Changes in the Global Market for 2017

Statistics have shown that the market is very uncertain right now and that some areas are struggling after the most recent presidential election where Donald Trump took office. Tim Armour has noted that this shift is actually pretty dramatic. He also notes that interest rates have decreased on investments and the entire investment world.

It is thought that after the dust from the presidential election has settled, the market will level itself out again. This is especially true since the policies of president Donald Trump have shaken the global market and made investing more difficult to predict. Essentially, he has changed the market and people are wading into different waters with their cash flow. It has caused financial fear in many areas.

People who are new to investing should enter the market slowly and learn the way things work. They should also spread their investments out in manageable increments. This ensures that if you do take a loss, it is not significant enough to cause damage to your portfolio, or your current financial status. It is understandable in the current market to take caution when making new investments, so be especially cautious in when investing in untried markets or newer stock options.

Timothy D. Armour of Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour is a graduate of Middleburry College. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics. He also has a strong history in the investment field, and his long-standing history with Capital Group has allowed him to build a very strong reputation in the investment field.

Armour is the CEO of the Capital Group. He is also the chairman and principle CEO of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc, which is part of the Capital Group. He is also the chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Armour is the equity portfolio manager as well.

Armour has more than 33 years of experience in the investment world, all of which has been centered around Capital Group. Early in his career he was an equity investment analyst who covered service companies based in the United States. He also took part in their global telecommunications department.

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