OSI Group Supplies Meats Around The World

OSI Group is based in the US with its headquarters in the suburbs of Chicago, but it owns many meat distribution companies all throughout the world and continues to be a leader in the food industry.

If you were to ask their executives CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald what makes OSI Group special, they’d tell you it’s the importance the company places on not only customer but employee satisfaction. It’s been common to see the company’s executives involved at ground level operations getting their hands dirty in the meat processing plants and distribution centers. OSI Group started as a family business and while it’s grown exponentially since it’s founding, Lavin wants it to remain traditional in its philosophy.

OSI Group began as a small butcher shop in Chicago that German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky founded over 100 years ago. It was hard work keeping the shop going during economic hard times, but it meant a lot to the Kolschowsky family and it became one of the most reputable meet supplying stores in the area. The shop grew into a company called Otto & Sons and it actually became the chief meat supplier for the McDonalds restaurant franchise. Not long after it was renamed OSI Group, and in 1970 Sheldon Lavin came on board as a financial advisor and it was through his guidance that the company grew into an international powerhouse.

OSI Group owns several subsidiary companies such as Flagship Europe and Baho Foods, but instead of micromanaging these companies, they treat them as partners who have access to OSI Group resources. They also have clients who distribute the food products through local merchants who know the culture in the markets they serve. OSI Group has been commended by the British Safety Council and awarded the Globe of Honour for adhering to strict safety practices in food production.

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