Securus Now Allowing Free Calls To Louisiana Jails Because Of The Flooding

At times, making phone calls to incarcerated loved ones across the US has been difficult for families because of the high costs they’ve incurred on their phone bills. But some relief has come for Louisiana where prison telecom company, Securus Technologies has announced that calls to correctional facilities down there will be free. According to PRNewswire, from September 1st through the 7th, all inmates housed in a Louisiana corrections facility will get one free call per day so that they can check on any family members that might be affected by the flooding down there.


Securus Technologies is an inmate Telecommunications Company located in Dallas, TX that has serviced law enforcement and correctional facilities since 1986. They’ve developed proprietary technology to assist inmates in staying in contact with their families, and to help law enforcement respond to serious incidents in facilities. Currently, Securus services just over one million inmates across the US.


Securus provides in-house kiosks to inmates where they can purchase prepaid phone minutes, make cash deposits, or purchase other legal items. Securus ConnectUs service provides the platform for inmates to make phone calls, file requests, signup for college courses, or even search for jobs. The video visitation feature has also changed the way families visit inmates as it now allows for more flexible visiting times, eliminates the need to travel, and can be done during special occasions at home such as birthdays and holidays.


For law enforcement, Securus uses predictive analytics technology combined with biometric scan and surveillance. It can scan mail and phone communications to see if any threats or dangerous terms are used while communicating.


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  1. CEO Rick Smith hopes to help alleviate inmates’ anxieties over their families’ safety, and is donating $50,000 to the Louisiana inmate welfare fund. The technology can also send texts and alerts to outside law enforcement personnel during an ongoing investigation. It certainly means that would have done something that most people do not know about.

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