laude. While at Harvard Pulier would work for the Harvard Crimson as an editor and a writer. While working for the paper he would touch on serious subjects that wouldn’t be broached by the mainstream media for years to come — including tourism.


Then the ’90s hit and Pulier was in Los Angeles ready to rock and roll. Pulier’s first company, People Doing Things, specialized in bringing solutions to the medical field and educational systems. This company gave Pulier the clout and momentum he needed in order to take that next step. Since then Pulier has turned into a powerhouse entrepreneur with his hands in on many different companies and industries.


Right now our favorite work that Eric Pulier is accomplishing has to do with philanthropy. Pulier is working with XPrize to fuel and fund the dreams of tech based individuals who have an idea but need the structure to make it happen. XPrize is likely to be one of Pulier’s most enduring and celebrated endeavors by those within and without of the industry.

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  1. Reading Eric’s story I still think there are more to come from the computing technology world that need more searching. Everyday keeps making way for the technologist to come up by providing all they need for them. I was in love with XPrize myself and I think something along that line would make the world a better place.

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