How GTL’s recent press release is highly inaccurate

I was surprised when GTL made a press release concerning licenses and patents of Securus Technologies. I have known Securus for long and know of the honesty and integrity of the company. The CEO of Securus Technologies seconded my argument through a press release where he indicates that Securus has over 239 patents and licenses provided by the government. GTL, technologies has nearly half of these patents.


Richard A. Smith, the company CEO stated in recent interview that he loves the nature of work he does for the correction facilities. The recent misinformation by GTL shows that it offends not just people in the correctional facilities but the whole community it serves. They have gone way below the integrity line and released information that is not based on facts. The CEO states that Securus Technologies is not out there to pick fights and make money. They have a care for the customer they want to serve. Watch more on


The wrongdoings and breaches of integrity presented by Global Tel-Link tell a lot about the actions by the company. There has been evidence of unauthorized programming of telephone devices by the company. Such a programming went to consume 15 to 36 seconds of extra time which is paid for by the customer. GTL has also had higher call rates than that which was specified by the rates communication networks. The company has charged huge amounts unfairly to its customers.


GTL itself has been involved in multiple wrongdoings in the past. One of the first wrongdoings was highlighted by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. There was a 17-page order on unlawful additions to calls, increased duration of calls and adjusting of calls when people talked on their mobile phones. Apart from this, evidence was presented that GTL raised their telephone rates higher than the required standards.



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